EDL Demo this Friday – 23rd April – 11am – Deepdale Retail Park, Preston

The English Defence League (EDL) are organising a demo outside KFC/Subway in Preston this Friday (St. George’s Day). All local Patriots are urged to attend. The letter below is from Gaz the Preston EDL leader:

“Friday 23rd April stop this animal cruelty say no to halal only shops.

Could everyone please try and attend the Boycott KFC demo for one hour this coming Friday – 23rd April.

If you didn’t know, KFC are trialing Islamic Halal meat only putting more British butchers out of work as Halal meat is forbidden to be handled by kaffa or infidel, that’s us non Muslims. Halal slaughter is also cruel to the animals and causes severe animal cruelty!

We will meet at grayfrier from 9-30am and will move up to KFC at 10-40am. Please draw up a simple sign or banner saying stop animal cruelty, Boycott KFC, or NO HALAL.

If you don’t turn up don’t complain about things if you’re forced to eat halal food and if you’re happy to let animal cruelty carry on in this way but I hope most of us are not and will turn up in numbers. We can’t hold a protest without you and now is the time for action. We have tried to talk to the top ppl at KFC with no joy.

So let’s say no to animal cruelty, no to halal food. We have the right of choice to eat halal or not. Don’t lose that right.

Hope as many as poss will turn up on the 23rd-11-am KFC Deepdale Retail Park.”

Please note this is NOT an England First Party demo – it is being organised by Preston EDL. However, all local EFP supporters are welcome to attend.
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