Death of a Fighter – Martin Rojas RIP

Obituary by James Knight, Fairfax, Northern Virginia

I first met Martin Rojas at a semi-secretive anti-immigration meeting in the fall of 2015 outside of Washington D.C. With his Spanish last name (his father was a white Chilean and his mother an American) and the probing questions he was asking, I assumed he was a leftist reporter trying to dox people. I made it a point to keep my distance and was probably a bit rude to him. But Martin was persistent and kept questioning me about my articles (written under a pen name that I also used for my name tag). He finally won me over with his encyclopedic knowledge of pieces I had written years ago. It is always surprising when someone not only reads but remembers your writings. I opened up about a lot of my ideas on race and various figures in our movement. He asked me questions I had never been asked before and forced me to really think about my own ideas and how best to explain them.

Martin stayed in touch over the months that followed and we ended up having lunch several times. With our age difference, he could have been my son. A thought that only occurred to me after he died last week. But what I noticed then was he was asking the same types of questions I had asked over twenty years prior. What can whites do to push back against the anti-white society we live in? Why don’t more of us fight back? What messages will wake more of us up? How can we best contribute to the cause of white resistance?

A young man of about 22 or 23 at the time, he was just exiting a job at a Conservative Inc. type outfit in Washington D.C. Obviously, conservatism offered no answers. But what did? He was reading American Renaissance, VDARECounter Currents and several other outlets read by dissidents. He knew that there was resistance and wondered if he should get involved. I told him that not only should he get involved, but that it is only through young people like him that we have any chance at all.

Martin Rojas (above right) at a “Conservative Intern Workshop” run by the Leadership Institute in March 2015

He took my advice and started working for American Renaissance. Martin was both a “behind the scenes” guy and a good writer. Thanks in part to his efforts, American Renaissance continues to be perhaps the leading voice on the dissident right – certainly in regard to racial matters. But Martin also wrote hundreds of articles over the next seven years under a variety of pen names: Chris Roberts, Hubert Collins, Gilbert Cavanaugh, Benjamin Villaroel, Nathan Doyle and several others. Not only for American Renaissance but for Counter Currents, VDARE, Occidental Observer and many other publications.

The last time I saw Martin in person was in September 2017. He was disillusioned with the alt-right after the Charlottesville fiasco and was looking to take some time off and reassess things. We spoke much less after that. He spent about two years in Argentina and Chile (he was fluent in Spanish) before coming back to the US full time in 2019. Martin resumed his position with American Renaissance and helped rally a resurgent right with his writings, organizing, fund raising and networking. The dissident right in the US is now stronger and larger than it has ever been.

Though I never saw him again, Martin stayed in touch via email. He occasionally sought out articles and always complimented me when I published pieces. One thing I noticed is that he was never in one place for too long – often spending a few months here and there. He died in Atlanta though he also spent much time in West Virginia. He also would take brief sabbaticals from his job to work on side projects. One of these is what I believe is his best article – about the plight of poor whites in West Virginia for the Occidental Observer called “Grace and Grit in Southern West Virginia.” If you read this piece, you will get a good idea of the Martin Rojas I knew.

Martin grew up among working class whites in Minnesota and wrote movingly about the silent sufferings and despair of his people. Or should I say our people. Too many young whites are giving in to despair – often taking the form of drugs and suicide. Of course, no one in the elites will ever offer any help to whites as a group. White Americans have no nation, have mostly lost our religion and are forbidden to have any racial pride. Every single US institution is dedicated to hating white people and causing whites to hate themselves.

Martin Rojas died young but did so much to fight for our people. He had the blood of Europeans – the greatest people who have ever existed – in his veins. His work will live on through his writings and through the behind the scenes work he did to grow the dissident right. He will also live on in the memories of thousands of people whose lives he touched. Rest in peace, Martin.

H&D editor Mark Cotterill adds: I did not of course have the privilege of knowing Martin Rojas personally, since I have been excluded from the USA since 2002 when Martin would have been only nine years old. However, Martin was in touch with H&D earlier this year, offering to translate Spanish-language articles for us, including the work of our new contributor Isabel Peralta. We are shocked by Martin’s early death, but the extraordinary amount of work he packed into his short life should serve as an inspiration to our entire movement.

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