H&D Issue 93 published

The new issue (#93) of Heritage and Destiny magazine is now out. The 26 page, November-December 2019 issue, has as its lead:

Is this the most pro-Zionist UK Government in History?

Edward Hawkins reports on Boris Johnson’s pro-Zionist conservative government

Issue 93

Contents include:

  • Editorial – by Mark Cotterill
  • Vote British – When British Fascists Triumphed at the Ballot Box – by Robert Best.
  • The last Nazi Standing – The tale of Omar and Helmut – by Paul Fromm.
  • Opening the Files on Race Criminals in Modern Britain: Part II – by Peter Rushton.
  • Ursula Haverbeck and the Blumenkrieg – by Lady Michèle Renouf.
  • Book Review: Aristocratic Manifesto for Imperium Europa – by Norman Lowell – reviewed by Greg Cumming.
  • Is the new British government the most Zionist government in our Nation’s history? – by Edward Hawkins.
  • Book Review: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind – by Yuval Noah Harari – reviewed by Eddy Morrison.
  • The Meta-Problem – Simon Sheppard opens a very large can of worms.
  • Movie Review: The Highwaymen, the new Bonnie & Clyde movie – reviewed by Mark Cotterill.
  • Two pages of readers’ letters
  • Movement News – Latest analysis of the nationalist movement – by Peter Rushton

If you would like a sample copy please send £5.00 /$10.00 or for a year’s (6 issues) subscription, send £28.00 (UK) – $52.00 (USA) – £35.00/$52.00 (Rest of world).

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