Rather die than be called a racist?

EXAMINER.COM, 29 Dec 2009: On Christmas Day, accused Muslim terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was allowed to get on U.S. airliner which was headed for Detroit, without a passport or any luggage. He was allowed to do this, even though officials knew he had ties to al Qaeda, his own father had even reported him to U.S. authorities. Of course, the Nigerian tried to set off a bomb which fortunately failed to detonate.

The very next day, another Nigerian man on the same flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, caused panic on the plane because he acted strangely and refused to come out of the restroom for over an hour. He simply ignored the demands of the flight attendants.

Despite the concerns of the passengers and crew that the man may be another one of the terrorists that the U.S. government claims are on the way, and could be arming an explosive device–no one forcibly removed the man from the bathroom.

Why, in a post 9/11 world would we see such weak-kneed reactions? Could the virus known as political correctness be the culprit?

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