Rather die than be called a racist?

EXAMINER.COM, 29 Dec 2009: On Christmas Day, accused Muslim terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was allowed to get on U.S. airliner which was headed for Detroit, without a passport or any luggage. He was allowed to do this, even though officials knew he had ties to al Qaeda, his own father had even reported him to U.S. authorities. Of course, the Nigerian tried to set off a bomb which fortunately failed to detonate.

The very next day, another Nigerian man on the same flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, caused panic on the plane because he acted strangely and refused to come out of the restroom for over an hour. He simply ignored the demands of the flight attendants.

Despite the concerns of the passengers and crew that the man may be another one of the terrorists that the U.S. government claims are on the way, and could be arming an explosive device–no one forcibly removed the man from the bathroom.

Why, in a post 9/11 world would we see such weak-kneed reactions? Could the virus known as political correctness be the culprit?

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This is England: Britain’s newest and fastest-growing protest group…

MAIL ON SUNDAY, 27 Dec 2009: On Platform One at Bolton station a mob of around 100 men punch the air in unison. The chant goes up: ‘Muslim bombers, off our streets, Muslim bombers off our streets…’

Their voices echo loudly and more men suddenly appear; startled passengers move aside. The group march forward waving St George Cross flags and holding up placards. The throng of men around me applaud. A train heading for Glasgow draws up on the opposite platform and the men turn as one, bursting into song: ‘Engelaand, Engelaand, Engelaand.’

Some of the men hide behind balaclavas, others wear black hoodies. A few speak on mobile phones, their hands pressed against their ears to block out the cacophony.

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‘British soldiers are going to hell’

With thanks to the National Front weekly e-news bulletin for first publicising this story.

DAILY EXPRESS, 1 Nov 2009: A RADICAL Muslim cleric has sparked outrage by claiming Britain’s war dead have been sent to hell.

Sheikh Anjem Choudary, the leader of Islam4UK, also dismissed the two world wars as having no purpose.

As the country prepares for Remembrance Day, the British-born former law student delivered a hate-filled rant insulting the memory of the millions who laid down their lives in the name of freedom.

He said: “We have a different understanding of wars.

“The wars which are fought for nationalism, tribalism and land, I feel, need to be condemned. When we fight, it’s to please God or to defend our honour, not land. We are not allowed to feel sorry for any non-Muslim nation.

“Those nationalistic wars served no purpose and we cannot praise any of those who were involved in them.

“Anything that happens to those non-Muslims is a punishment from God. As a Muslim I have to believe they died and went to hell fire.” His comments were attacked yesterday by ex-soldiers and veterans’ groups.

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Afghan war ‘controls immigration’

Phil Woolas makes a fool of himself. We don’t need to wage war to control immigration, we can control immigration with our sovereign political policy and stern actions at our own national borders.

BBC.co.uk, 4 Nov 2009: Removing troops from Afghanistan would “significantly increase” the number of asylum seekers coming to the UK, the immigration minister has said.

Phil Woolas told MPs one “benefit” of the Army’s presence in the country was “to help us control immigration”.

The comments come on the day that five UK troops were killed in Helmand.

The Conservatives said Mr Woolas’s remarks had been “pretty crass”, while the Liberal Democrats called them “tasteless and disrespectful”.

The UK’s stated primary aim for being in Afghanistan is to tackle the Taliban and help protect the UK from terrorism.

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Food for thought…

CHANNEL 4, 12Oct09: The Enemy Within (49mins).

An extremist ideology is sweeping across Europe. Fundamentalist terrorist groups are operating in London. They want to end the British way of life and a minority are prepared to bomb and kill to get what they want. But the year is 1892: Victorian England…

Watch the programme on Channel 4 OD [external link]

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Fifty years of the Liberalist Shame

Liberalist ShameFifty years of the Liberalist Shame which continues to destroy our race and nation, as Gordon Brown said on Monday 6th August 2007, “I am proud of our record.”


  • Our country has been turned into a moral cesspit
  • Our country’s manufacturing industry has been destroyed
  • Our country’s fishing industry has been annihilated
  • Our country’s farming industry is being decimated

Race riots, race ghettos, drug dealers, gun crime, have all been established under liberal regimes – including the Tories.

Drugs are freely available, and more and more of our youngsters are becoming hooked and their lives wasted as they descend into a life of addiction and crime.

Whites are under threat of becoming a minority in their own country within the next thirty years, and face virtual extinction in the next one hundred, thanks to the liberals.

Due to fifty years of uncontrolled third world immigration, millions of new homes are having to be built which will also add millions of pounds to the taxpayer-funded social security bill.

Suicide bombings, terrorist attacks and the future prospect of more terrorist atrocities have all been nurtured under the dogma of liberalism.

White people are being denied their history, their culture, and their traditions, thanks to the liberals and their belief in the new religion of multi-culturalism.

Liberals have spat in the face of those who have fought and died in the British armed forces to defend their homeland against invasion, by giving it away to millions of aliens, while our current generation of young men are being slaughtered in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If Gordon Brown is proud of this record then we believe he should be committed to an insane asylum together with all of those who support him and this evil and poisonous ideology that is Liberalism.

If the evil of Liberalism is allowed to continue its cancerous march across the body of our nation, it will awaken the terrible monster which is the sleeping giant of English Patriotism. And the Blairs and Browns of this world will be made to pay a terrible price for thei crimes against our race and nation.

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