Flying the flag for the Union: friends of Loyal Ulster celebrate the 12th

Celebrating the 12th in Southport

H&D editor Mark Cotterill and assistant editor Peter Rushton were among the many supporters of the Union who turned out to fly the flag for traditional celebrations on 12th July.

Bad weather failed to dampen patriotic spirits in Southport, while many mainland loyalists once again marched in Benidorm where there is a large pro-Unionist community.

Mark Cotterill at the Southport 12th

The biggest celebrations were of course in Ulster itself, where Unionists are increasingly united against any potential betrayal of the province by Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal.

With the Conservative (and sadly no longer Unionist) Party struggling in the polls and facing almost certain defeat at next year’s general election, it is more vital than ever for friends of Loyal Ulster to stand together.

Preston Loyalist John Smith in Benidorm for the 12th

A far greater Tory Prime Minister than Sunak – Andrew Bonar Law – famously promised to resist the betrayal of the Union: “there will be no shrinking from any action which we think necessary to defeat one of the most ignoble conspiracies which has ever been formed against the liberties of free-born men”.

No doubt H&D readers would be denounced as ‘extremists’ or even ‘terrorists’ if we repeated Bonar Law’s words in 2023, but we similarly should not shrink from any action we think necessary to prevent the betrayal of Ulster by a 21st century government, whether Tory or Labour.

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