Election preview 2013

Nationalism is even more battered than this ballot box as we face the 2013 elections and the death of the BNP , but a core of loyal activists is rebuilding for the future.

Nominations have just closed for English county council and mayoral elections.  A preview of the nationalist campaigns in these elections will appear here soon.

This year Heritage and Destiny‘s editor Mark Cotterill will not be a candidate, despite having polled 22.2% in the Lancashire County Council election for Preston East at the last contest in 2009.

While wishing all the best to nationalist candidates this year – especially to Graham Partner, who will be the British Democratic Party candidate for the Coalville division of Leicestershire, his colleague Kevan Stafford, a member of the British Democrats leadership who will be standing in Loughborough South, and Gary Topping, who is contesting Pendle Central for the Brit Dems – the H&D team recognise that our movement is in a time of transition, having been terribly damaged by the corrupt cronyism of the Griffin years.

We are beginning to rebuild a credible movement to succeed Griffinism, as the BNP will die as an electoral force this year with the loss of its three county council seats and no candidate in many of its former strongholds.  Sharon Wilkinson – the most electorally successful BNP councillor ever – is standing down from Lancashire County Council, and there will be no BNP candidate in Burnley Rural, where the party took 19.5% in 2009 and used to hold a borough council seat.  In Leicestershire the BNP’s former county councillor Graham Partner will be fighting this year’s election for the new British Democratic Party, headed by Andrew Brons MEP.  There will be no BNP candidates at all in the north-west of Leicestershire, once a party stronghold – in fact across that entire county where there were 48 BNP candidates last time, there are only seven this year.

Across Lancashire, where the BNP had twenty county council candidates in 2009, they have only six this year; similarly there are only four BNP candidates across Derbyshire compared to seventeen in 2009.  In North Yorkshire, where there were thirteen BNP candidates in 2009, there are none at all this year. There will be no BNP candidate in either of this year’s mayoral elections in North Tyneside or Doncaster. The 2009 Doncaster BNP candidate Dave Owen will be standing this year for the National Front.

In the South of England, where the BNP was never at its strongest, the party now appears to be virtually extinct, with just a single candidate in Surrey, one in West Sussex and none in Suffolk. In stronger southern counties such as Kent and Essex the BNP seems to have been decimated: final figures are yet to appear.

The post-BNP rebuilding will take time: so with regret it was decided to sit out this year’s election in most of the country rather than conduct a campaign that would not do justice to our supporters.  This website will carry updates soon on the progress of post-Griffin nationalism.  Together we can weather the storm and return as a credible nationalist alternative to the bankrupt political establishment.

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