H&D assistant editor in Germany

Heritage and Destiny assistant editor Peter Rushton joined veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds and Voice of Albion radio host Paul Hickman as British delegates to a memorial march in Bad Nenndorf on August 2nd.

The march commemorated the torture of hundreds of (mostly German) prisoners after the end of World War II at an interrogation centre in the former spa resort of Bad Nenndorf, near Hanover in northern Germany.

Victims included many civilians and 44 women.  Two prisoners died as a result of torture and starvation – policies enforced by MI5 officers who brought shame on the British Army.  An official investigation led to the court-martial of four officers, but the proceedings were fixed by MI5 chiefs to ensure acquittal.

Hundreds of “anti-fascists”, supported by the present German authorities, attempted to block the march and drown out the speakers, but they failed to halt the memorial.  The noise of the leftist mob is evident on the videos below, and is a sad reflection on the left’s disrespect for their own dead, but contrary to the crude boasting of German “anti-fascist” websites, it is clear from the videos below that speakers were not drowned out and the memorial was able to proceed.

Richard Edmonds addressed the march in German.

Peter Rushton spoke in English, with a German translation supplied by Richard Edmonds.


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