Christmas and Yuletide Greetings from H&D

Across Europe and the worldwide European diaspora, our readers are celebrating the Christmas season, whether or not they are practising Christians.

Long before the foundation of Christianity, our ancestors celebrated this time of year as the Winter Solstice – the darkest time of the year. From this point they knew that the days would gradually get longer and brighter: and they could be confident that the food that they had gathered and stored a few months earlier at harvest time would be sufficient to sustain their communities until the coming of spring.

It was natural for pre-Christians (especially in the colder regions of Europe) to celebrate this turning point of the year, and 25th December was eventually designated as the birthday of the Invincible Sun (Sol Invictus), following on from the week-long celebrations known as Saturnalia, either side of the Solstice.

In Germanic lands the Solstice was (and still is) celebrated as the Sonnenwende (just like its summer counterpart) with bonfires and traditional songs.

So it’s an appropriate time of year for Christians to celebrate a more metaphorical light in the darkness, the birth of Jesus.

For racial nationalists – whatever our religion – this time of year is celebrated as an affirmation of our faith that Europeans will prevail against even the most adverse circumstances. Despite all the cultural degradation and political oppression to which we are subjected by our treacherous leaders, we still have within us the blood of our ancestors.

And in whatever ways we work for our racial renaissance, we are confident of ultimate victory.

The Editor and Assistant Editor, would like to wish our subscribers and supporters all over the world, a very Merry Christmas and Yuletide and a happy and prosperous New Year. 

Christmas is a time when many of us can pause and reflect on the past year. We have the opportunity to step back from our normal everyday routine and spend time with family and friends, whom we may not normally see regularly.

However, Christmas can also be a difficult time for many. Loneliness and loss of a family member or close friend, can often be felt most deeply at this time of year, even by those lucky enough to be surrounded by family and friends.

At H&D Towers during this festive time of the year, we always take time out to remember all of the H&D subscribers who have passed on during the previous twelve months: sadly the numbers seem to be higher every year.

However, we also take time out to thank all the H&D Patrons and supporters, whose generous support throughout 2023 has kept us going for yet another year. Which was very much appreciated.

As we look at the cards on the mantle piece or sideboard and the decorations on the walls, and the presents under the Christmas Tree, and see the children’s excitement grow as each hour passes as they await the visit of Santa Claus, we should remember – whether we are Christians or not – that this is our Western heritage and culture, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Our Christian supporters will remind us that the first Christmas was a declaration of good news for everybody (with the birth of Jesus Christ) and that we should remember that the greatest gift we have been given was the hope of that first Christmas Day. If we nationalists have nothing else, at least we will always have that hope.

Let us see what 2024 brings, which will probably see a change of government in the UK, and maybe a change of fortunes for nationalists – we hope! But whatever happens, with your continued support, we will keep the hard-copy magazine going for as long as we can. 

With best wishes of the festive season,

Mark Cotterill, Editor-Publisher, Heritage and Destiny

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