David Cameron’s no Eurosceptic

Wither the Tory faithful now? Or have they still yet not woken up?

GUARDIAN, 10 Nov 2009: If you’re worried the Conservative leader will be an anti-Europe prime minister, relax – nothing will change on his watch.

Who has been most disappointed by David Cameron’s decision to break his “cast-iron guarantee” that a Conservative government would offer a referendum on the Lisbon treaty? The Tory right? Eurosceptics more broadly? Other EU governments?

Hardly. All those groups have the measure of the Tory leader. The people he most confuses are the people he’s tried hardest to appeal to: you. Liberals, progressives, sincere pro-Europeans – you’re the people who now consistently fail to understand who and what Cameron is. Or rather, what he’s not.

For if Cameron’s a Eurosceptic, Euroscepticism’s a dead word. In truth, the Tory leader is a worthy successor to Conservatives like John Major and Douglas Hurd. And just like them, in office, if he has a majority with which to do it, the people he’ll be facing down will be Eurosceptics.

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