Historic victory for Swedish nationalist party

Jimmie Åkesson of the Sweden Democrats leads what is now his country’s second-largest party

After several days on a knife edge as votes were counted, the Swedish election has ended in victory for a coalition of ‘right-wing’ parties including the Sweden Democrats, a strongly anti-immigration party which has for years been ostracised as ‘racist’ and ‘nazi’ by the political mainstream.

Sweden’s left-wing Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson conceded defeat a few hours ago after it became clear that her coalition of socialist and green parties had won 173 seats, whereas the combined forces of the right-wing have 176 seats.

Most importantly, the largest party on the right is now the Sweden Democrats, who with almost all votes counted have 20.5% and 73 seats (up from 17.5% at the previous election), ahead of their allies the Moderate Party (roughly equivalent to the British Tories or US Republicans) on 19.1%.

Crucially – and unlike the USA or UK – Sweden’s liberal party, known as the Centre Party, is loosely allied to the right-wing coalition. They polled 6.7%.

The Moderate and Centre parties had tried to ‘borrow’ some of the Sweden Democrats’ anti-immigration policies, wrongly believing that voters would choose a milder version of such policies – whereas in fact more Swedes chose the real thing rather than a pale imitation!

The collapse of Sweden’s multiracial experiment has included race riots.

What this result truly demonstrates of course is the failure of multiracialism, even in a country where the political consensus had for decades been left-of-centre. In fact Sweden was frequently held up to the British left as a model of how socialists could become the “natural party of government”. What is often forgotten is that the Swedish left achieved hegemony in a White Sweden: its welfarist policies are simply unsustainable in a multiracial context.

Despite the Sweden Democrats’ success, their Moderate and Centre party ‘allies’ are likely to try to form a government that excludes Sweden Democrat ministers, while relying on parliamentary support from its MPs.

H&D readers might think this ‘undemocratic’, but in fact it would be a very good thing from the point of view of the Sweden Democrats and their leader Jimmie Åkesson. Racial nationalist parties of whatever variety are better off staying out of coalition governments unless they lead them. The effective exercise of power depends on putting racial nationalist principles into effect, not surrendering them for the perquisites of office.

It would be tempting to criticise Åkesson and his colleagues for ‘selling out’. Their party was founded in 1988, with roots in national socialism: among the party’s founders and senior officials was Gustaf Ekström who had first joined the Swedish national socialists in 1932 and volunteered for the Waffen-SS in 1941. Yet in recent years Åkesson’s party has purged ‘extremists’, renounced national socialism, and aligned itself with a conservative bloc in the European Parliament.

Gustav Ekström, bottom right, with national socialist comrades. He went on to be a co-founder of the Sweden Democrats and a leading official of the party before his death in 1995.

Nevertheless, there are reasons to believe that the Sweden Democrats are far more principled than most European populists. Crucially they are not a reactionary conservative party promoting ‘free’ markets and globalism. Their economic and welfare policies would place them on the left in US and even UK terms, with the important difference that they believe in a strong welfare state for Swedes, not for foreigners.

It seems inevitable that whatever ‘right-wing’ government takes office in Sweden this week will be short-lived, and there is likely to be another election soon, especially because the Centre Party will split rather than support any serious anti-immigration policy.

We hope that the Sweden Democrats will be true to their ideological roots and will reject the compromises demanded by globalists, reactionaries and ‘free market’ economic liberals. Tomorrow belongs to racial nationalism!

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