Charlie Richardson – gangster linked to nationalist history

Charlie Richardson 2

This week the legendary South London gangster Charlie Richardson died at the age of 78, a few months after signing a book deal with publishers Century for a new autobiography.

It’s not clear whether this book was completed before his death, but if it was then it might shed further light on the relationship between London gangland and politics.

The Richardson gang had a long and violent rivalry with the East London Kray gang.  Partly for this reason, while the Krays and some of their allies had close links to London’s Jewish community and to various “anti-fascist” and pro-Jewish political interests, the Richardsons built up connections to the opposite wing of politics.

This involved supporters of Sir Oswald Mosley during the early 1960s, then South African intelligence agents during the mid-’60s, who involved Charlie Richardson in a plot to bug the phone of Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson and steal documents from 10 Downing Street.

Wilson had his own close ties to World Zionism and allied criminal gangs.

During the 1970s (while Richardson and his brother were in prison) members of their gang built up a new set of nationalist political links to members of John Kingsley Read’s National Party, a faction that broke away from the National Front at the start of 1976.

Ironically Sir Frederick Lawton – the judge who jailed the Richardsons in 1967 – had himself been a very important official of the British Union of Fascists during the 1930s, travelling to Germany with Mosley’s wife Diana to secure funding for the setting up of pro-Mosley radio stations.

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