Cllr. John Gamble – Statement by England First Party Chairman Mark Cotterill

Cllr. John GambleRecent media reports have given a confusing account of the relationship between the England First Party and Cllr. John Gamble.

Cllr. Gamble was elected in the Brinsworth and Catcliffe ward, Rotherham, Yorkshire in May 2008. About a year later he telephoned the Preston office of the England First Party and said he was disillusioned with the BNP and wished to join the EFP.

He sent in a membership fee and made repeated suggestions that he would become active in the party, but never did so. In fact Cllr. Gamble has never met with any representatives of the England First Party. He did arrange to meet us three times – but failed to turn up all three times.

The EFP had no knowledge of his “resignation”, his alignment with the National Front, his departure from the National Front, and his “rejoining” the EFP until reading about it in the newspapers (The Sheffield Star online.)

I have issued a statement to The Sheffield Star which will be online shortly.

While we have nothing against Cllr. Gamble, the fact is that despite his various and contradictory public statements he has had no involvement with the EFP – and is no longer an EFP member.

EFP Chairman Mark Cotterill
Mark Cotterill
EFP Chairman

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