The English Defence League: will the flames of hatred spread?

As the English Defence League prepare for a protest in Manchester, who are the members of this fringe organisation?

DAILY TELEGRAPH, 10Oct09: Tommy, spokesman for the English Defence League (EDL), was adamant: there were to be no pictures of him or the other masked men holding the makeshift swastika flag before it was set alight. Otherwise, it might look as though they were supporting Nazism – which, we were assured, they abhorred.

It was both sinister and comic, this nocturnal gathering in a disused office block near the centre of Luton…

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Food for thought…

CHANNEL 4, 12Oct09: The Enemy Within (49mins).

An extremist ideology is sweeping across Europe. Fundamentalist terrorist groups are operating in London. They want to end the British way of life and a minority are prepared to bomb and kill to get what they want. But the year is 1892: Victorian England…

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Ethnic Tensions in the UK

A glaringly one-sided report, from the International Relations & Security Network, on the rise of protests against Muslim extremism across England.

ISN Security Watch, 2Oct09: Violent clashes between anti-Islamic demonstrators and groups of Muslim counter-protesters in English cities in recent weeks indicate that violent right extremism is on the rise in the UK.

The growing number of far-right activists target Muslim and immigrant groups more frequently, and the latter are increasingly willing to fight back. The extremist groups will likely pose a significant security threat in the UK in the near future, not due to their manpower, but to their tactics.

English Defence League (EDL) members have been deliberately trying to provoke a response from ethnic minorities in order to create wider violence and mayhem. Indeed, they have already announced more protests in London, Luton, Manchester and Leeds in the coming weeks.

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Fifty years of the Liberalist Shame

Liberalist ShameFifty years of the Liberalist Shame which continues to destroy our race and nation, as Gordon Brown said on Monday 6th August 2007, “I am proud of our record.”


  • Our country has been turned into a moral cesspit
  • Our country’s manufacturing industry has been destroyed
  • Our country’s fishing industry has been annihilated
  • Our country’s farming industry is being decimated

Race riots, race ghettos, drug dealers, gun crime, have all been established under liberal regimes – including the Tories.

Drugs are freely available, and more and more of our youngsters are becoming hooked and their lives wasted as they descend into a life of addiction and crime.

Whites are under threat of becoming a minority in their own country within the next thirty years, and face virtual extinction in the next one hundred, thanks to the liberals.

Due to fifty years of uncontrolled third world immigration, millions of new homes are having to be built which will also add millions of pounds to the taxpayer-funded social security bill.

Suicide bombings, terrorist attacks and the future prospect of more terrorist atrocities have all been nurtured under the dogma of liberalism.

White people are being denied their history, their culture, and their traditions, thanks to the liberals and their belief in the new religion of multi-culturalism.

Liberals have spat in the face of those who have fought and died in the British armed forces to defend their homeland against invasion, by giving it away to millions of aliens, while our current generation of young men are being slaughtered in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If Gordon Brown is proud of this record then we believe he should be committed to an insane asylum together with all of those who support him and this evil and poisonous ideology that is Liberalism.

If the evil of Liberalism is allowed to continue its cancerous march across the body of our nation, it will awaken the terrible monster which is the sleeping giant of English Patriotism. And the Blairs and Browns of this world will be made to pay a terrible price for thei crimes against our race and nation.

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