H&D to go bi-monthly!

H&D editor Mark Cotterill

H&D editor Mark Cotterill

Heritage and Destiny editor Mark Cotterill has announced that as from the next issue no. 49 – July/August 2012 – Heritage and Destiny magazine is to go bi-monthly.

Mark said; “We were planning to change from a quarterly to a bi-monthly at the beginning of next year, however we have brought this forward by six months as we have just got too many quality articles and reviews to fit into a quarterly.  Whether we can continue H&D as a bi-monthly long-term depends on us substantially increasing our subscription base. Ideally we would like H&D subscriber to ‘sign-up’ another new subscriber by the end of this year.”

If you  check out this website on a regular basis but you are not a H&D subscriber, why not take the plunge?  It’s only £20 (UK) or $35 (US) for the next six issues.

Or if you are a nationalist activist why not buy some extra copies of the current issue to give out – or sell at your next branch meeting – it’s a great issue and should sell better than my Grandma’s hot cakes!

And finally, even though we don’t bombard you with daily – Donate Donate Donate – emails as Nick Gri££in and Jim Dow$$on do, we do also need your regular donations – however large or small, every Dollar, Pond or Euro counts and helps us keep this website going as well as publishing the best (by far!) UK-based, racial-nationalist magazine.

Thanks in advance for your support.


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