Who are the real ‘terrorists’? H&D’s Peter Rushton investigates…

Red Action, the militant wing of British anti-fascism during the 1980s and 1990s, was openly allied to IRA terrorists

The day before this year’s Heritage and Destiny meeting, our European correspondent Isabel Peralta was again detained for more than four hours by border security at Manchester Airport, using Schedule 7 of the UK’s Terrorism Act. Her telephone and computer were seized and examined for two days by officers from the highly politicised Counter Terrorism Command (SO15, formerly Special Branch) who work closely with the British security service MI5.

This follows a similar procedure last year – another act of blatant political harassment. Needless to say no charges followed, because Isabel has committed no crime under UK law. It is not a crime in the UK to be a national socialist; it is not a crime to defend the honour of the División Azul (the brave Spanish volunteers who fought alongside the German Army in defence of Europe’s eastern frontier against Stalin’s barbarians); it is not a crime to dispute historical myths (however many well-funded lobby groups promote those myths); and it is not a crime to oppose the desecration of the grave of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, the great Spanish patriot and Falangist leader.

Yet the ‘anti-fascist’ Searchlight magazine has begun a campaign to pressure the Home Secretary, claiming that Border Force harassment of Isabel Peralta was insufficient! They are demanding that this brave and determined patriot – leading light of a new generation of Europeans who are unafraid to stand up for our civilisation – should be excluded from the UK!

And they have the chutzpah to compare Isabel to the waves of illegal immigrants who flood our borders daily, from every corner of the world, and who are wholly alien to European culture and traditions.

It’s time to ask: just who are these ‘anti-fascists’, and who are the real terrorists?

Who is the real terrorist? Isabel Peralta (above), who has never been convicted of any criminal offence; or the Jewish academic Professor Robert Misrahi (below) who planted a bomb in a servicemen’s club in London, then escaped to Paris, protected by Jews and ‘anti-fascists’. Despite many requests, London police have never acted to extradite Professor Misrahi.

Searchlight is proud to trace its origins from the militant gangs of Jews and communists who fought against Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists and National Socialists during the 1930s. This violent Jewish-communist alliance (including some of London’s most notorious gangsters) boasted that one of its regular tactics was to embed razor blades into potatoes and hurl them at British fascists, policemen, and police horses.

More precisely, Searchlight claims descent from the more secretive but equally violent postwar alliance of Zionist Jews and Communists known as the 43 Group, who carried out undercover infiltration of British nationalist groups, as well as burglaries and violent assaults.

One critically important but often overlooked fact is that the 43 Group’s ‘anti-fascist’ violence coincided with a campaign of bombings and assassinations directed by one of the world’s most brutal networks of terrorist killers – Jews who fought against the British Empire as well as against Arab civilians from 1945 to 1948, so as to establish what is now the state of Israel.

In fact the very name of the 43 Group – contrary to many lies told in books about anti-fascism – was derived from a celebrated case of 43 paramilitaries who were arrested by the British authorities in Palestine in October 1939, just weeks after the start of the war. In a cynical act of political opportunism, even after the British Empire had declared war on Adolf Hitler, Jewish paramilitaries were illegally training to fight their own war, if necessary against the British. Only intense political pressure saved these 43 Jews from a long jail sentence.

Boris Senior, a Jewish terrorist and later Israeli air force officer, worked with London’s ‘anti-fascist’ 43 Group members to plan the murder of a British General, Sir Evelyn Barker

After naming their group after these illegal Jewish trainee terrorists, many ‘anti-fascist’ 43 Group operatives went on to work with Zionist terror gangs who were explicitly targeting British servicemen and civilians. For example Samuel Landman – a crooked solicitor and former secretary to the first president of Israel, Chaim Weizmann – worked for the Irgun terrorist group (responsible for the bombing of the King David Hotel), supplying political intelligence from within the British establishment.

Landman’s children Deborah and David were both involved with the ‘anti-fascist’ 43 Group, and with Irgun terrorism. They were directly responsible for arranging a plot to murder General Sir Evelyn Barker, former commander of British forces in Palestine. These two 43 Group members (together with future Israeli President Ezer Weizman and a Jewish South African pilot, Boris Senior) made detailed plans to murder Sir Evelyn at his home – a plot they abandoned due to police surveillance.

Other victims of the Jewish terrorists were not so lucky. In May 1948 a young student, Rex Farran, was murdered by a parcel bomb at his family’s home near Wolverhampton. The bomb had been intended for his brother, an SAS war hero who had been too effective (from the Jews’ point of view) in postwar anti-terrorist operations in Palestine. The Jewish gang responsible for Farran’s murder were never apprehended.

Another member of the same gang planted a bomb inside a servicemen’s club near Trafalgar Square in March 1947. This ruthless terrorist escaped to Paris, where he was protected by fellow Jews and ‘anti-fascists’ including the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. The bomber is still alive, after spending an uninterrupted career in French academia – he is Professor Robert Misrahi, an active Zionist and ‘anti-fascist’.

The King David Hotel in Jerusalem, blown up by the Jewish terrorist Irgun in one of the world’s worst terrorist atrocities. An Irgun terrorist later worked with the anti-fascist 62 Group which created Searchlight, the organisation now campaigning against Isabel Peralta.

Misrahi and his fellow terrorists were never troubled by the British police despite having exploded bombs on British soil. One of their number even plotted to infect London’s water supply with cholera, using contacts among Jewish scientists at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Such are the terrorists from whom today’s ‘anti-fascists’ proudly trace their heritage.

Searchlight is directly descended from the intelligence arm of the 43 Group’s successor, the 62 Group, founded by Jews and communists in 1962 to mount violent attacks on British political movements led by Sir Oswald Mosley, Colin Jordan, John Tyndall, and John Bean.

Part of the 62 Group’s training came from an Israeli intelligence officer – Monica Medicks – who had direct experience of postwar Zionist terrorism, having volunteered soon after the Second World War to join the Irgun Zvai Leumi, the group responsible for many terrorist atrocities including the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in July 1946, killing 91 people.

Her husband Stanley Medicks (1925-2013) was a commander of Mahal (‘Volunteers from Abroad’) recruiting Jews from around the world to fight for the new Zionist state in 1948. Oddly, once this state was secured, Stanley and Monica Medicks chose not to stay in Palestine, instead moving first to Kenya (where Stanley Medicks had been born) then somewhat ironically fleeing from the anti-British, anti-White terrorism of the notorious Mau Mau and settling in London, where Stanley was on the surface a used car dealer, but both he and his wife worked in various roles for Israeli intelligence.

Monica Medicks – the anti-British terrorist turned Israeli intelligence officer and militant London ‘anti-fascist’ – went on to advise JACOB – the Jewish Aid Committee of Britain – which in the spring of 1966 circulated proposals within the Jewish community for a new, aggressive Jewish strategy. Metropolitan Police Special Branch monitored this new form of Jewish extremism, just as they had the 62 Group.

(above) Cyril Paskin, a London-based Jewish businessman and commander of the violent ‘anti-fascist’ 62 Group. (below) Paskin’s closest ally Gerald Ronson, himself convicted for both political violence and fraud, but now a respectable Jewish lobbyist, seen here with then Prime Minister David Cameron

Eventually JACOB evolved into today’s very respectable ‘Community Security Trust’, a Jewish lobby group that works closely with the British police and security services. CST’s founding chairman, Gerald Ronson, is now friendly with British aristocrats and royalty, despite having been a 62 Group thug, and having been convicted for a violent assault on one of Sir Oswald Mosley’s followers. Ronson was a close friend and ally of the 62 Group’s intelligence officer, former Communist Party candidate Gerry Gable, who is now the editor and publisher of Searchlight, leading the campaign to paint Isabel Peralta as a criminal.

While Isabel Peralta has no criminal convictions, Ronson and Gable have several criminal convictions between them. In addition to his conviction for politically motivated violence, Ronson served several years in prison for his leading role in one of the City of London’s most notorious fraud cases, while Gable was convicted alongside two fellow ‘anti-fascists’ for illegally entering the home of the British historian David Irving, with the objective of stealing documents.

A rogues’ gallery of criminal ‘anti-fascists’ in Manchester: (left to right) Red Action activist Denis Clifford; IRA-linked gangster Paddy Logan, shot dead in 1999; ‘anti-fascist’ and gangland assassin Dessie Noonan, stabbed to death in 2005; and Searchlight’s Manchester boss Steve Tilzey.

In later years, Searchlight developed close ties to other offshoots of extremely violent anti-fascism, notably ‘Anti-Fascist Action’. Searchlight‘s main northern operative – Steve Tilzey – was imprisoned for his part in kidnapping a young National Front activist. Passing sentence the judge told Tilzey and his fellow conspirators, who included leading figures in the Trotskyist ‘Socialist Workers Party’: “the weapons you took with you are quite dreadful, capable of inflicting the most serious injuries and of killing in many cases.”

One of Tilzey’s right-hand men in Manchester anti-fascism was a notorious gangland assassin: Dessie Noonan, who was later murdered by a fellow drug dealer.

Yet more serious violence was carried out by another of Searchlight‘s allies in Anti-Fascist Action, one of its leading London militants, Patrick Hayes, who was given a 30-year jail sentence for planting an IRA bomb outside Harrods, the famous store in central London. Another of Hayes’s fellow ‘anti-fascists’ – Liam Heffernan – was jailed for 23 years for stealing explosives on behalf of another Irish terrorist group, the INLA.

Leading London ‘anti-fascist’ Patrick Hayes was given a 30-year prison sentence for IRA terrorism

Throughout this period, Britain’s most militant ‘anti-fascists’ were often also involved with Irish terrorism, just as their predecessors had been active in Jewish terrorism against British targets.

Probably the worst crime committed by ‘anti-fascists’ working with the IRA was the Warrington bombing in 1993 which killed 12-year-old Tim Parry and 3-year-old Johnathan Ball.

Yet after these decades of association with some of the worst thuggery and brutality in British political history, ‘anti-fascists’ dare to campaign against a young woman whose only ‘crime’ is to express political and historical views that they disagree with.

We have this message for ‘anti-fascist’ bullies and their financial backers: Heritage and Destiny will support our brave comrade Isabel Peralta at whatever level necessary to defeat your campaign of intimidation. Whenever you lie about Isabel to induce British ‘anti-terrorist’ police to harass her, we shall respond with the truth about your own terrorist friends and connections going back many decades.

We are confident that no police force, no sinister security agency, and no financial string-pulling will defeat the truth.

The true Europe represented by Isabel Peralta will defeat the alien-imposed anti-European order of lies and chicanery.

The logo of ‘Anti-Fascist Action’ openly promoted political violence
Isabel Peralta (above left) with H&D’s assistant editor Peter Rushton at the Preston meeting on 9th September, which ‘anti-fascist’ militants tried and failed to prevent. Now they try to label us as terrorists, but we know that truth and European civilisation will never be defeated by lies!

IRA scum off our streets!

Editor’s note: The following is a report from one of our Scottish subscribers who attended the Loyalist counter-demonstration in Glasgow city centre on Sunday 23rd July.

A number of H&D subscribers were amongst a crowd of several hundred Scottish Loyalists and British Patriots who were counter-demonstrating against a pro-IRA march through Glasgow city centre on Sunday.

Around 300 hundred Irish Republicans and their supporters – including a number of SNP and Labour party members – marched through the centre of Glasgow to commemorate the 42nd anniversary of the Maze Prison hunger strikes of 1981, where ten IRA/INLA criminals starved themselves to death.

Police arrested five people altogether, including three from our side, who have been charged in connection with public order offences during the march.

The march, which was organised by the extreme left-wing Cairde na hÉireann (Friends of Ireland) group started at 2pm on Wishart Street, near the Necropolis, and was met by staunch Loyalist opposition right from the start.

A poster advertising the pro-IRA event

Cairde na hÉireann was formed as a split from the West of Scotland Band Alliance (WoSBA) in 2004. The WoSBA supported dissident Republican groups like the Real IRA/ 32 County Sovereignty Movement, while Cairde na hÉireann stayed ‘loyal‘ to IRA/Sinn Féin. Their aim is a “32 County Socialist and a Republican United Ireland”

A statement on the group’s website about the events on Sunday read: – “Today, Cairde na hÉireann members and supporters gathered to hold our annual commemoration march to mark the 42nd anniversary of the 1981 Hunger Strike. The heroic sacrifice of the 10 H-Block Martyrs remains an inspiration to the Irish diaspora across the world and is marked accordingly wherever Irish people and their multi-generational descendents gather. Despite Police Scotland deploying an extraordinary number of personnel, several loyalists, football hooligans and neo-Nazis were allowed to throw bottles and other missiles, spit at and abuse marchers, and attempt at various times to have the commemoration stopped. In this last endeavour, they failed.
Republicans will continue to commemorate our dead and generation-defining events such as the Hunger Strike and no amount of abuse, threats or violence will deter us.
Cairde na hÉireann thank everyone who attended today, particularly for their dignified restraint under severe provocation.”

The march met further Loyalist resistance as it headed along John Knox Street onto Duke Street and down High Street before turning into Ingram Street in the Merchant City.

As the Republican march went towards Queen Street and George Square Loyalist counter-demonstrators were kettled in outside a pub by Police Scotland. Then onto St Vincent Street where another group of Loyalists were waiting for them.

Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland, Divisional Commander for Greater Glasgow, who allowed the pro-IRA march to take place said: “Five people have been arrested and charged in connection with public order offences following a planned procession, and counter-protest, in Glasgow City Centre on Sunday, 23 July 2023. “They are expected to appear at court at a later date and reports will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal. “Officers acted swiftly to prevent escalation and disperse those intent on causing significant disruption to the public in the George Square and St Vincent Street areas.”

H&D salutes all those Loyalists who attended the counter-demonstrators in Glasgow on Sunday. The IRA and their left-wing supporters must be opposed every time they venture onto the King’s Highway. No Surrender!

The truth at last! How British codebreakers fought Jewish terror

Britain’s famous codebreaking centre at Bletchley Park: equivalent efforts against Jewish terrorist codes were until now far less well known

In the latest of a series of stunning developments at the UK National Archives, H&D‘s Peter Rushton last week became the first person outside the British intelligence and security services to view documents that had been Top Secret for 75 years.

These files record successful efforts by British codebreakers in the 1940s to crack codes used by Zionist organisations which were fighting a brutal war of terrorism and subversion against the British Mandate in Palestine.

They show close connections between Zionist Jews belonging to ostensibly rival, ‘moderate’ and ‘extremist’ factions, but in reality working together on major terrorist operations.

They shed light on bribery and blackmail used by Zionist gangs to undermine criminal investigations.

And they even offer some evidence of Jewish terrorists plotting ‘reprisal’ attacks in the Middle East against German prisoners of war, eighteen months after the end of the Second World War.

The latest archival discoveries are part of a continuing fight for real history. That war for historical truth continues: click here to read its latest episode, Peter Rushton’s ‘Illicit Signals Palestine – The Ispal Codes’.

Sir Gyles Isham – baronet, actor, historian, and head of Britain’s intelligence war in Jerusalem against Zionist terror

The day Thatcher got it right!

Fr Patrick Ryan with fellow IRA godfather Gerry Adams

One highlight of Irish National Archives releases publicised this morning involves Mrs Thatcher’s fury at Belgian PM Wilfried Martens, after the Belgians had refused to extradite the notorious IRA priest Fr Patrick Ryan.

The documents relate to events following Ryan’s arrest in 1988 by Belgian police who found a large quantity of cash and bomb-making equipment in his home.

In a repeat of events more than forty years earlier, when French and Belgian authorities took a similarly soft line with Jewish terrorists involved in anti-British atrocities, the Belgians refused to extradite the terrorist priest to London.

Mrs Thatcher was understandably furious, and the official documents released today record her reaction. Martens went on to be the elder statesman of European conservatism, and the whole affair sheds a cynical light on claims that cooperation with Europe is important on ‘security’ grounds.

It’s a sign of our times that today’s report of this in the Daily Mail omits to mention Fr Ryan’s recent gleeful confession to the BBC that Thatcher was “100%” correct to see him as a key player in atrocities such as the Brighton bomb, the IRA’s Libya connection, etc. He boasted of having been personally responsible for devising a foolproof bomb timer, based on a commercially available mini-alarm.

Video Report: Forgotten British Heroes remembered at London events

Scarcely a day goes by without some media commemoration of recent British military history, by which Britons are asked to remember the carnage of the First World War trenches, the nightmare of Japanese POW camps, or more recent heroism of the wounded left on Afghanistan’s plains.
One military campaign is excluded from this roll of honour, erased from the history books. This was Britain’s first “war on terror” in the Middle East from 1945 to 1948, where our terrorist enemies were the three paramilitary arms of Zionist Jewry – Haganah, Irgun and the Stern Gang.

The brunt of this offensive was borne in Palestine by British conscripts, many too young to have served in the Second World War that had just ended, others veterans of that European conflict where they had fought to protect the very Jews whose bullets and bombs were now aimed at them. Palestine had been ruled by British Mandate authorities since the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War some thirty years earlier.
But during the last two years before the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, Zionism’s terrorist godfathers had extended their war to the streets of London. In April 1947 a huge bomb was left inside the Colonial Office in Whitehall. It failed due to a faulty timer: had it exploded the bomb would have caused devastation in central London on a similar scale to the Irgun’s bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, where almost a hundred were killed and many more injured.

In March 1947 another member of the same Stern Gang unit succeeded in bombing a central London target. His commander proudly boasted of striking at the heart of the British Empire and even recent Jewish authors have described the target as “a gentlemen’s club …frequented by the staff of the Colonial Office.” It was nothing of the kind. The British Colonies Club, located at the corner of Trafalgar Square adjacent to the Church of St Martin in the Fields, was a welfare facility for colonial servicemen, many of them non-white. It was here that a young French Jew packed the shoulders of his overcoat with gelignite before making his escape: the resulting explosion wrecked the club, blew out the church windows and left several injuries.

On Saturday 1st August a group of British nationalists including H&D‘s assistant editor Peter Rushton, film maker Lady Michèle Renouf, and London Forum organiser Jez Turner laid a wreath at the Trafalgar Square site. A large crowed of tourists and passers-by watched in respectful silence, as some forty British Nationalists and patriots participated in the moving ceremony organised by a committee including former NF national organiser Martin Webster and former BNP national organiser Richard Edmonds, now back with the NF. Afterwards they were among the speakers at a well-attended meeting in a Kensington hotel.

Forgotten British Heroes Campaign – 1st August 2015


On Saturday 1st August a newly-formed group ‘Forgotten British Heroes Campaign’, will hold a wreath-laying ceremony near Trafalgar Square, London, in remembrance of Jewish terrorist attacks on British servicemen, Crown servants and civilians in the late 1940s.

The wreath-laying ceremony will take place at the site of the British Colonies Club, which was bombed by members of the Irgun terrorist group on 7th March 1947. The building was partly demolished and numerous people were injured and maimed.

The wreath-laying, followed by a short public meeting at the site, will commence at about 4.00 pm

A private meeting will take place on Saturday evening, including the showing of a film by Lady Michèle Renouf with interviews of former British servicemen who fought Jewish terrorism in Palestine, 1945-48.

The evening meeting will be chaired by Jez Turner of the London Forum, a veteran of the Royal Corps of Signals. Other speakers will include H&D assistant editor Peter Rushton; Richard Edmonds; and Martin Webster.

The ceremony will also commemorate:

• the two 20 year old British Army sergeants, Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin, who were kidnapped in Palestine by Menachem Begin, head of the Irgun terrorists, and then on 31st July 1947 were hanged with piano wire in the eucalyptus groves at Netanya. Their bodies were booby-trapped in the hope of killing those who came to cut the bodies down;

• the 100 British Army personnel, Crown servants and civilians who were murdered by means of a huge bomb planted by the Irgun in the basement of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, on 22nd July 1946;

• the murder by parcel-bomb in May 1948, in Britain, of Rex Farran, brother of Captain Roy Farran DSO, MC — an SAS anti-terrorism specialist. Rex opened the parcel addressed to “R. Farran” at the Farran family home;

• the murder of Walter Edward Guinness (Baron Moyne) DSO, & Bar, Secretary of State for the Colonies, and his British Army driver, Corporal Fuller, on 6th November 1944. The hand-gun assassinations were carried out in Cairo by the Lehi Zionist terrorist group (a.k.a. “the Stern Gang”);

• the massacre of Arab civilian villagers at Deir Yassin, Palestine, in a combined operation by the Irgun and the Lehi on 10th April 1948.

On the day of this commemoration the Israeli Ambassador in London, Daniel Taub, will receive a letter from the Campaign recollecting the details of the above and other Zionist atrocities which continue until this day, and demanding, among other things, that Israel pay compensation to the victims of Zionist terrorism and their families, build a ‘Museum of Zionist Terrorism’ in Jerusalem and institute courses about Zionist terrorism in Israel’s schools as a warning to future generations.

The letter is signed by Martin Webster, Richard Edmonds, Jeremy Turner, Lady Michèle Renouf, and Peter Rushton.

Copies of the text of the letter will be sent on request.

Further information may be had from Martin Webster: email forgottenbritishheroes@inbox.com

The Terror Network

Robert Briscoe (right), chief terrorist networker for the IRA and the Zionist murder gang Irgun, marching on St Patrick’s Day 1962 with the notoriously corrupt Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley.

We all have different ways of celebrating Easter.  For J.J. Goldberg, a columnist for the long-established New York newspaper Jewish Daily Forward, this time of the year is Passover, which he describes as “the season of our [i.e. Jewish] deliverance”.

For Passover this year Mr Goldberg devotes his column to a celebration of the two bloodiest anti-British terrorist campaigns of the 20th century: the IRA murderers who targeted British civilians in a decades-long bombing campaign that killed children such as 3 year old Johnathan Ball and 12 year old Tim Parry; and their Zionist allies in the Irgun and Stern Gang, responsible for an even bloodier campaign against British servicemen and Arab civilians during the 1940s.

Yes – you read that correctly.  The IRA were close allies of the Zionist terror groups, a fact which has been obscured in recent years, when Palestinians naively believe that Sinn Fein / IRA are on their side, while some Ulster Loyalists feel an equally misguided affinity with Zionism (partly because of the pernicious Protestant heresy of Christian Zionism).

Johnathan Ball and Tim Parry, victims of the IRA bomb in Warrington, 1993

J.J. Goldberg knows the truth: and for once he not only admits it, but proudly proclaims it in the pages of America’s leading Jewish publication.

After celebrating the IRA’s Easter Rising of 1916, and urging his Jewish readers to “raise a glass (or four)” to the brave IRA “martyrs”, Goldberg writes:
Irish Republicans and Labor Zionists shared arms caches and safe houses in Belfast in the 1930s. In 1938 the Zionist militant leader Vladimir Jabotinsky came to Dublin to study anti-British guerrilla tactics with Robert Briscoe, the veteran Jewish IRA commander and future Dublin mayor. Briscoe later went to New York to raise money and support among Irish-Americans for Jabotinsky’s Irgun. Yitzhak Shamir, heading the pre-state Freedom Fighters of Israel, better known as the Stern Gang, took the code name “Michael” to honor Irish revolutionary Michael Collins.

Stern Gang killer Yitzhak Shamir took the alias “Michael Collins” in tribute to the IRA commander. Shamir later became Prime Minister of Israel.

At Heritage and Destiny we know all about Mr Briscoe and the criminal networks which he and others employed to raise cash and arms for both Irish and Zionist terrorists.  Heritage and Destiny subscribers will find out much more about this story later this year.

Briscoe died in 1969, but his son Ben Briscoe carried on the family’s tradition as a member of the Irish Parliament for Fianna Fail.

One of Briscoe’s fellow conspirators in Irgun terrorism, Benzion Netanyahu, died as recently as April last year aged 102. His son Benjamin Netanyahu is now Prime Minister of Israel.

Irgun terror boss Benzion Netanyahu (left) with his son Benjamin, Prime Minister of Israel.

Nelson Mandela proven to be a Communist Party member

After years of lies in which liberal opinion across the world elevated him to sainthood, the terrorist leader Nelson Mandela has been exposed as a member of the Communist Party whose movement – the African National Congress (ANC) – took bomb making lessons from the IRA and was trained in interrogation techniques by the infamous East German Stasi.

A new book by the British historian Prof. Stephen Ellis (former editor of the respected newsletter Africa Confidential) has established the truth by examining previously secret minutes from the South African Communist Party (SACP).  At his trial in 1963, it was alleged that Mandela was a Communist Party member as well as leader of the ANC’s terrorist wing Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation). Mandela denied this at the trial, and his denials have since been echoed by ANC apologists worldwide.

As Prof. Ellis explains:
“I think most people who supported the anti-apartheid movement just didn’t want to know that much about his background. Apartheid was seen as a moral issue and that was that. But if real proof had been produced at the time, some might have thought differently.”

The new book External Mission: The ANC in Exile was launched last week at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, and can be purchased here.

Prof. Ellis’s startling revelations were reported in the Sunday Telegraph on 9th December.

Now that Mandela’s Communist and IRA links have been proved by the most serious scholarly analysis of the ANC’s history, we can see the truth of the observation by the late Dr Frederik van Zyl Slabbert, who wrote:
“one thing the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ South Africa have in common is a passion for inventing history.  History is not seen as a dispassionate inquiry into what happened, but rather as a part of political mobilisation promoting some form of collective self-interest.”

Who knows what further political myths could be shattered by a dispassionate inquiry into real history?

Such an inquiry might begin by looking at the background of the South African Communist Party leaders who recruited and promoted Mandela.  As the Jewish Journal commented last year:
“Jews were disproportionately found on the front lines of the internal resistance movement.”

These included a series of Communist Party leaders commemorated in this special issue of postage stamps, including Hymie and Esther Barsel, Rusty and Hilda Bernstein, Ruth First and Joe Slovo, who headed both the ANC’s terrorist wing and the Communist Party itself.

Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela and Communist leader Joe Slovo

Pro-IRA demonstration stopped in its tracks!

On 18th February a combined force of patriotic counter-demonstrators physically prevented a pro-IRA march through the centre of Liverpool: the first time that pro-Republican terrorist sympathisers have been defeated on the streets of Merseyside.

anti-IRA demo

The march had been organised by the Friends of Ireland (Cairde nahÉireann), a group that is strongly linked to Sinn Fein / IRA, and was officially dedicated to Sean Phelan, a Liverpool born IRA terrorist who was killed by the British Army while ambushing a train at Upton, near Cork, in 1921.

The Republican Flute Bands taking part included several directly inspired by notorious terrorists such as:

  • the Volunteer Billy Reid Republican Flute Band, named after Belfast IRA gunman Billy Reid, who in 1971 murdered Robert Curtis, the first killing of a serving British soldier in Ulster since the 1920s.  Reid himself was shot dead by the British Army three months later while attempting another terrorist ambush.
  • James Connolly 1st Republican Flute Band, named after Edinburgh-born James Connolly, who commanded the IRA’s Dublin Brigade during the Easter Rising of 24th April 1916, resulting in almost 500 deaths.  Connolly was executed by firing squad after the Rising failed.
  • Volunteer Martin ‘Doco’ Doherty Republican Flute Band, named after IRA bomber Martin Doherty, shot dead in Dublin in 1994 by members of the UVF who carried out a daring attack on an IRA fundraising event.  Doherty’s family have recently joined senior IRA commanders in seeking to prevent rival IRA splinter groups from using his name.
  • Volunteer Sean McIlvenná Republican Flute Band, named after Belfast terrorist Sean McIlvenná, who was shot dead by the Royal Ulster Constabulary in December 1984 while carrying out a landmine attack on an Army patrol.

A Sinn Fein member of the Irish Parliament, Sandra McLellan, had been invited as guest of honour to this celebration of Liverpool’s role in IRA terrorism – just a few miles away from the town of Warrington, where IRA bomber murdered two nine-year-old boys, Johnathan Ball and Tim Parry, in 1993.

Counter-demonstrators mobilised in the centre of Liverpool from a number of patriotic groups: Combined Ex-Forces; ex-servicemen mainly from the King’s Regiment, including Mike Mosley; British People’s Party, including Kevin Watmough; England First Party, including party chairman and Heritage and Destiny editor Mark Cotterill; Infidels of Britain, including their leader John ‘Snowy’ Shaw; members of the BNP Veterans group, including Pete Molloy; and Highfield Loyalists, from Liverpool.

The result was a comprehensivc defeat for the IRA’s fellow travellers, as recorded in their own words below:

“Just back from Liverpool Irish Patriots RFB Vol. Sean Phelan march in Kirkdale, Liverpool. A bad day for Republicanism and anti Fascism as the fascists and loyalists mobilised and were in big enough numbers and militant enough mood to stop the LIPRFB and 6 Scottish RFBs and followers getting anywhere near Liverpool City Centre. Stopped after a few hundred metres on Vauxhall Road. While bands of fascists roamed across Liverpool where were the Liverpool anti fascists?
“…this is the first time fascists/loyalists have stopped Irish Republicans marching in Liverpool- they will be emboldened and confident of stopping all republican and socialist marches in future in this city.”

Another pro-IRA website commented:

“On Saturday, a mob of between 150-250 fascists ran free on the streets of Liverpool. As well as hounding a tiny demonstration against police brutality out of Derby Square, they were able to turn an Irish Republican march way from the City Centre. Saturday was a definite win for the far-right and underlines the need for a serious re-evaluation of anti-fascist organisation.
…It was infuriating to concede the streets to the fascists, and a decision that will only see them grow in confidence for future actions, but we were essentially left with no choice in the name of safety. …The events on Saturday were in turns grim and frustrating, as well as frightening for those new to this kind of activity.”

There’s not a lot we can add to that!  Except to thank all those who turned out in response to our appeal on this website and elsewhere, to defeat militant pro-IRA demonstrators on the streets of a city that they naively believed they controlled!

Congratulations to the combined forces of British patriotism – a long overdue victory!

Oppose the IRA – Liverpool – Saturday 18th February 12 noon

ira_provo_march_1IRA/Sinn Fein supporters are holding a march through Liverpool on Saturday 18th February. They are marching from Kirkdale to the city centre on Saturday lunchtime.

So far they have 7 or 8 Republican bands, including: Vol. Billy Reid RFB, Coatbridge RFB, Irish Republican Martyrs FB, James Connolly 1st RFB, Vol. Martin Doco Doherty RFB, Liverpool Irish Patriots RFB, Vol.Sean McIlvenna RFB. We understand there will be speakers from a number of left-wing/Marxist groups, with the main speaker being Sandra McLellan (Sinn Fein TD from Cork East) – who will be reading the “Liverpool Republican Roll of Honour” – we kid you not!

The march is being organised by Cairde Na hEireann Liverpool – Failte Romhait – a left-wing republican group and is being supported by Liverpool Labour party and a number of other far-left groups.

All north west/ Lancashire based English Patriots and Loyalists are asked to support the counter demonstration – organised by Liverpool Loyalists – in the city centre this Saturday, at 12 noon. Bring Union, St George and Ulster flags. Let’s show these left-wing scum that they are not welcome on the streets of England, and that there are plenty of us who are prepared to stand up to them.

jonathan_ball_tim_parry_warringtonRemember the IRA bombs in the nearby Cheshire town of Warrington, which sits next to the River Mersey. In 1993 they killed two little English boys – Johnathan Ball and Tim Parry. We won’t forgive and we won’t forget.

No Surrender – Smash the IRA

If you wish to join us on the counter demonstration please call the England First office – 07833 677484 – for full details; or e-mail us at –englandfirstparty@yahoo.com

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