Four in a week – hard copy publications refuse to die!

Just like the proverbial bus, you can be waiting for ages for a nationalist magazine that you subscribe to – then two, three or even more all come along together!

Well, that is what really happened – for the first time in recent memory – this past week.

First issue #120 of Heritage and Destiny was mailed out, shortly followed by issue #69 of Broadsword. The day after issue #886 of Candour was mailed out, shortly followed by issue #185 of The Supplement.

Those of you who remember Walter Carr – a nationalist veteran, who was active in the movement both pre and post WWII – will recall he was not a fan of what he termed “back-slapping”, i.e. congratulating oneself, for your own achievements.

However, I think in this case “back-slapping” should be the order of the day.

Those who invest the time, money and effort to produce a hard-copy nationalist magazine, in this day and age, when almost everyone in the movement (especially the young – and the tight who in many cases are not so young), want everything online and/or for free – should not just be congratulated, but supported by those in our so-called movement.

In issue #100 of Heritage and Destiny which was published in January 2021, I wrote an article entitled “H&D Joins the Nationalist 100 Club”, here is a quote from that article, which is just as relevant today (maybe even more so) as it was three years ago.

It’s frequently pointed out to me by many social-media nationalists (most of whom don’t even subscribe to H&D as they find £28 too hard to part with) that it would be much cheaper and much easier if we were to go completely online. Dump the hard-copy, with the envelopes and stamps into the history dustbin, like most of 21st century nationalism has already done – they cry.

Even most websites seem old-fashioned and out of date, to this new breed of revolutionaries. They tell me that H&D should be blogging, and tweeting (I admit we do tweet a bit!), but most of all carry on the fight for Race and Nation via Facebook, as that’s where the real battle is! Be it on smart phones, tablets and/or other assorted “devices”, that’s how we will win our country back – they tell me!

However, I must beg to disagree. They are welcome to carry on their heroic crusade online, and I’m sure it must do some good for the cause (I think?), but there are whole groups of our people out there who do not go on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and TikTok, or even have internet access. Many do not even bother to go on the internet, they don’t have smart phones, tablets or even laptops, either by choice or because of their individual life situations.

And these are not just elderly people (although to be fair they do make up a sizeable part of the non-internet crowd). There is also an admirable minority among the under-60s who have made a deliberate and calculated decision to remove these machines (including TVs) from their lives forever. I spoke with one of these guys a while back in Devon and he told me that it was amazing, living with no internet and just having a phone that you can talk through! He explained it was as if you had left the big city, full of mental smog and you’re out in the clear, fresh air again and you can actually think that much more clearly.

Oh, if only I wasn’t the editor of H&D, and if I didn’t have to do what comes with the job, I’d like to join my Devon comrade in his world – well maybe for a few hours anyway!

The social-media nationalist crowd don’t seem to understand that someday – maybe pretty soon with the way things are going (i.e. with Covid) – we are going to lose the internet. Boris and his Indian friends will just turn it off, and there’s little or nothing we can do about it. When that happens, since we lack the courage to physically oppose them, we will have to take the old photocopy machines out of the garage, dust them off, and rush downtown to stock up on paper, ink, envelopes and stamps again.

I remember speaking to a group of youngsters from National Action after a JTMM and telling them this was going to happen, sooner rather than later, and the sheer look of horror in their faces said it all. I explained to them, that I was not sure at the time how this would happen, but one of these days we are no longer going to have access to the internet.

It may come via some diktat from Downing Street or Thames House, that just begins with the arrests and jailing of bloggers and social-media posters for simple dissent (as recently happened in Australia), or because the balloon will at least partially go up and internet service will go down, or be interrupted by civil disorder, economic collapse or cyber-attack.

Hard-copy publications like H&D where our people are actually required to sit down and read a block of text for content, which few people born after 1980 and almost no-one born after 2000 or so can do, are also still necessary because actual literacy, as opposed to looking at images on an electric screen, is a vital skill that White people must re-acquire and preserve in the dark days to come.

That is why hard-copy publications like H&D, must keep going, for as long as possible. But can we keep going as a hard-copy magazine – perhaps for another twenty years? Well the odds are against us, but who knows what the future may bring?

If you are one of the many nationalists (probably over 90%) who read the H&D website and Social-Media accounts, but avoid putting your hand in your pocket to pay for the hard copy magazine (or even send a donation) then please sit down for a minute and have a rethink: are you really doing your bit or playing your part, or are you just a “hobbyist” as the late Dr. William Pierce called those people who wanted to be part of something, and even in some cases claimed they would “die for it”, but were not prepared to pay for it!

At the end of the day the choice is of course yours, but if you wish to support any of the publications mentioned above (by subscribing to them) here are the details:

Broadsword – write to: BM Sunwheel, PO Box 6, Heckmonwike, West Yorkshire, WF16 0XF. –

Candour – write to: AK Chesterton Trust, BM Candour, London, WC1N 3XX –

The Supplement – write to: The Supplement, PO Box 1295, Bedworth, CV12 0ZX – No website but you can email –

Heritage and Destiny, 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 6HE –
Special Offer – we are offering fifty (50) back issues of H&D for only £150.00 (including UK postage – overseas subscribers please ask about postage rates to your country) – that’s only £3.00 each. Just let us know which 50 back issues you want (some issues we are down to fewer than five now, so please include a few substitutes in case we have sold out of a few).

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