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Friday 12.30 pm update: Catastrophic results for BNP, especially in Rotherham, Charnwood and Dagenham & Rainham.

Only Kevin Bryan of the NF, plus three EDs, even managed to scrape over 1% on the worst election night for nationalists in living memory.

In Rotherham, BNP chairman Adam Walker polled just 0.6% (down from 10.4% last time).

In Dagenham & Rainham, Tess Culnane for the BNP polled 0.4% (down from 11.2% last time). Cllr Cathy Duffy was yet another to lose her deposit in Charnwood with 0.9% (down from 5.8% last time).

(scroll down for full list of nationalist results as at 12.30 pm on Friday: we are now waiting for just a single result involving an ED candidate in Berwick-on-Tweed.)

A deeply disappointing result for the National Front’s Kevin Bryan who polled 1.0% in Rochdale, down from 4.9% in 2010. Nevertheless this is one of the best nationalist percentages of the election so far: an indication of just how bad 2015 has been for our movement.

Former BNP organiser Ian Sutton polled 1.3% in Barnsley Central as an English Democrat, on what was generally a very poor night for the EDs: if they disappear after this latest setback, at least Mr Sutton and his Barnsley branch can reflect on another creditable campaign.

UKIP polled 17.3% in the traditional nationalist stronghold of Burnley. Not a great result: Labour easily gained the seat from the Lib Dems.  But UKIP will have at least one MP in the new Parliament – Douglas Carswell has held Clacton.

First (semi)-nationalist result was a disaster for the English Democrats in Nuneaton. Just 0.2% in a constituency where the BNP had polled 6.3% in 2010.  Similarly Eddy Butler managed only 0.3% for the EDs in Harlow, where he polled 4.0% as a BNP candidate in 2010.

Likely Tory minority government. Looks as though the few Labour gains will be in areas with demographic change in a non-White direction!  The most surprising aspect (for this author at any rate) has been the defeat of senior Lib Dems such as Vince Cable and Ed Davey in Tory areas of the South East.

Meanwhile in Scotland the SNP has demonstrated that a party that can convince voters of some broader political vision can win remarkable swings in its favour.  We know that the SNP brand is fake nationalism, but it has convinced Scottish voters otherwise.

The ‘United’ Kingdom is deeply disunited.  Conservatives have consolidated their hold on ‘Middle England’; former Labour strongholds in Scotland have seen a landslide to the SNP; while Labour has established complete dominance over English cities, scoring big majorities across Manchester, Birmingham and Inner London – even in seats held for years by the Liberal Democrats.  LD leader Nick Clegg only survived thanks to a massive tactical vote by Sheffield Hallam Tories, and is now a dead man walking.

One scrap of good news was the DUP gain from Alliance in Belfast East.

Best of luck to all nationalist candidates at this year’s elections!  2015 will be a dire year for nationalist parties at the ballot box, though our ideas have never had greater impact with the electorate.

After polls close this website will carry regularly updated news and analysis throughout the early hours of Friday morning.

If you are intending to stay up for at least part of the night, we can now tell you when to expect the first result for a nationalist candidate: it will probably be in Dagenham & Rainham, some time around 1 am.  Tess Culnane is standing here for the BNP, having switched from the NF just before the campaign began.

There will already have been half a dozen or more results by then, but probably none in seats with nationalist candidates.

At about the same time as Tess’s result, we might expect to hear the first English Democrat result in Nuneaton.

Much later on – perhaps at about 2.30 am – we might expect one of the best nationalist results of the night in Rochdale, where the NF’s Kev Bryan is facing (among others) an Asian UKIP candidate.  Not long after Rochdale (perhaps at about 3 am) the result should be declared in Rotherham, another area scarred by ‘grooming’ scandals, where BNP leader Adam Walker faces nemesis for what was once the strongest nationalist party in British electoral history.

All these predictions could be distorted by recounts, whether in close contests or where a candidate is hovering around the 5% mark that determines retention or loss of a £500 deposit.

Confirmed nationalist results so far:

BNP – 8 candidates
Hornchurch & Upminster – Paul Borg 0.3% (-6.1)
Old Bexley & Sidcup – Nicola Finch 0.5% (-4.2)
Dagenham & Rainham – Tess Culnane 0.4% (-10.8)
Rotherham – Adam Walker 0.6% (-9.8)
Charnwood – Cathy Duffy 0.9% (-4.9)
Boston & Skegness – Robert West 0.3% (-5.0)
Kingswood – Julie Lake 0.3% (-2.4)
Braintree – Paul Hooks 0.2% (-2.0)

NF – 7 candidates
Rochdale – Kevin Bryan 1.0% (-3.9)
Carshalton & Wallington – Richard Edmonds 0.1% (+0.1)
Hull East – Mike Cooper 0.2% (-2.3)
Linlithgow & East Falkirk – Neil McIvor 0.2% (+0.2)
Aberdeen North – Chris Willett 0.4% (+0.4)
Bridgend – Adam Lloyd 0.2% (+0.2)
North Tyneside – Rob Batten 0.4% (-0.9)

British Democrats – 1 candidate
Bradford East – Dr Jim Lewthwaite 0.5% (+0.5)

Patria – 2 candidates
Bournemouth West – Dick Franklin 0.2% (+0.2)
Chichester – Dr Andrew Emerson 0.2% (+0.2)

English Democrats – 32 candidates
Barnsley Central – Ian Sutton 1.3% (+1.3)
Barnsley East – Kevin Riddiough 1.1% (+1.1)
Bath – Jenny Knight 0.1% (+0.1)
Berwick-upon-Tweed – Neil Humphrey
Bexleyheath & Crayford – Maggi Young 0.3% (-0.7)
Bradford West – Therese Hirst 0.2% (+0.2)
Brentwood & Ongar – Robin Tilbrook 0.3% (-0.6)
Bury South – Valerie Morris 0.4% (-0.7)
Central Suffolk and North Ipswich – Tony Holyoak 0.3% (+0.3)
Dagenham & Rainham – Kim Gandy 0.2% (+0.2)
Dartford – Steve Uncles 0.4% (-3.9)
Don Valley – Louise Dutton 0.6% (-3.5)
Doncaster Central – Dean Walker 0.8% (-3.6)
Doncaster North – David Allen 1.1% (-4.0)
Erith & Thamesmead – Graham Moore 0.4% (-0.7)
Faversham & Mid Kent – Gary Butler 0.3% (+0.3)
Harlow – Eddy Butler 0.3% (+0.3)
Kettering – Derek Hilling 0.3% (-1.7)
Monmouth – Stephen Morris 0.2% (+0.2)
Nuneaton – Steve Paxton 0.2% (+0.2)
Penistone & Stocksbridge – Colin Porter 1.1% (no change)
Rother Valley – Sharon Pilling 0.8% (+0.8)
Rotherham – Dean Walker 0.4% (+0.4)
Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough – Justin Saxton 0.4% (+0.4)
Sheffield Central – Elizabeth Breed 0.2% (+0.2)
Sheffield Hallam – Steve Clegg 0.3% (-0.8)
Sheffield Heeley – David Haslett 0.3% (+0.3)
Sheffield South East – Matthew Roberts 0.3% (+0.3)
Southend West – Jeremy Moss 0.4% (-0.9)
Stevenage – Charles Vickers 0.2% (-0.6)
Wentworth & Dearne – Alan England 0.7% (+0.7)
Weston-super-Mare – Clive Lavelle 0.6% (+0.1)

Liberty GB – 3 candidates
Birmingham Ladywood – Timothy Burton 0.6% (+0.6)
Lewisham West & Penge – George Whale 0.1% (+0.1)
Luton South – Paul Weston 0.4% (+0.4)

Stoke North – Craig Pond 0.9% (+0.9)

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