England First Party campaign update – 1st May 2007

Much progress has been made in all six of our wards, especially in the three key wards of Cliviger with Worsthorne (Burnley Borough Council), Mill Hill (Blackburn with Darwen Council) and Primrose (Ribble Valley Borough Council). Virtually all campaign material has been distributed and other campaign techniques have been launched (see left).

In Cliviger with Worsthorne, the Party Chairman Steven Smith has now delivered 2 election leaflets around the entire ward which is no mean feat as a lot of the ward is rural. Many leaflets simply, because of the logistics, have had to be posted by Royal Mail. All the other parties in competition with Steven have so far only managed just one leaflet.

Steven Smith campaigning in Cliviger with Worsthorne

Steven told the website today:

“It’s been hard work, but Cliviger with Worsthorne is a beautiful place to leaflet especially in this current heat wave. I feel I’ve got the message across to the electorate especially with producing two leaflets. I’ve had good feedback and, as Polling Day approaches, I feel I’m making up ground on the Tory candidate who was considered the favourite at the start of the campaign.”

Thanks must go to Steven’s leafleting team whose help has been invaluable. Steven has now been concentrating on displaying his trailer board encouraging people to Vote Smith – England First Party at strategic points throughout the ward, especially at those ‘peak-times’, in conjunction with walking up and down with his sandwich board. This is a very unique and visual way of appealing to the voters and Steven hopes it will give him and edge.

In the Primrose Ward our candidate Paul Frankland has been making regular trips around the ward and has already leafleted it twice and has now started delivering his third leaflet. Clitheroe, for whatever reason, seems to be a Liberal Democrat stronghold but the overall council is controlled by the Tory party. One thing about the Ribble Valley is the fact it is a Labour Free zone with no elected councillors and they failed to muster a single candidate to stand in any of the boroughs 24 wards. Wouldn’t it be heaven if that was repeated around the country?

In the Mill Hill ward things are hotting up as Labour are pushing hard to win the seat and have started distributing anti-EFP leaflets with the usual hysterical claims and even criticising our candidate because he’s commented on and wanted to sort out local issues in his election material. Labour do like to fight dirty when they feel under threat and the dirtier the better as far as they are concerned. The whole ward has been leafleted with Kevin’s second leaflet and work has started on distributing the third leaflet which contains some hard hitting comments basically giving Labour a dose of their own medicine. Earlier in the campaign all postal voters were targeted with a personal letter asking them to consider voting for the England First Party.

England First Party activists leafleting - local elections 2007Hopes are now high in the Queensgate ward, where Simon Bennett is the candidate, that a creditable result is now achievable. Despite a late start to launching the campaign the ward residents have now received two leaflets. With the candidate receiving requests for posters (which are now going up in people’s windows), good luck phone calls and texts, it shows there is some support which could result in a 2nd/3rd place. The Lib Dems have put out three leaflets and the Labour Party has partly covered the ward with a solitary leaflet. As with the case in many Tory campaigns in Burnley elections, no Tory leaflets have been put out in Queensgate.

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