Far left UKIP candidate quits as press pursues scandal

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is tonight under pressure following the dramatic withdrawal of one of his party’s candidates for Lancashire County Council.

On April 4th – endorsing his campaign at a UKIP meeting at the Stanhill Working Men’s Club, Oswaldtwistle – Mr Farage was happy to greet Ken Bell, his party’s standard bearer in the Pendle Central division of Lancashire.

Nigel Farage (left) endorsing his party’s Lancashire County Council candidate Ken Bell

The following day Mr Bell’s name duly appeared on the list of candidates published on the council’s website.  Yet by the following Tuesday his name had disappeared from the final list that will appear on the ballot paper next month, when Pendle Central’s voters will not have a UKIP candidate.

Why the hasty withdrawal?

This bust of murderous dictator Joseph Stalin has pride of place on UKIP candidate Ken Bell’s mantlepiece

It turns out that Mr Bell is a hard left supporter of the infamous Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, whose regime slaughtered millions in his own country and occupied Europe before his death in 1953.

Mr Bell also has a long record of posting offensive messages online. Within hours of Margaret Thatcher’s death on April 8th he wrote:

Thatcher is dead. Sympathies go to His Satanic Majesty for having to host the old whore.

Aware that nationalists within UKIP as well as opposition parties were preparing to expose Bell, UKIP suspended him and ordered him to withdraw his election nomination. The party then began a cover-up, ordering a media blackout on the story.

Yet continuing investigations of Bell’s background indicate that UKIP were fully aware of his views well before he became a candidate.

Bell’s outrageous comment about Mrs Thatcher should have come as no surprise to UKIP’s national and regional officials.  Almost a week earlier – and two days before being publicly endorsed by Nigel Farage – Bell had written in response to a fellow UKIP member who complained about the Left calling Mrs Thatcher a “fascist”:

Yeah, well she was. UKIP has to accept that many of us hated the old slag and everything she stood for.

During the previous week Bell’s Twitter posts were filled with obscenities and references to Tories as “scum” and “lower than vermin”, as well as tasteless remarks about the new Pope and the Queen.

With UKIP aiming to be taken seriously as a threat to the political establishment, their scandalous debacle in Lancashire should be taken seriously as a microcosm of Nigel Farage’s coming political problems.

His party tries to present itself as the voice of disenfranchised White voters: in truth it is a vacuous mess, an ill assorted bunch of extremists united only by their crankery.

No doubt UKIP will poll well in many areas on May 2nd, but a serious post-Griffin movement is urgently needed.

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