Murdered Lee Rigby: a sacrificial victim of treacherous governments

Tributes at Lee Rigby’s family home in Middleton, Lancashire


The brutal murder of Drummer Lee Rigby on 22nd May 2013 stands as a tragic indictment of successive British governments that have betrayed our people at home and abroad.

25 year old Drummer Rigby, of the 2nd battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, was originally from the Langley estate in Middleton, Lancashire, an area that has suffered more than most from the collapse of British manufacturing industry – and from the consequent spirals of depression, drug addiction and crime.

Lee Rigby rose above all of these local crises and aimed to serve his country: unfortunately his patriotism (as with so many other dedicated servicemen) was systematically abused by treacherous governments.

The prime suspects in Lee Rigby’s murder in broad daylight on the streets of London (film of which appeared online) are two Nigerians, one of them born in the UK, the other an immigrant.  Both had attended the University of Greenwich, and were converts from Christianity to Islam.  One of the suspects, Michael Olumide Adebolajo, was detained in Kenya two years ago, suspected of being en route to Somalia to fight with the paramilitary force Al-Shabaab.  MI5 is reported to have tried to recruit him to inform on fellow militants, two years before the Rigby murder.

The suspects are in several respects on the margins of the UK’s Muslim community: as converts; as Nigerians; and as members of a fringe sect that recruits alienated youth, rather than any of the versions of Islam with longstanding communal bases.

The political roots of Lee Rigby’s murder lie in decisions by successive governments who have transformed London into a multiracial chaos, compounded by more recent British leaders who have embroiled our armed forces in conflicts that have no connections to British national interests, but serve the ends of alien forces exerting disproportionate influence on our politicians.

It is therefore especially nauseating to see the English Defence League seeking political capital from Lee Rigby’s murder, since the EDL endorses the multiracialism that brought his killers to London, and also embraces the aggressive Zionist imperialism that dragged British forces into increasingly unwinnable and dishonourable conflicts.

The proper role for nationalists in response to this horrific murder is firstly to send our respectful sympathy to Drummer Rigby’s family; and secondly to renew our commitment to a transformation of British politics.


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