Celebrating International Women’s Day

The Women’s Drum Corps of Mosley’s British Union.

International Women’s Day ought to be celebrated by all racial nationalists.

For a racial nationalist, every day ought to be women’s day: partly because of women’s role in creating and bringing up each new generation, as the very core of the race-community.

And also because women (whether or not themselves active in politics) should be the inspiration for any man who cares about his race and his culture.

Diana and Oswald Mosley with their baby son Max

Mosley’s prewar and postwar movements had many women activists, including his wife Diana whose political roles included editing the postwar journal The European.

And in the 21st century European women have been leading champions of our cause. They have often been targeted by the establishment because our enemies see women in our movement as especially dangerous. Monika Schaefer served nine months in prison in Munich before her deportation to Canada; Ursula Haverbeck has been repeatedly convicted and still faces a prison sentence aged 94; and our own correspondent Isabel Peralta is still on trial for political ‘crimes’ in Spain, having been banned from Germany.

Today – and every day – H&D salutes their commitment of these women and many others to the true European cause.

Monika Schaefer was jailed for nine months in 2018 and has recently produced a book about her awakening to historical truth and its consequences.
Ursula Haverbeck still defies the Federal Republic’s lie machine and faces further imprisonment aged 94.
H&D’s Isabel Peralta (seen here last month paying tribute to the heroes of the División Azul who volunteered to fight Bolshevism on the Eastern Front) is facing trial in Madrid where prosecutors seek a three year jail sentence.

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