Park Idyll or Holocaustian Idol?

NB: For unfathomable reasons, YouTube has suspended access to this video: this decision is presently under appeal. However courtesy of Nationalist Sentinel the video can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Park Idyll or Holocaustian Idol?


Britain’s political establishment plans to impose a ‘Holocaust memorial’ on Victoria Tower Gardens, a Royal Park adjacent to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Conservationists and local residents are objecting.

In a new YouTube video Richard Edmonds reports from Westminster on this controversy, and quotes Israeli author Miko Peled on the failure of Zionism and the oppression of Palestine – which is legitimated by ‘Holocaust memorials’ such as that proposed for this site.


UK Government cuts begin to bite – but £7bn overseas aid budget protected


As the new Government’s budget cuts threaten to add another million or two to the dole queues, and VAT increases consume more of the average household’s shrinking budget, one area of government spending remains sacrosanct.

Despite decades of notorious corruption, the U.K.’s £7 billion overseas aid budget is untouchable. A recent survey has shown that only 6% of British voters support the notion that this area of spending should be ringfenced, but that’s exactly what the politically correct Cameron-Clegg coalition is going to do.

43% of the voting public want immediate cuts in overseas aid – but that’s the last thing that the Westminster establishment is going to give them. Many political interest groups benefit from foreign aid spending, such as the £1.2 million given to the TUC to sponsor events such as ‘International Women’s Day’, featuring ‘Caribbean food and musical theme’ – as though England didn’t have enough ‘Caribbean culture’ already!

See last year’s Fake Aid report. (2MB PDF file)

Pay and expenses – Greedy MEPs on £450,000 a year

DAILY EXPRESS, 29 Jan 2010: Grasping Euro MPs will snatch even more money from hard-pressed British taxpayers after voting themselves a bonus which puts their pay and expenses package up to £450,000 a year.

MEPs want to feather their nest with an extra £1,300 a month, it emerged last night.

They claim the extra cash is needed because the controversial Lisbon Treaty has increased their workload. The extra money is supposed to pay for the hire of staff, though they already get a £15,000-a-month allowance for employees.

Some of the EU’s 785 MEPs, of which 72 are from the UK, can rake in more than £360,000 a year in expenses. The growing gravy train dwarfs the amounts claimed by Westminster MPs, whose milking of the Commons system has caused outrage in Britain.

Link to full article [external site]

Quentin Davies dismisses bell-tower expense row as ‘a joke’

GUARDIAN, 15 Dec 2009: The defence minister Quentin Davies today dismissed the furore over his expense claim for a bell-tower on his constituency home as “a joke”.

Davies said he had not done “anything remotely wrong” in submitting a £20,000 invoice for work to his roof, including repairs to the bell-tower, and insisted his work had not been affected “in the slightest degree”.

The Grantham and Stamford MP, who defected from the Tories, insisted that he had never intended to claim the full amount detailed on the invoice, only legitimate expenses for repairing his roof.

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Council condemned for failure to recoup cost of travellers’ sewage site

South Cambridgeshire District Council, which spent £13,000 installing sewage facilities at a travellers’ site, has been criticised for recovering just £500 from those who live there.

DAILY TELEGRAPH, 28Sep09: The council forked out £13,165 on a private sewage system for travellers at Smithy Fen in Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, in January 2008.

And despite site residents failing to repay the costs as required by law the only person investigated over the case was a councillor who criticised the move.

Bills for £355.83 were hand-delivered to 28 of the 37 plot-holders when the work was completed in October 2008. But almost two years later the council has received just £519 – or four per cent – of the total owed by travellers occupying the site.

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Outrage and hope in today’s England

A personal view from across the Pond., 23Sep09: The United States of America has many problems. Regardless of the party in the presidency, the government becomes more socialistic. Immigration is out of control and multiculturalism is dismantling traditional America. Plus, there’s the general all-around decadence of our society.

But it’s not just our country – such problems affect the Western world in general. Our fellow English-speaking countries have these same problems and politically speaking, have slid farther downhill than we have.

In England, significant restrictions have been put on free speech, gun rights have been taken away and the UK is losing its sovereignty to the European Union. Not only that, but mass immigration combined with multiculturalism is leading to the Islamization of Britain. Mohammed is now the third-most popular name for newborn baby boys in England, and the most popular in the city of London. The Muslim population is growing 10 times faster than the general population.

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OFT fines building industry £130m for public sector bid rigging

Companies including Kier Group, Galliford Try, Balfour Beatty and Carillion artificially inflated the bill for more than £200m worth of public sector construction work.

GUARDIAN, 22Sep09: Britain’s building industry has been fined £129.5m following an investigation into bid rigging that pushed up the cost of building schools, universities and hospitals.

The Office of Fair Trading is fining 103 construction firms for engaging in “illegal, anti-competitive, bid-rigging activities on 199 tenders from 2000 to 2006”. It believes the companies, which include several listed on the London stockmarket, artificially inflated the bill for more than £200m worth of public sector construction work.

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