Heritage & Destiny American deputy editor speaks in Scotland


The Kingdom of Fife on Scotland’s East Coast was the setting for this year’s Highlander gig, which was addressed by H&D’s Martin Kerr.

The week before Martin had spoken at the 5th Annual John Tyndall Memorial meeting in Preston, Lancashire.

Martin travelled up to Glasgow from Preston the day before the meeting/gig and was met by long-standing Movement activist Stevie Cartwright, who gave him a tour of Scotland’s major city.

The next day, Nationalists from all over Scotland, England, Ulster, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and the USA gathered in a Fife coastal town for what proved to be a fantastic evening of White nationalism.

martinkerrHowever before the gig kicked off Martin addressed the audience of well over 100. He spoke of his Scottish heritage and told us how his ancestors left Scotland seven generations before, and like many fellow Europeans they helped settle and build a once proud land. Martin then told us how in today’s America, anti-White, political correctness, particularly under the current President Obongo, attempts to gloss over the fact that his homeland was built by white men and woman and that the true heritage of America is European. Martin’s speech was very well received.

John from Nemesis, then took the stage and did a great ballads set of Nemesis tracks and other White Power, and “mainstream” covers.

Next up were “March or Die”, they did a very tight set that included Paedophile, Traitor and Rapist.

John then returned to the stage, this time with Carrick of “Elemental Forces” and a couple of young, up and coming Scottish musicians to do a selection of Nemesis favourites, such as Red Blood, White Skin, Blue Collar, and Here Comes A Rage.

Scotland then welcomed back Whitelaw, a pro-BM band from Derbyshire/Yorkshire. Kick the Reds In, Fetch the Noose, and a selection of songs from their new “Valkyrie” CD had the place rocking.


Last but not least Brutal Attack exploded on the stage. Ken McClellan, resplendent in Highland dress kicked things off with an Ocean of Warriors and then the lads gave us a memorable set of Brutal Attack classics. He ended with the famous Ian Stuart tribute track Always Near.

Congratulations are due to Paul and the lads at Highlander East Coast for once again organising a wonderfully, professional gig and I am sure they would like to thank the lads from the Racial Volunteer Force for doing a grand job as security.Scotland First logo 3

The following day back in Glasgow, Martin Kerr and Stevie Cartwright met up with England First chairman Mark Cotterill who was there to do a bit of sightseeing himself as well as holding informal talks with Scotland First. All in all a very enjoyable and successful weekend in Scotland.

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