Griffin; How blatant will the members let his tactics become?

In the past ten days, Nick Griffin has sacked Chris Beverley as the Yorkshire regional organiser, promoted Ian Kitchen; and his atrocious wife; to a position far above his abilities, and now he’s suspended Nick Cass for barring his ‘yes men’ from a meeting organised in Yorkshire to try and sort out just what the hell is going on with the BNP.

And this has been the pattern of behaviour over several years now, sack or suspend those officers and members with the drive to make the party bigger and stronger, and replace them with sycophants and third raters, people that are easy to control and manipulate, people that are able to be bought off for a paid official position in the party.

But has Griffin already inflicted terminal damage on the party?
Not only has he dragged it through the gutter with torrid tales of death threats, and attempts at stealing the website from Simon Bennett- and all just before the general election-, but his personal baggage has gone a long way to limiting the productivity of the party as well. If you add to this the serious financial damage him and a handful of tossers right at the top of the party have caused, you have to question whether what’s left can be saved from court induced collapse, and the persuit of an ever lengthening list of pissed off people and businesses, looking to sue him and the party for the many wrongs he is responsible for.

At least £500,000 of unecessary debt, the impression is not if the party will go under, but when, and if we have nothing ready to take on all these nationalists that will be cut free, we as a movement will lose far too many people, leaving us with the job of creating something new, then having to spend years finding/replacing those that were lost to the movement because we were not ready.

There’s a meeting being held by Nick Cass that will discuss the future of the BNP, let’s hope the outcome of that will see something being done to give all these nationalists that have refused to renew their memberships, or been kicked out, a place to come to, so their experience and support aren’t lost to nationalism forever.

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