Elections 2010: England First Party fight for Stoke-on-Trent

THE STOKE SENTINEL, 14 April 2010: The British National Party will face an electoral threat from another party from the right at this year’s council elections. Parliamentary correspondent Joseph Watts finds out what the England First Party stand for…

Standing outside a corner shop in Fenton, Rob Giddings put his hand on his chin and tilted his head skywards with a thoughtful look.

“Who? England First you say? No, no. Definitely never heard of them before. What about you?” he said turning to his partner Sandra.

“Never,” said Sandra looking back and shaking her head.

After hearing a little bit about the England First Party and how members are attempting to win a seat on Stoke-on-Trent City Council at the elections on May 6, Mr Giddings felt better informed to give his opinion.

“I suppose they are a bit like the BNP and that party has done all right here, because they think about what local people want. That kind of thinking goes down well in a place like this,” he said.

“I might be persuaded to vote for the BNP and if these guys are like them then maybe I’d vote for them – but they sound pretty similar to be honest.”

So are they actually different? England First was set up in 2004 by Mark Cotterill who, like many members of his party, used to be in the BNP.

The party believes in English nationalism as opposed to British nationalism and wants a solely English Parliament set up at Westminster.

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