Update: EFP advance to second place in Preston

Mark Cotterill of the England First Party took second place in Ribbleton ward, Preston – the first time that a nationalist candidate has defeated the Tories in this ward.

Mark Cotterill, Chairman of the England First Party

Mark Cotterill, Chairman of the England First Party

Full result:

Lab 881 (66.1%)
EFP 293 (22.0%)
Con 158 (11.9%)

Previous EFP results in this ward were 15.5% in 2011 and 12.5% in 2010.

On what is already looking a bad night for nationalists across the country, this is a very encouraging result for Mark Cotterill and the England First Party.

Many thanks to everyone who supported Mark’s campaign.  So far it looks as though this is the best result for any English nationalist in this year’s elections, aside from the English Democrat slate in Doncaster where the EDs control the mayoralty, the usual ED stronghold of Rochford, and the defending councillor Seamus Dunne.

In Doncaster there are still no ED councillors, but four of their candidates this year polled over 25%.



John Hayter, Trinity ward, Rochford, 32.2%

Ron Penketh, Wheatley ward, Doncaster, 28.3%

Nigel Berry, Finningley, Doncaster, 26.0%

Mick Glynn, Hatfield ward, Doncaster, 26.0%

Thomas Broad, Rayleigh Central ward, Rochford, 25.3%

Barbara Hewitt, Bentley ward, Doncaster, 25.1%

Seamus Dunne, Ashridge ward, Three Rivers, 22.4%

Mark Cotterill, Ribbleton ward, Preston, 22.0%

Gaynor Bennett-Spencer, Ravensthorpe ward, Daventry, 20.0%

Keith Hewitt, Edenthorpe ward, Doncaster, 19.9%

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