Election Day update

Across the UK voters today have the chance to select their representatives for the European Parliament (and in most of the country there are also local elections).

This year sees British nationalism’s worst electoral prospects for over twenty years, with even Nick Griffin’s acolytes aware that the party is going to lose every single contest.

Yet elsewhere in Europe (where most countries will not vote until Sunday) nationalism is on the march.  But what does ‘nationalism’ mean in other countries? Is there any possibility that the many European parties termed by the media as ‘nationalist’ or ‘far right’ could actually work together: or are their ideologies fundamentally different?

The current issue of Heritage and Destiny magazine contains a detailed analysis of European nationalist parties. Today we publish an online version to help readers make sense of this year’s European election. The results will be declared on Sunday evening, and H&D will keep you up to date with the latest developments.


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