Ex-BNP organiser – Now a Labour Party candidate!

From nationalist to marxist, only Phileas Fogg had a more unbelieveable journey!

From nationalist to marxist, only Phileas Fogg had a more unbelieveable journey!

With all the news of BNP activists, officials and organisers defecting to the English Democrats over the last week – including their former Yorkshire Regional Oraniser Chris Beverley (who will be standing for the ED’s in Leeds), most of the media missed the story of another former BNP organiser defecting to the Labour Party! – http://blackburnlabour.org/2011-local-elections/your-local-candidates/

Trevor Maxfield, who was once the BNP’s Blackburn with Darwen branch organiser, defected to the Labour Party late last year, and has now been selected by the Labour Party to fight Darwen’s Earcroft ward in the upcoming local council elections!

Maxfield has a long history in right wing/nationalist politics and was associated with Blood and Honour, National Front and Combat 18 before joining the BNP in 2002. He later joined the right wing For Darwen Party (which included many former BNP and England First members) in 2007, and was elected as a councillor to Blackburn with Darwen borough council later that year under their banner.

He quit the For Darwen Party along with another of their councillors – former BNP member Anthony Meleady – in 2010 and sat as an independent for a short while before joining Labour.

However, Maxfield kept up links with his former comrades and was in Southport last year (2010) on July 12th for the annual Loyalist parades, where he met up with England First, BNP, NF and other Loyalists!

Earcoft is a very winnable ward for Labour, so it is highly probable that Maxfield will be an official Labour Party councillor on May 5th.

Local (Blackburn) Labour supporter Yakub Patel said; “We knew that the Labour Party had moved further to right in recent years, but surely this can’t be happening!” He continued; “Blackburn Labour party have sold their soul for an extra vote or two, its very wrong, and I for one will be voting Liberal this time and I know many others in the Asian community who will be doing the same.”

It will be interesting to see what Labour leader Ed Miliband makes of his new recruit from the BNP? – As former Labour MP Tony Benn used to say – “You just could not make it up!”


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