French authorities ban nationalist youth group GUD

Groupe Union Défense, a long-established nationalist organisation founded by students in 1968 and revived by a new generation in 2022, was banned yesterday by the French government, at the instigation of Gérald Darmanin, interior minister (French equivalent of the UK Home Secretary).

GUD is perhaps best known in recent years for its very well organised annual event in memory of the nationalist activist Sébastien Deyzieu, who was killed during a confrontation with police in 1994. It is one of several European nationalist groups who have been prominent in resisting the tide of Putinist propaganda and supporting Ukraine’s valiant resistance.

English readers will remember Darmanin for his disgraceful behaviour in 2022, when he was responsible for allowing gangs of non-European thieves to disrupt the Champions League final at the Stade de France. An inquiry by the French Senate condemned Darmanin in the strongest terms:
“It is unfair to have sought to blame supporters of the Liverpool team for the disturbances, as the interior minister has done, to deflect attention from the state’s inability to properly manage the crowd and suppress the action of several hundred violent and organised delinquents.”

GUD activists and fellow nationalists marching in Paris in memory of their comrade Sébastien Deyzieu

Nominally from a conservative background, Darmanin has sold what is left of his soul to President Emmanuel Macron and his ‘centrist’ government led by the half-Jewish, homosexual Prime Minister Gabriel Attal.

After the banning order, GUD Paris issued the following statement:

The dissolution of GUD Paris was pronounced this morning in the Council of Ministers by Gérald Darmanin. Prisoner of an obsession bordering on neurosis, the Minister of the Interior continues his crazy policy of repressing the nationalist scene.

We shall not dwell on the fallacious reasons attempting to legitimise the dissolution of our movement: somehow, the servile officials of the Ministry of the Interior seek to justify the unjustifiable. However, they are fooling no one, and only highlight their instinctive recourse to lies and their formidable amateurism in matters of ‘intelligence’.

For 56 years, the Groupe Union Défense has been in every battle, at the forefront of political and student struggles, always on the front line. We, nationalist activists, having taken up the name of GUD Paris in 2022, are proud to have followed in the footsteps of the ‘black rats’ who preceded us, and hope to have proven ourselves worthy of them. [H&D note: The black rat is GUD’s cartoon symbol, invented by the movement’s co-founder Jack Marchal, whom our assistant editor met in Paris more than 25 years ago.]

Following the example of our elders and aware of what we must pass on to future militant generations, we will continue the nationalist and revolutionary struggle. Until we win, or until the sun dies.

GUD comrades fighting on Europe’s front line in Ukraine

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