Death of democracy in Liverpool


Peter Tierney, National Front candidate for Mayor of Liverpool

The city of Liverpool will be electing its first ever directly elected Mayor on May 3rd, and among the twelve candidates are three from nationalist parties: Dr Paul Rimmer of the English Democrats, Peter Tierney of the National Front and Mike Whitby of the British National Party.  Both Dr Rimmer and Mr Tierney were BNP activists until 2010-2011.

Tomorrow night (Thursday 19th April) Liverpool University was due to host a debate between the candidates, but pro-IRA and “anti-fascist” elements in the city have succeeded in forcing the cancellation of the event.

Police and university authorities were concerned by the likelihood of violence outside the debate venue, the Sherrington lecture theatre on Ashton St.

This shameful capitulation to far left and Irish Republican extremism is a sad day for the voters of Liverpool.  It will doubtless be hailed as a victory by the pro-IRA forces in the city who were humiliated when a coalition of patriotic groups forced Republicans off the streets on 18th February.

Ironically none of the three nationalist candidates in the Mayoral election were involved in this anti-IRA counter-demonstration, so the anti-fascists have picked the wrong target!

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