Tony Hancock RIP

Tony Hancock – a key figure in British nationalism for decades – died yesterday afternoon in hospital near his Sussex home.  He had suffered a stroke a few weeks ago and though he had seemed to be recovering, suffered a more severe stroke yesterday.

Nationalists from many different groups and generations had come to rely on Tony, who fearlessly printed material that radically challenged the stranglehold of the British political establishment, and also assisted European nationalists from countries whose laws are even more oppressive than our own.

Together with his father Alan, a veteran of Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union, Tony was a member of the Racial Preservation Society, which merged into the National Front in 1967.  In 1976 he joined the National Party, a briefly successful breakaway from the National Front, but both then and later he was always ready to assist fellow nationalists regardless of faction.

In the early 1980s Tony set up the Historical Review Press, which printed important works of revisionist history including The Hoax of the Twentieth Century by Prof. Arthur Butz and Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard Harwood.  This made him a frequent target for Jewish terrorists, who were twice responsible for arson attacks on his printing factory.

During recent years Tony produced many important historical reprints, including works by British nationalist pioneers Arnold Leese and Colin Jordan, and in fact the last time I saw him was at a recent meeting in Paddington where Steve Frost gave an illustrated lecture on Jordan’s life and thanked Tony for preserving his legacy.

Tony’s premature death will shock his many friends in nationalism, and leaves our movement bereft of an invaluable comrade.  A fuller tribute to Tony Hancock will appear in the next edition of Heritage and Destiny.

Nationalist Prisoners Aid


The Nationalist Prisoners’ Aid Association is a relatively new organisation set up to raise money for UK Nationalist prisoners and their families. It is independent of all political groups and will help all genuine Nationalist prisoners regardless of party alignment.

NPAA activists raised £375 at the ISD Memorial, which was split three ways – two prisoners received £131 each and the rest was put towards getting some badges made up (below), to be sold for a minimum £5 donation each.

We are looking for people to buy the badges, donate money and send us old Nationalist literature which can then be sold on to collectors, etc.


If anyone is interested in helping out, donating or buying the above badge, our contact address is:

Send well concealed cash or cheques and postal orders made payable to D. ETTRIDGE please.

The defeated Equality Bill contains Harmanesque poison

Harriet Harman sneeringDAILY TELEGRAPH, 26 Jan 2010: Last night the Government was defeated in three key votes on the Equality Bill. The Bill is not all bad. It consolidates into one Bill a lot of anti-discrimination law (some good, some not so good) that is at present scattered across several Acts, making it easier to read and understand.

However, there are within it some really nasty Harmanesque capsules of authoritarian poison, and a prime example of European judicial Imperialism. Last night it was the Churches who were to be the victims, but in a packed House things did not go the way of the Government.

Before the main clash between the Government and the largely religious lobby, the prominent homosexual Labour peer Lord Ali moved some amendments which posed some awkward questions for those of us who do not believe that the state should look into men’s heads and seek to criminalise their thoughts, rather than their actions. Fortunately in the face of the Government’s opposition he did not push his amendments to a vote, although he might do at a later stage.

Link to full article [external site]

Faith schools could be outlawed after Jewish test case, says Balls

EVENING STANDARD, 24 Oct 2009: Faith schools could be stripped of the right to select pupils on the basis of their religion, the Standard has learned.

The Government fears that a landmark court case means 100 state and private Jewish schools are breaking race laws by choosing pupils who conform to their beliefs. Many Christian, Muslim and Sikh schools could also be forced to give equal priority to non-believers or pupils of other faiths.

Lawyers acting for Children’s Secretary Ed Balls are urging the highest court in the land to protect the centuries-old tradition of schools educating children on religious lines. The minister’s warning comes in a submission to the Supreme Court in the case of JFS, a Jewish school in Brent, which is fighting to overturn a ruling that it broke the Race Relations Act.

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OFSTED replacing ethnic monitoring forms following complaint

CEP blog, 02Sep09: A month ago a concerned work colleague showed me a copy of an EY2 form issued by the English education standards office, OFSTED, which included an ethnic monitoring form.  The options included White British, White Irish, White Scottish and White Welsh.

Bearing in mind that OFSTED only operates in England, the exclusion of White English from the ethnic monitoring form is inexcusable and when White Scottish, White Irish and White Welsh are included, it is almost certainly illegal under the Race Relations Act.

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