H&D Issue 104 Published

The new issue (#104) of Heritage and Destiny magazine is out now. The 32-page, September-October 2021 issue, has as its lead:

No longer the Great White North – Massive demographic changes in Canada – Whites now less than 80%

Issue 104

September – October 2021

Contents include:

  • Editorial – by Mark Cotterill
  • The First Step is to Give A Different Answer – by Gil Caldwell
  • I was Blind, Now I See – Simon Sheppard explains gaslighting and gives his Parable of the Honey Pops
  • No Mystics, Please: We’re Nationalists – by William Jeffries
  • The (not any longer) Great White North – massive demographic change in Canada – by Remi Tremblay
  • Old Poets’ Corner: Wach auf! Wach auf! Arise! Arise! – by Prof. Jonathan
  • Conservatives plan to speed up our replacement – by Frederick Dixon
  • Book Review: Southern Irish Loyalism, 1912-1949 – edited by Brian Hughes and Conor Morrissey – Part 2 of a review by Ian Freeman
  • Book Review: The Novichok Chronicles: A Tale of Two Hoaxes – by Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom – reviewed by Dr James B. Thring
  • Movie Review: While at War (Spanish: Mientras dure la Guerra) – reviewed by Pedro Gonzalez
  • Book Review: Henry ‘Chips’ Channon – The Diaries Vol. 1, 1918-38, edited by Simon Heffer – reviewed by Peter Rushton
  • Are the Crusades merely a historical curiosity – or do they still have relevance today? – by Alec Suchi
  • Movie Review: Operation Finale – reviewed by Mark Cotterill

If you would like a sample copy please send £5.00 / $10.00 or for a year’s (6 issues) subscription, send £32.00 (UK) – $60.00 (USA) – £40.00/$60.00 (Rest of World).

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