EDL; not living up to its potential.

A quick scan through the interweb, and it’s easy to find lots of speculation- powered by Robinsons rhetoric- that the EDL are considering becoming a political party, even though they are this moment in time, a one trick pony.

Now this highlights a split in the EDL that isn’t being looked at by its supporters, and that split is this; most of the foot soldiers of the EDL are nationalists, they have a fundamental understanding that the problems facing England aren’t just about muslims or islam, it’s about endless immigration and its impact on so many areas of our lives. They take housing from our sons and daughters, school places, they chock up the NHS and get preferential treatment, and they have put an unbearable strain on the benefits system.

Your average EDL supporter is well versed in the downside to living with, or by, a large immigrant community, they see the councils unfairly passing money and resources into these bme communities, they see their friends and relatives out of work because the immigrants will work for less than the minimum wage, and the greedy, Tory bosses of these companies are allowed to get away with this by the political establishment turning a blind eye.

If this is the case- and there is more than enough proof to state it as a fact- then why aren’t the leadership of the EDL doing what their title suggests, and fighting for England?
EDL is a misnomer, because what the EDL is doing, has nothing to do with England or the English, it should have been named the anti-muslim league instead.
And the inclusion into the ranks by the EDL’s leadership of blacks, hindu’s, sikhs, Jews, and even a handful of muslims, proves the point that this is nothing to do with defending England, but introducing multiculturalism to nationalism!

This is what Tommy Robinson; or whatever his bloody name is; is doing with the EDL, he is forcing multiculturalism onto the masses, and there is a lot of those masses that don’t like it.

The EDL couldn’t become a political party anyway, that tag of being a one trick pony is very accurate, Ukip have never done anything; apart from go to gaol for fraud!- because they too are a one trick pony.

It is the supporters of the EDL, the lads and lasses up and down the country who spend their own money to travel all over and demonstrate, this is where the real power of the EDL lies, amogst its activists and believers, not with its puppet leaders and their civic nationalism.

There was a rumour that the EDL was going to
split, Robinson and Co becoming political, the northern branches gathering together to form a new street group, and to be honest, I hope this is what happens, because this will save the driving force of the EDL from extinction. Let the leaders bugger off and play politics, this country has need of a street army, and that’s exactly what it has in the EDL’s footsoldiers.

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