Ex-Labour UKIP candidate calls for internment

The UKIP candidate in a council by-election has called for the introduction of internment in response to last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.


Harriet Yeo – who until last year was leader of the Labour group on Ashford council in Kent, and is a former chairman of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee – commented on the French President François Hollande’s description of the attacks as an “act of war”.

The former trade union leader asked: “If we’re at war shouldn’t we have internment?”

More than a thousand political opponents of the Churchill government were interned without trial during the Second World War, including the former Labour government minister Sir Oswald Mosley and the Conservative MP Capt. Archibald Maule Ramsay.

Also several thousand more German and Italian civilians (including Jews and other refugees) were kept in British internment camps.

Ms Yeo has not made clear exactly whom she wishes to intern, nor whether this is official UKIP policy. For example, how many voters in the forthcoming Oldham West & Royton by-election would UKIP hope to intern?

In the local by-election for Aylesford Green ward, Ashford, on November 19th she obtained one of UKIP’s best recent results: finishing runner-up with 109 votes, losing by just a single vote to a 19-year-old Tory (though the turnout was a dismal 19%).

Meanwhile Ms Yeo’s party leader Nigel Farage last week used a column in Britain’s best selling newspaper (Rupert Murdoch’s Sun) to insist that “we can win the battle for hearts and minds by asserting the values of our Judeo-Christian culture.”

Mr Farage is the first party leader since Tony Blair to proclaim religious values in this manner at the core of his political message.  One fears that (as with Blair) this translates into an uncritical loyalty to Israel, with the assumption that Benjamin Netanyahu’s aggressive Zionism can be an answer to Islamist terrorism rather than part of the problem.

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