Political prisoner Sam Melia barred from access to his children – a new low for British ‘justice’

Sam Melia, Yorkshire organiser of Patriotic Alternative, who is presently serving a two year prison sentence for the ‘crime’ of distributing anti-immigration stickers via Telegram, has now been told that he is no longer allowed contact with his children.

This decision has been made not by a court, but by the prison authorities at HMP Hull, in collaboration with bureaucrats from the National Probation Service. Sam was moved from Leeds prison to Hull two weeks ago.

As many H&D readers will know, Sam and his wife Laura Towler (deputy leader of PA) have a two-year-old daughter Catherine, and a month-old baby Violet.

There has never been any suggestion that the ‘crimes’ for which Sam was convicted have any connection to children in any way; nor has he ever even been charged with any offence relating to children. Even Sam’s worst enemies would concede that he has been a loyal and hard-working father.

But the prison and probation authorities have now decided – for entirely political reasons – to classify Sam as a Person Posing Risk to Children (PPRC).

Sam and Laura last October celebrating the first scans of their second daughter Violet. By the time Violet was born, Sam had already been imprisoned.

When asked the reasons for this wicked lie, the authorities admit they do “not state he poses a direct risk of serious harm to children, but by the child/ren being exposed to posters, insignia, literature and attitudes assessed as racist and offensive.”

Remember, this is a man who is in a prison cell in Hull, where quite obviously he has no access to “racist and offensive” material. Moreover, no reasonable person could imagine that a two-year-old child and a one-month-old baby could be influenced (for good or ill) by political material, whether “racist” or of any other kind.

But the authorities’ ukase bars Sam from being visited by his infant children; receiving phone calls or photographs from them; or even from receiving news about them from his wife (or from anyone else).

As Laura wrote yesterday on the PA website:
“These restrictions are complete overkill for a ‘criminal’ such as Sam and amount to nothing more than the political persecution of a loving father and husband. Sam is heartbroken at the prospect of not being able to see his children and although our newborn baby has no idea what’s going on, our toddler is confused as to why she’s no longer allowed to see or talk to her daddy.”

Due to having been identified as a ‘PPRC’, Sam will automatically be subjected to these appalling restrictions until an ‘assessment’ of his case is carried out by prison and probation bureaucrats. This process has now started, and to begin with Sam had to complete forms for each of his children, explaining why he believed he was entitled to be in contact with them.

As Laura points out, they now have to wait for the bureaucracy to grind out its judgment, which could take weeks or months. “This means that Sam will miss out on maintaining a strong relationship with our toddler, building a relationship with our newborn baby, and our children will miss out on seeing and speaking with their dad.”

Sam and Laura have been regular guests at H&D events. Here Laura (above right) shares the platform in Preston with (left to right) Dr Jim Lewthwaite, Keith Axon, Peter Rushton and Isabel Peralta.

H&D encourages our readers to contact HMP Hull, explaining why Sam Melia’s treatment is an outrage to all normal standards of justice and decency. Please use polite language despite the provocation!

The prison governor, Mr Shaun Mycroft, can be contacted either by email at candc.hull@justice.gov.uk or by post at the following address:
Complaints and Correspondence Hull
HMP Hull
Hedon Road

As with any correspondence referring to Sam Melia’s case, please quote his prison number: A3370FC.

Readers should also be aware that on 9th June, Sam will be celebrating his 35th birthday – behind bars, and now without access to his children (or even to news about his children).

Birthday cards can be sent to Sam at the following address:
Samuel Melia
HMP Hull 
Hedon Road

We would also encourage all readers who have not already done so, to sign the Free Sam Melia petition which is online here.

A weekend to celebrate!

Congratulations to Laura Towler and Sam Melia (respectively deputy leader and Yorkshire regional organiser of Patriotic Alternative) who this week welcomed baby daughter Violet – a sister for Catherine.

As most H&D readers will know, Sam is presently serving a prison sentence for the ‘crime’ of distributing political stickers. The situation is reminiscent of Sir Oswald and Lady Mosley in 1940, who were interned as political prisoners when their son Max was eleven weeks old.

We know that Laura and Sam are resolute and committed patriots who will not be deterred by these difficult circumstances.

This morning’s news of the latest addition to the Melia family adds to a weekend of celebrations.

And it’s appropriate to mark April 20th with this video of Sir John Eliot Gardiner, who is 81 today, conducting a motet by Anton Bruckner at last year’s Coronation of King Charles III.

Sir John’s father Rolf Gardiner was a prominent racial nationalist and pioneer of organic farming. He shared the ‘blood and soil’ ideology of the Third Reich’s agriculture minister Walther Darré.

In the latest edition of H&D, Isabel Peralta discusses the crucial relevance of ‘blood and soil’ in today’s Europe.

Rolf Gardiner, racial nationalist and advocate of ‘blood and soil’, at his wedding in 1932 to Marabel Hodgkin. The guard of honour is from the North Skelton sword dance group.

Sam Melia jailed for 2 years in shocking extension of race laws

Sam Melia – Yorkshire organiser of Patriotic Alternative and husband of PA’s deputy leader Laura Towler – has been jailed for two years this morning for organising a campaign of political stickers.

Yes, you read that correctly: two years imprisonment for distributing political stickers online.

Moreover, those with long experience of the UK’s infamous ‘race laws’ believed that Sam stood a good chance of acquittal, because by past standards the stickers were within the law.

The sad reality is that UK law is now being steadily tightened. Last month Vincent Reynouard was extradited to France, even though his “crimes” were no offence against UK laws. And now Sam has been imprisoned.

As comrades across the country know, Sam has for years been an exceptionally dedicated and selfless activist. The news is especially shocking because he and Laura are soon expecting their second child.

Although Sam will not now see that child’s birth and first months, he should know that his sacrifice will not be in vain.

Sam Melia is fighting for a better future not only for his own children but for all British children. When our victory is won, and they grow up in a Britain run by and for the British, Sam’s children will be proud of their father.

An appalling week for British ‘justice’

Abdul Shakoor Ezedi, prime suspect still sought by the Metropolitan Police

Police are still searching for the “asylum seeker” Abdul Shakoor Ezedi, suspected of a vicious attack on a 31-year-old woman and her two young children in London on Wednesday.

As has been widely reported, Ezedi arrived in the UK illegally from Afghanistan in 2016. Almost eight years later, he (like many other similar illegal immigrants) is still here.

In Ezedi’s case this is especially extraordinary because he was convicted in 2018 for a sexual assault. His ‘asylum’ application was twice refused, but granted on the third occasion after the intervention of a priest who testified that Ezedi had converted to Christianity and would therefore be subject to ‘persecution’ in his home country.

Yet we know learn there is some doubt as to whether Ezedi is even an Afghan. Records suggest that he was born in Iran, a country where Christians are not subject to ‘persecution’.

In any case, to everyone outside the almost uniformly ‘woke’ ranks of 21st century Christian priests, it is manifestly absurd to believe that a barbarian becomes British on conversion to Christianity, or that illegal immigrants should be granted a free pass to remain in the UK simply by claiming to be Christian.

Though one might have thought that an Afghan (or Iranian) with visible injuries to the side of his face would be quite conspicuous, Ezedi seems for the moment to have melted into the background of multiracial Britain. The attack for which he is prime suspect occurred on Wednesday, and it is now Saturday, with police still searching for him.

British authorities bent over backwards to assist Ezedi, despite his having entered the country illegally and having been convicted of a sexual assault.

Contrast his case with that of the French scholar Vincent Reynouard, who by a bitter irony was this week deported from Scotland to France to face trial and almost certain imprisonment for the ‘crime’ of writing books and publishing videos about Second World War history.

While a nationwide manhunt was underway for a barbarian who hurled caustic liquid in the face of a young woman and her children, armed police were taking Vincent from his prison cell (where he has been incarcerated since November 2022 despite committing no crime under UK law) and placing the handcuffed historian onto a plane to Paris.

Vincent Reynouard was extradited from Scotland to France, guarded by armed police: whereas convicted sex offender Ezedi was allowed to remain in the UK.

200 miles south of Edinburgh – roughly halfway between Vincent’s jail cell and the London street where Ezedi’s attack took place – another political ‘criminal’ awaits sentencing.

Sam Melia, Yorkshire organiser of Patriotic Alternative, has been convicted of the ‘crime’ of producing stickers warning Britons about the consequences of the multiracial society and urging his fellow countrymen to campaign against the policies of mass immigration that we never voted for.

While Ezedi was allowed to remain in the UK as an illegal immigrant for eight years, Vincent Reynouard was jailed and extradited. While Ezedi was spared jail after conviction for a sexual assault, Sam Melia is likely to be jailed (in our alleged ‘democracy’) for producing stickers that promote a political argument.

Such is the state of justice in multiracial, woke-addled Britain. As Enoch Powell said in his famous speech on 20th April 1968: Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

Sam Melia, seen here with his wife Laura Towler and their baby daughter, faces imprisonment for the ‘crime’ of producing stickers as part of a campaign against the transformation of his country by mass immigration.

Sam Melia convicted in latest abuse of UK race laws

Sam Melia with his wife Laura, who is presently expecting their second child

Yesterday afternoon Sam Melia, Yorkshire regional organiser of Patriotic Alternative, was convicted at Leeds Crown Court on two charges relating to racial nationalist stickers distributed via the Telegram social media platform. He will return to court for sentencing on 1st March.

One charge was under the UK’s notorious laws against “inciting racial hatred”, a concept which the courts now seem to interpret very widely. Legal sources have confirmed to H&D that the stickers for which Sam was convicted would not in the past have been expected to warrant prosecution.

The other charge was of “encouraging racially aggravated criminal damage”. This is again a cynical abuse of UK law by the authorities. Older readers will remember that similar ploys began to be used in the 1990s against the British National Party (then led by John Tyndall). BNP officials were in those days summonsed by local councils holding them responsible for removing stickers from public property such as lampposts and bus shelters, even though other stickers (including “anti-racist” political ones) are commonly displayed in such places.

As racial nationalists we shall need to consider our options very carefully in the light of the apparent determination of police and prosecutors to act as enforcers of an ever more restrictive political orthodoxy.

Sam’s wife Laura Towler (above right) at an H&D event with fellow speakers Dr Jim Lewthwaite, Keith Axon, Peter Rushton and Isabel Peralta.

For now, we are sure that all of our readers will join the H&D team in sending our best wishes to Sam and his wife Laura (PA’s deputy leader) who are presently expecting their second child.

H&D is not part of any political party or group, and we realise that while some readers are PA members, others have had (and continue to have) differences with PA.

Nevertheless, we are confident that all readers will recognise that the prosecution of Sam Melia is an attack not only on PA but on the rights of all British racial nationalists.

Now is not the time for factional debate. Now is the time for total solidarity with our comrades Sam and Laura.

PA have set up a fundraiser to allow the Melia family a holiday before what seems almost certain to be a custodial sentence.

Judge Tom Bayliss has already threatened Sam that “if you start making your views publicly on this [sic], it will not go well for you.” So we must make clear that the views we have posted about this trial on the H&D website or elsewhere are our own words, not Sam’s.

Another disturbing feature of the case (which is typical of several recent political cases) is that police and prosecutors have tried to imply that holding pro-fascist or national socialist political views, or having certain opinions about political history, is itself illegal.

It is not illegal in the UK to take a positive view of Sir Oswald Mosley or Adolf Hitler. It is not illegal in the UK to be a fascist or a national socialist. We note that the “experts” of the Crown Prosecution Service cannot even spell Mosley’s name, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by anything.

Congratulations to Sam and Laura!

Excellent news this afternoon from Laura Towler and Sam Melia, deputy leader and Yorkshire regional organiser of Patriotic Alternative.

They are expecting a baby, to join their daughter Catherine.

Laura wrote this afternoon:
We’ve been so happy since we first found out a couple of months ago. We feel so blessed to be able to welcome another child into our family and we can’t wait to see our daughter become a big sister.

Just over three weeks ago, Laura spoke at the H&D conference in Preston. In congratulating Sam and Laura on their wonderful news, the H&D team also extend our thanks to them for devoting so much time to the patriotic cause, in the midst of all the commitments of bringing up a young family.

They are ensuring that their children will grow up into a better Britain and a better Europe.

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