American Renaissance Conference 2023 Report

by H&D subscriber Brandon Taylor who writes from the “The Heart of Dixie” – Alabama.

Brandon Taylor with Jared Taylor (above right), editor of American Renaissance

Friday, August 11

I walked into the hotel and saw F. Roger Devlin sitting in the waiting room. We nodded at each other; he saw that I recognized him. I checked in and went up to my hotel room for a few minutes. A few minutes after 5pm, I headed down to the conference room to check in to the American Renaissance 2023 Conference. Standing in line, I was right behind Jared Taylor and Mark Weber and several other people as they were talking and waiting to check in and pick up their name badges.

I was very nervous, but I waited for a break in conversation, and I went up to Mark Weber and said hello and told him that I liked his videos. He seemed nice and we shook hands. The line proceeded to the check-in desk, and I got my name badge and went into the conference room, awaiting opening remarks at 7pm. I spotted Roger Devlin again and struck up a conversation about one of his recent articles “The Post-George Floyd Revolution”. We had a good conversation, and he was very receptive to my questions.

I get nervous in public, and I had trouble remembering what I wanted to say but I was able to get it out. I told him about the part at the end of the article which said, “The system will have to rot from within and be reinvented, which will take 50-100 years.” I said, wow, that hit hard. He said yes that the Soviet Union lasted for about 70 years, but eventually it did come to an end. (I forgot how many years he said during the conversation.) We shared a good moment. Roger Devlin has a PhD in Political Philosophy from Tulane University.

Then I walked around for a bit and spotted Mark Weber again. I was nervous about talking to him, but he was receptive to my questions and striking up a conversation. We talked about the “Guide to Kulchur with Frodi Midjord” videos and the “Institute for Historical Review” videos that I’ve been watching. I thanked him for making those videos and said that I’ve learned a lot recently.

I asked about Sir Oswald Mosley and Mark Weber actually knew Mosley. He started talking fast and I was trying to absorb what he said but from what I can remember he did meet Mosley at least one time in person in the 1970s but it might have been several times. Also, Mark Weber did attend a meeting where Oswald Mosley gave a speech at least one time during the 1970s in Germany. Mosley gave the speech in German and Weber said that Mosley spoke “pretty good German”. (I think that was an exact quote, he gave me a knowing look and we both nodded at each other).

I also asked about John Tyndall and Jonathan Bowden, and Mark Weber said he knew Tyndall and I think Bowden too, but somebody else came up to talk to him so I can’t be sure. I think he did say he knew Tyndall well, but I think the conversation shifted away and the topic changed before he talked about Bowden. I had told him how much I like watching rousing speeches by Mosley, Tyndall, and Bowden.

Brandon Taylor with Mark Weber (above right) from the Institute for Historical Review

There was a break in the conversation, and I started asking a few more questions. I brought up that I had recently become a David Irving fan and have been watching a few of his videos online. I asked him about a situation from the 1990s that I had just heard about. During the 1990s when David Irving was getting hit very hard with cancel culture, Christopher Hitchens said a few positive words about David Irving.

Hitchens wrote at least one positive article about Irving, and I had seen a video of Hitchens talking about it. I discussed with Mark Weber that I was surprised, because when I was growing up in the 1980s, I was a Christopher Hitchens fan, because I liked the way he talked, he sounded so smart. I remember Hitchens talking about how great Nelson Mandela was and how Apartheid was so bad. But Hitchens never went back in the 1990s or early 2000s and reviewed the data to see what happened to all the White people in South Africa. So, I was surprised to learn that Hitchens was willing to review the mainstream media narrative on David Irving and say a few positive things about him.

Mark Weber listened to me and gave me a good response and a very detailed analysis. (It was above my IQ level, so I didn’t absorb it). He talked to me for several minutes, but basically Hitchens did that because he was (politically or ideologically?) inclined to criticize Winston Churchill. David Irving was also willing to criticize Churchill, so I got the impression that Hitchens took up for David Irving because he was a fellow Churchill critic. Hitchens didn’t do it because Irving was a fellow White man or Englishman.

I walked around for a bit thinking of what Mark Weber had said. A little while later at 7pm Jared Taylor gave opening remarks for the conference. He welcomed everyone there and gave a security briefing. Afterwards, I walked around and saw people mingling about. I spotted Jared Taylor and he only had one or two people around him, so I walked up and waited for my turn. I asked Jared Taylor about his book White Identity and told him how much I liked it. There’s a part in the book where he says, “It is only a matter of time before this gives rise to an increasingly explicit White racial consciousness.” I asked him about how much time do you think it’ll be?

We both smiled at each other knowing that it was impossible to tell but that we won’t stay asleep forever. I had several other questions prepared for him, but I forgot what I had planned to say, as I was standing in front of a celebrity. We talked for a few more moments but it was mostly me saying how much I liked watching his videos and reading his book White Identity. I also told him that this was the first political conference that I had attended, and he welcomed me being there.

Brandon Taylor with Dr Ed Fields (above right), a longstanding friend of H&D, who was featured in Mark Cotterill’s obituary of his old friend Dr Roger Pearson

After I walked around for a bit more, I spotted Dr. Edward Fields, the publisher of The Thunderbolt and The Truth At Last newspapers for many years, and we talked, and I showed him my copy of Heritage and Destiny Issue #115 with his photo standing next to Dr. Roger Pearson. I had some printouts of old photos that I had found on the Internet that I showed him.

The photos were of men from the old days that Dr Fields knew and was friends with like John Kasper and Asa Carter. I even found a rare photo from 1960 of Dr Fields helping John Kasper out. We also talked about several other people from a long time ago that he knew in person, like J.B. Stoner, Matt Murphy, Emory Burke, and several others. I had a lot of other questions to ask him, about people he knew from the Segregation period, but I did not want to come off too strong or weird.

I walked around for a bit and joined in on another conversation with Mark Weber as he was talking to Dries Van Langenhove. I listened in. Langenhove mentioned that he was from Belgium. I asked him about Eva Vlaardingerbroek just to try to strike up a conversation with him and it turns out that Langenhove knows her. I asked, and he said that her views are genuine and spoke highly of her. I said I liked watching the interviews she did with Mark Steyn.

I asked about the Dutch farmer protests and the Dutch Farmer political party that had recently been formed. He said basically (this is my impression, because when people get to talking, I’m not going to catch everything) that the Dutch Farmer Party had polled quite well in the recent elections and some political seats in government.

They don’t have a clear political agenda, outside of getting elected. They don’t have a strong anti-immigration platform, as some of the members that have been elected are soft on immigration. All in all, I got the impression that the Dutch Farmers Party does not have a clear political agenda. I found this fascinating because the GB News videos, I’ve watched have given me a much more positive view of the Dutch Farmers Party because they have won some elections. We ended up talking for several minutes.

It was getting late and as the conversation turned to another topic I stepped away and retired to my hotel room for the night.

Saturday, August 12

On Saturday morning the conference began at 9am with Ricardo Duchesne. Prof. Duchesne is the author of several scholarly books including Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age published in 2017. His speech discussed how Cultural Marxism and Liberalism were intertwined concepts. I was not a philosophy student in college, but I will try to give an assessment based on my own impression of what he said. He discussed Classical Liberalism. He talked about the ideas of John Rawls and John Locke. He talked about how Liberalism changes what is deemed acceptable and what is not. Prof. Duchesne mentioned how the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Segregation many times up until the 1954 “Brown v. Board of Education” decision.

That made me think of the Colin Flaherty’s book White Girl Bleed a Lot. I don’t think any of those cases discussed by Colin Flaherty were important enough from Liberalism’s worldview to make it to the U.S. Supreme Court. Prof. Duchesne continued by saying that Conservatives over time accepted every principle of Classical Liberalism. He mentioned the late Sam Francis (PhD in British History, University of North Carolina, 1979). Dr Francis said that Global Capitalism leads to rootless consumers. I got the impression that Liberalism feeds off rootless consumerism.

Prof. Duchesne then discussed Aleksandr Dugin and his book The Fourth Political Theory (which I think was reviewed in H&D a few years ago?) but the topic was unfamiliar to me and didn’t sink in. He closed his speech by saying that Liberalism is a form of Pluralism, that Liberalism comes from Pluralism. Feminism and what we call Cultural Marxism, come from Liberalism.

It reminded me of a Phyllis Schlafly book I read Who Killed the American Family? (2014). In one part of that book Schlafly discusses another critic of Feminism, Christina Hoff Sommers. Schlafly talks about how Sommers does critique the many negative effects of Feminism, but Sommers is not opposed to the principles of “classical liberal feminism”. Phyllis Schlafly, writing from a Biblical worldview, says that the principles behind Feminism always lead to the negative effects. The underlying principles and negative effects go hand in hand.

Keith Woods, who is from the Irish Republic, took the stage at approximately 9:45am. Mr. Woods gave a political overview of the Republic, on how it has been liberalized very rapidly since the 1980s. Tradition was deconstructed. Intellectual deconstructionism was used for the liberalization of Ireland. He discussed how Sinn Féin has changed their views and marketing strategy during this liberalization period.

Sinn Féin now says that it’s a socialist party – rather than a Marxist one – to Sinn Féin it was never about ethno-nationalism, because to them “ethno-nationalism” is considered bad in liberalism. Sinn Féin now says they were fighting for “equality”, which is considered good in liberalism. Liberalism deems acceptable, fighting for “equality” and deems not acceptable “ethno-nationalism”.

Sinn Féin have always said that “Irish Catholics were being discriminated against” (which was once probably true) and says their fight is/was opposing discrimination. Also, the “thought crime” laws are so strong in the Republic now that there are “thought crime” laws on possession of controversial material, not just distributing it.

Mr Woods then discussed why the political leaders in the Irish Republic say they must take in more Third World immigrants, because the Irish have always been was a nation of immigrants – settling all over the world themselves (especially in America). He continued by discussing the problems the new Third World immigrants have caused in the Republic, similar to the events discussed in The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray.

Mr. Woods then said, they don’t hate us because we are Irish, they hate us because we are White. That got an enthusiastic round of applause. He closed by saying, Sinn Féin rewrote its history, downplayed any ties to racial-nationalism and has embraced Cultural Marxism.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I missed my chance to talk to Mr Woods. The entire weekend he always had several people crowded around him already talking to him – probably Irish-Americans. Although of Ulster-Scots/Scots-Irish heritage myself I’ve recently become a fan of his, subscribing to him on YouTube and Twitter. I wanted to ask him about his Nick Fuentes interview, which is surprisingly still up on YouTube the last time I checked, but never got a chance to.

According to Mr. Woods twitter “@KeithWoodsYT he met Nick Fuentes in Las Vegas, during a trip to Nevada, posting a photo together. I kept my eyes open for Nick Fuentes at AmRen 2023 but didn’t see him there.

During the coffee break, I saw Dr Fields again and struck up another conversion with him. I asked about a Christian Identity newsletter that I had recently subscribed to called The Torch published by Pastor Thomas Robb of Arkansas. Dr. Fields knew who that was and thought it would make for good reading.

Then I saw Ricardo Duchesne walk by me but he said he was on his way to get a coffee. But Prof. Duchesne made a point to seek me out and come back to my seat to speak to me later. I thought that was very nice of him, as I’m just attending as a regular guy to the conference. Prof. Duchesne and I had a good conversation. I told him I had bought his book Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age but that it was above my reading level. We both shared a laugh over that. I thought later that it would make a good book for a reader that knows philosophy well enough to discuss Oswald Spengler, Immanuel Kant, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

I do like the Aldous Huxley quote that Prof. Duchesne begins chapter one with, where Huxley talks about “non-intellectuals”. I switched to saying how much I like his Twitter feed “@dr_duchesne. I follow him on Twitter. I thanked him for making all the positive tweets about White people and told him about my favorite one. I showed him a screen capture of it on my phone and we both had a laugh over it. I don’t think it would pass a check by Winston Smith, in the Ministry of Truth! – so I won’t tell it here.

However, I think it would be permissible to discuss his tweet where he says, “Let’s be real: All the greatest sculptors are White men”. In that tweet, he lists about 10-15 names of famous sculptors. I told him most of those men I had never heard of, but I thanked him for saying so many positive things about White people. We shared a laugh, and he had to go, I didn’t want to delay him. In writing this article, I reread the tweet closer, and realized that I did know a few of the names, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Rodin.

Stephen McNallen

Stephen McNallen was the next speaker of the day. He began with an inspiring motto, “the existence of my people is not negotiable.” That received an enthusiastic round of applause. I found out later that motto was the subtitle of his book The Spear which I purchased later that day. Mr. McNallen practices what I think is called Odinism, Wotanism, or Asatru. He used those terms during the speech.

He also discussed the ideas of Carl Jung and his 1947 essay “Wotan” and talked about the Wotan archetype. Then something unexpected happened, a loud thunder sounded, a storm had blown in. It was a real storm outside the hotel, not a sound effect, it made a loud booming sound, at a very timely moment in McNallen’s speech. It was odd that the thunder boomed like that, but I took it as a good sign. McNallen cheered the thunder, and the crowd gave loud applause. He continued by saying that “wisdom comes in many forms” and “the world we call The West, was the land occupied by White People”. He continued, “don’t be Woke, be Awakened!” and “we will not obey, better to die than to be a slave.”

During the question-and-answer section, Jared Taylor asked the first question. Taylor asked, what was Stephen McNallen’s position on Christianity? He said that a lot of the readership to American Renaissance were Christians. McNallen replied by saying that he was positive on Christianity and had no problems with Christians, “when it comes down to the nitty gritty, we’re all in the same fox hole” and that we need to “Charlie Mike” together. Stephen McNallen was a U.S. Army Ranger. According to a Google search that I did later, “Charlie Mike” is the military term for “Continue Mission”, which is usually relayed after an interruption or difficulty in the mission.

Ruuben Kaalep (above, second right) visiting Kyiv with fellow Estonian MP Anti Poolamets and Olena Semenyaka (far right), coordinator of the NGO Intermarium Support Group

After the lunch break, Ruuben Kaalep gave a speech on ethnonationalism. He talked about how his first appearance at AmRen led to him winning political office in his native land of Estonia. He talked about embracing our ethnic roots and our national spirit and that in his world, there is no nationalism without ethnic nationalism. We need centers of resistance, of ethnic nationalists with deep genetic roots, to overcome globalists. We have a true connection with our soil, our ethnic heritage is a masterpiece. It stirs the soul. Take fearless pride in who you are and where you come from. These statements (paraphrased here) were received very positively by the conference.

James Edwards was the next speaker. He talked about getting his start in politics as a young man working for the 2000 Pat Buchanan presidential campaign (as did H&D editor Mark Cotterill!). In 2016 for the President Trump inauguration, James Edwards got press credentials to attend and took Jared Taylor as a guest. Jared Taylor was recognized by other members of the press and was considered too controversial by them. Mr. Edwards continued on by criticizing mainstream politics.

He said, “this corrupt and gluttonous empire will not last forever.” These people are not anti-racist, they are anti-White. People are not as afraid of the SPLC as they used to be. The law is whatever they want it to be. The only thing that matters is whose side you are on. He continued by asking, “why not yet?” Why have the White majority not been advocating for our views? He said, “our people are too comfortable.” Mr. Edwards closed his speech by saying, “never betray a brother, never dishonor our cause,” we’re going to need a leader, what an incredible journey it has been.

Gregory Hood was the next speaker. Here are some highlights of his speech: Democracy is good at resisting what people want. The Great Replacement, it is pretty much the only thing the governmental system exists to do. He mentioned Ketanji Brown Jackson and talked about White liberals versus White conservatives. He touched on a recent court case in New York, about how $1.8 billion was awarded to people that had failed an aptitude test for new teachers. Most of the recipients were Black.

He talked about how the government has been soft on crime and the root causes of crime. He said, “there is a point where willful stupidity is a crime.” That got a booming round of applause. Regarding Third World immigration, “these people are let in because they are causing problems for us.” He questioned, what is the traditionalist view of power? At the end of the day, it’s about us. It’s not system failure. This is what they want. The system wants us broken. He mentioned Trans ideology. The system is creating a nation of sniveling cowards. This system at a deep fundamental level offers us nothing. “Of course, I’m a White Nationalist!” The conference attendees roared with applause and gave a standing ovation.

Sunday, August 13

Jared Taylor opened the final part of the conference Sunday morning at 9:30am. His speech began with an overview of his career starting in 1990. He was allowed on mainstream talk radio interviews and the political TV channel C-SPAN during the 1990s. His book, Paved With Good Intentions was well received in 1992, two years before The Bell Curve by Charles Murray. Along with a few other books he mentioned published during that time, he thought that we were moving towards mainstream acceptance of race realism. But, in the late 1990s there was a clamp down on racial-nationalist groups including American Renaissance. He said, in a leftist liberal regime, censorship is inevitable.

The Trayvon Martin tragedy was headline news for months on end, but most any Black on White violence or murder received very little mainstream news coverage by comparison. For example, the two books written by Colin Flaherty. Mr. Taylor continued by saying, there was a lust for censorship from 2016 to Covid. During the George Floyd riots, a friend of Jared Taylor told him that there was so much broken plate glass in Chicago that it was, “Kristallnacht for White people.” That made Mark Weber laugh, he was sitting near the front of the audience. Jared Taylor continued by saying, the riots were not pro-Black, they were anti-White. That brought big applause in the conference room. He said, “after Blacks got equal rights, they got special rights.”

Strangely, that reminded me of the Milo Yiannopoulos book I read called, How To Be Straight. That’s the actual title of the book, but I think he means the title in a humorous context. There’s a lot of humor in the book, and criticism of Gays and Feminists. He says, “straights thought gays would be happy with equal rights, but instead they demanded special rights” (location 859, ebook edition, 2019). Thomas Sowell (PhD, Economics, University of Chicago, 1968) made a similar statement in his 1995 book, The Vision of the Anointed. He said, “the ability of society to defend itself against everything from criminals to the AIDS virus has been crippled in the name of special newly created “rights” for individuals to inflict costs and harm on others with impunity.” (location 4425, ebook edition, 2019).

Jared Taylor then talked about how so-called DEI experts say that nice people can even be White supremacists. Continuing, with the rise of DEI, they have continued to make excuses for Black crime. CRT is the biggest conspiracy. That received enthusiastic applause. The decriminalization of crime has led to crime ridden cities. There has been a push to get rid of tests that Blacks can’t pass. Reparations means that the USA is destroying itself. Mr. Taylor continued by saying, they’d slit their wrists before they would pronounce the words IQ. That got a big applause. Mr Taylor closed his speech by saying that, “I shook off my individualism and became a White man.”

With the conference being short on time, Jared Taylor switched topics to introducing the closing speaker of the event, Sam Dickson, a fellow Ulster-Scot like myself. He talked about organizing his own conference during the 1980s, which Jared Taylor attended, that’s where they first met. Mr. Taylor proposed ideas during that 1980s conference, which led to forming AmRen. Sam Dickson thanked Jared Taylor, Gregory Hood, and the other organizers for putting on such a good conference.

Sam Dickson – traditionally the closing speaker at American Renaissance conferences

Mr. Dickson discussed many topics on literature and history. Shakespeare once said, “this day shall gentle his condition”. When the Persians invaded ancient Greece, there was a fight for the European way of thinking. During the battle, when the Persians lost ships and men to stormy seas, the Persians whipped the sea, with whips, as in flogged the sea with a whip, to punish the sea for giving bad weather to their King. The Greeks were dumbfounded by the “oriental mind” on display.

Mr. Dickson then spoke of the Spanish Civil War. Someone once said that they knew the Spanish Civil War was coming when they saw “them” as Communists, not Spaniards. (I would love to hear Isabel Peralta’s take on this.) Continuing he said, the New York Times newspaper had a God-free, fact-free, religious frenzy. The MLK dream failed. There’s never been a study that showed MLK’s dream worked. If there was, we’d hear about it nonstop from the media. The fall of the Soviet Union was 70 years on the road to nowhere. It’s now called hate-speech to talk about facts. It’s like trying to treat cancer by eating chocolate ice cream and we don’t want to hurt the Blacks feelings.

Sam Dickson then mentioned Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Be wary of what Stalin did to the Polish officer corps in the Katyn massacre. “That’s what those people are like.” Sam Dickson then talked about systemic racism and White privilege, saying it is not fact based. Doesn’t matter what lies they tell, what matters is reality. Communism will fail because it is not based on truth.

He mentioned that Mark Weber was in the audience and had discussed with a friend from Hungarian nobility. When the Soviets invaded Hungary, the noble family Sam Dickson is friends with fled to Florida. In Florida they lived in poverty, they had to flee without their money. But his friend said, “we have not lost anything except our money.” They retained their heritage, their culture, their music, their literature, their language. Americans have lost everything except money. Americans will be the most bankrupt country in history. Sam Dickson closed with poignant words, “we have the truth on our side, we have reality on our side.”

It was the closing speech of the conference and Sam Dickson got an enthusiastic round of applause and a standing ovation.

As I was leaving the conference room, I saw Mark Weber again. I said hello, that it was nice to meet him and thanked him for his work. He smiled and said thanks as we walked by each other. I forgot that I had a copy of H&D Issue 115 in my hand with Vincent Reynouard on the cover. I wanted to ask what Mark Weber thought of Reynouard, but I was in a rush.

Also, I forgot to ask him about Pat Buchanan’s book The Unnecessary War. I’ve seen a few videos where Pat Buchanan talked about researching a book on the Second World War, and he stumbled across Winston Churchill saying that it was an unnecessary war, that it didn’t have to happen. Buchanan said he was surprised by that and was also surprised that all the books written about Churchill ignore him saying that it was an unnecessary war. One of the videos I watched criticizing Buchanan’s book was a Hoover Institution debate by Peter Robinson who interviewed Victor Davis Hanson and Christopher Hitchens, both criticized Buchanan. They said that Buchanan got many things wrong in regard to battlefield analysis and political analysis. But I found it odd that Pat Buchanan was not invited to the debate. Also, it was strange that they did not discuss whether or not Buchanan was lying. Did Churchill say that the war was an unnecessary war? If so, why have historians ignored Churchill saying this? Victor Davis Hanson and Christopher Hitchens never discussed these key points in the video I watched.

I went back to my room to get my suitcase, but the hotel had automatically disabled my keycard because it had just turned 11am checkout time. At the hotel front desk, I was behind Sam Dickson waiting in line. I said hello to him and showed him the copy of H&D Issue 115 that I had in my hand and mentioned to him that I noticed he had written a letter that was in a recent issue. He brought up that he had heard H&D was having a conference in September and that he wanted to go, but that he had a prior commitment and would not be able to attend.

He seemed very friendly and noticed I was from Alabama. On the attendee’s name badges, it had on there our names or aliases and where we were from. He liked the fact that I’m from Alabama. I forgot to ask him about an old issue of Spearhead that I had read online. That magazine mentioned that John Tyndall stayed as a guest of Sam Dickson’s during one of Tyndall’s speaking tours in 1980 approximately. I also wanted to ask him if he had met Jonathan Bowden, Colin Jordan, or Oswald Mosley, but never got the chance.

A literature table at this year’s American Renaissance conference, including sales of Heritage and Destiny

On the way back to my room, I saw Stephen McNallen in the hallway and said a quick hello and mentioned to him that I had purchased his book The Spear at the conference. He gave me a warm smile and greeting but neither one of us had time to stop to talk and I didn’t want to delay him as it was a strict checkout time.

Then after I checked my room again for anything left behind and got my suitcase in hand, as I was walking out of the hallway, I saw Ruuben Kaalep. I said hello and thanked him and he seemed friendly as we walked by each other. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him at the conference as he was frequently having many people that were already in conversation with him.

I turned in my room key and was about to go to the parking lot but I saw none other than Jared Taylor walking towards me, it looked like he was just exiting the conference area heading back to the hotel room area. I stopped just to watch him walk past and he stopped to talk to me. I think he must have suspected I wanted to talk to him because I had a big smile on my face. He shook my hand again and I said it was a great conference and that I learned a lot.

This was my first political conference. I also mentioned to him again how much I liked his 2011 book White Identity, and I thanked him for writing it and I liked the cover design of the book. I was a little starstruck and forgot all the questions I wanted to ask him. He was very nice and was receptive to listening to me, but I didn’t delay him too long and I basically just said thank you a few times and nodded my head and we bid goodbye to each other, and I left.

As I was driving away, I remembered the questions that I had prepared but just totally slipped my mind as I was speaking to him in person: Did you get to meet Steve Wozniak when you were working for PC Magazine in the 1980s? How did you come about meeting Michelle Malkin? What was she like in person? She gave a speech for AmRen 2021. I used to like to watch the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, when she would make guest appearances. I also wanted to ask about Dr Sam Francis. When did he come up with the idea of anarcho-tyranny?

After action report: I should have come prepared with the questions I wanted to ask actually printed out on paper. Also, it would have been a good idea to ask AmRen’s photographer to see if he would have taken a photo of me and Jared Taylor together. The photos I got with my mobile phone were OK, but could have turned out better – oh well! Everyone was very nice to me, and it was a good learning experience, there were several PhD college professor types there and published authors. I recommend to anyone interested in non-mainstream politics to attend next year’s American Renaissance conference.

Also, it would have been very interesting to discuss Feminism with Roger Devlin. I’ve been meaning to read his 2015 book Sexual Utopia in Power. A few years ago, I started reading up on the politics behind Feminism, and read books by Phyllis Schlafly, Carolyn Graglia, Helen Smith, Sue Ellen Browder, Jennifer Roback Morse, E. Michael Jones, and a few others.

Brandon Taylor, Alabama

H&D’s Peter Rushton interviewed on RBN

Heritage and Destiny’s Peter Rushton

Yesterday H&D‘s assistant editor Peter Rushton was interviewed by our old friend Don Wassall and his co-presenter Patricia Aiken on their Freedom Times News Hour.

Don’s connections with H&D go right back to the founding of the magazine in 1999, when he was guest speaker alongside the late Dr William Pierce at a meeting organised in Arlington, Virginia, by our editor and publisher Mark Cotterill.

Yesterday’s interview covered a wide range of topics, with the discussion mainly focused on introducing American listeners to developments in British and European nationalism, including the current election campaigns by nationalists such as Julian Leppert and Dr Jim Lewthwaite of the British Democrats; the recruitment of high-quality young campaigners by broader, non-electoral campaign groups such as Patriotic Alternative and the Traditional Britain Group; and the extraordinary repressive measures imposed by the political establishment across Europe, including the recent conviction of podcaster ‘Sven Longshanks’ (James Allchurch) and the jailing of French revisionist scholar Vincent Reynouard.

The Freedom Times (like H&D) is one of the few high quality print publications regularly produced by and for racial nationalists in the Anglosphere.

Click here to catch up with the Freedom Times News Hour interview with Peter Rushton.

Obituary – Professor Roger Pearson M.Sc. (Econ), Ph.D., (London): 1927 – 2023

Dr Roger Pearson (above right) has died aged 95: he is seen here with his good friend Dr Ed Fields in Washington DC, in 2000, during the time when H&D editor Mark Cotterill worked at Dr Pearson’s office.

All of us at H&D were saddened to hear of the recent death of Dr. Roger Pearson, who was a long-standing subscriber to Heritage and Destiny magazine – in fact he was our eldest subscriber, aged 95, when he died in Washington DC, in January.

Dr. Pearson was a true English gentleman in every sense. He was born in London, in 1927, but spent much of his childhood in Yorkshire. In October 1944, towards the end of the Second World War, he joined the British Army, despite his entitlement to exemption from military service to attend University after completing his Higher School Certificate examinations.

He had volunteered for military service and was inducted into the British Army with a view to obtaining a commission in the (British) Indian Army. After completing basic infantry and corps training with the Queens Royal Regiment in Maidstone, Kent, Roger and his fellow cadets embarked for India to attend the British Indian Army Pre-Officer Training School (Pre-OTS) at Bangalore.

Dr Pearson as an officer in the (British) Indian Army in 1946.

In July 1946 he was commissioned from the British Indian Army OTS Kakul (which today is the Pakistan Military Academy) to serve as a 2nd Lieutenant with Indian troops in Meerut. However, with the approaching Independence of India and Pakistan, he was shortly transferred to service as a 1st Lieutenant with the British Indian Division in the occupation of Japan (Shikoku and Tokyo), from January 1947 to January 1948.

I remember him telling me of how shocked and saddened he was by the behaviour of the American GIs in occupied Japan, and their brutal treatment of the local people, including beatings, theft and numerous rapes of young Japanese women. I asked him about the conduct of our own squaddies over there and he said in general they were very well behaved, and he would have expected nothing less from them. Dr. Pearson always had a very low opinion of American soldiers, and hated their “hazing” tactics, which he described as “very unprofessional”.

His final military service was as a 1st Lieutenant with the British Army in Singapore and Malaya, from January to April 1948.

On leaving the army in 1948, Roger attended university in England. After obtaining a B.Sc.(honours) in economics and sociology, he returned to India in 1952 in a business capacity, first as an assistant accountant in Calcutta (now Kolkata), but eventually as the CEO of several companies in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), primarily in the tea industry – then Pakistan’s second largest export. During this period (1959-65) he served on the Board of the Pakistan Tea Association and was elected President, 1963-4. During that year he was ex officio a member of the Pakistan Tea Board, and the Managing Committee of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

During his service in India and East Pakistan, Roger retained a strong interest in cultural matters. While in Calcutta (1955-1959), he made numerous journalistic contributions to The Statesman and to The Hindustan Standard and a few short broadcast presentations on All-India Radio. He also wrote Eastern Interlude, a Social History of the European Community in Calcutta from 1649-1911, described by the Hindustan Times (India) as “a vivid picture of European social life in India free from prejudices and prepossessions”; by the Hindustan Standard (India) as “objective …brilliant”; by the Indian PEN “Exceptionally well-balanced”; and by The Times (London) as “most diverting and readable…amusing and vivid… it comes to life on every page”. While I was working for him at his DC office, he republished the book (the original was well out of print by then) around 1999 and sold a further couple of hundred copies.

He was invited to serve as a member of the Cultural Advisory Committee of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, but this honour was brief because he soon afterwards left India for Pakistan. Roger Pearson is also proud of having saved the historic and architecturally important South Park Street Cemetery (dating from 1765-1815 when Calcutta was the capital of British India) from demolition. On his offer to set up a restoration fund, the Christian Burial Board, which lacked the funds to restore the decaying monuments, agreed to halt demolition and allow him to establish a fund which, with the eventual support of the Calcutta architect Bernard Matthews, Aurelius David Khan, ICS, and Sir John Woodhead, former and last British Governor of Bengal, succeeded in restoring most of the monuments and having the cemetery declared a National Monument by the Government of India.

Having lost his only brother (a Battle of Britain pilot, killed in North Africa shortly after his 21st birthday), four cousins (three pilots/one aircrew) and two close school friends, all without offspring, to the Second World War, Roger was shocked by the massive dysgenic loss resulting from internecine war in Europe.

He was also saddened by the cultural destruction when he visited war-torn Europe as a student in 1950 and found inspiration at a student summer school in Aachen University in Germany, funded by several European governments with the goal of promoting healing across Europe. Roger instinctively perceived its value and four years later, when employed with a British bank in Calcutta, he founded Northern World, a cultural, non-political Journal of North European Friendship, with the particular goal of promoting reconciliation between the closely related nations of Northern Europe who had so recently been engaged in destroying each other in two “Brothers’ Wars”.

Northern World was favourably received in like-minded circles, including the famed author J.R.R. Tolkien (who also subscribed to AK Chesterton’s Candour journal) and the agrarian environmentalist, Rolf Gardiner, both of whom sent personal letters of congratulation. The success of this venture led Roger, now a rising business executive, to announce the formation of a society – along with Peter Huxley-Blythe, to promote North European friendship, called The Northern League for North European Friendship (more commonly known as The Northern League). Under Roger’s leadership the League remained mainly a cultural and essentially non-political organization. With his business responsibilities mounting rapidly, by 1961 he found it necessary to resign his membership and from all Northern League activities.

Following his withdrawal, the Northern League became more political and published a new journal called The Northlander. British members included Robert Gayre, Alistair Harper, Colin Jordan, and John Tyndall,

By 1965, the situation for old-established British firms operating in India and Pakistan was deteriorating. China had already fought a war with India over the borders of Assam, and India was shortly to invade Pakistan and convert East Pakistan into Bangladesh. Roger could see the tide was turning and sold his own commercial interests and moved to America. On his departure he received a farewell address from the Pakistani employees stating, “Your love, affection and sympathy for your staff are never to be forgotten and specially during the reorganization we have found that you have put yourself out to a great extent in finding the retrenched staff employment, which we feel, can only be equalled by a very few.”

Dr Roger Pearson

After leaving Asia East, Pearson returned to England for a few months before leaving to the United States, just before the infamous 1965 Immigration Act, which was aimed at stopping British and other Western Europeans from emigrating freely to America. Once, there he spent a year or so in California editing and writing articles and engaging in lecturing before embarking on a ten-month tour of the Caribbean and Southern Africa.

Returning to the United States, he joined the faculty of the Department of Sociology at the University of Southern Mississippi as an Assistant Professor (1968), wrote his Introduction to Anthropology (published in 1974 by what was then the largest Anthropology publishing house in the USA), accepted a position as Associate Professor and Department Head of the Sociology at Queen’s College, Charlotte (today Queens University of Charlotte), before returning to the University of Southern Mississippi (commonly known as ‘Ole Miss’) as Full Professor and Chairman of a new Department of Anthropology offering both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

At ‘Ole Miss’ Dr. Pearson launched the the Journal of Indo-European Studies and the JIES Monograph series (1972) in collaboration with and under the guidance of the distinguished UCLA archaeologist Marija Gimbutas and University of Texas linguist and mythologist Edgar Polome. He continued to publish JIES via The Institute for the Study of Man until well into his late 80s. It is now edited by Emily Blanchard West (St. Catherine).

In the mid-1960s Dr. Pearson teamed up with Willis Carto (who would later go on to run Liberty Lobby and publish the Spotlight newspaper) for a while and they published a magazine called Western Destiny (1965-66), which was probably the first high quality journal the “American Right” had published since the end of WWII. They stayed friends up until the late 1990s when Willis Carto fell out with Dr. Pearson for not being extreme enough! From 1966 to 1967 under the pen-name “Stephan Langton”, Dr. Pearson published (via Noontide Press) The New Patriot, a magazine devoted to “a responsible but penetrating inquiry into every aspect of the Jewish Question”.

However, not content with standing still, in 1974, Dr. Pearson accepted a position as Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of Research at Montana Tech of the University of Montana in Butte, Montana, a mile high in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, in the course of which he also became ex-officio Secretary of the Montana Energy and Magnetohydrodynamic Research and Development Institute.

During his time in Montana he joined the World Anti-Communist League (WACL). Further adventures now called, and after one year Dr. Pearson again moved, this time to Washington, D.C. (1975) where he founded the Council on American Affairs as the new U.S. chapter. He went on to become Director of the North American Chapter of WACL and publisher and editor of a new journal entitled The Journal of American Affairs (founded 1975), which later changed its name to The Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies). In the early years the journal published articles by both scholars, and senators and congressmen. Dr. Pearson continued to publish JSPS via Scott-Townsend until well into his late 80s.

Traveling widely to attend WACL conferences throughout the Far East, South and Central America, and Europe, Dr. Pearson conferenced face to face with several Heads of State, including King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. In 1978 he was elected World Chairman of the World Anti-Communist League in 1978 and hosted the 1979 World Conference of the League in Washington DC. The five-day proceedings were attended by upwards of a thousand WACL members and guests from free countries around the globe (including Lady Jane Birdwood from the UK). The Opening Ceremony was conducted with the aid of The U.S. Joint Armed Services Honour Guard and the Marine Corps Band and addressed by two U.S. Senators!

Delegates (including Lady Jane Birdwood from the UK) at a World Anti-Communist League conference in the 1970s, chaired by Dr Roger Pearson.

While Pravda in Moscow was ready to condemn the Conference out of hand, the left-wing Washington Post (WP), which had had a reporter at the Conference, totally ignored it for some thirty days while preparing a virtually full-page attack on both the WACL and its president, Dr. Pearson. Writing fancifully about “fascists” and South American “death squads”, the author of the Post article also levelled charges against Dr. Pearson’s alleged efforts to enrol “extremists” into WACL – surely not!

Indeed, it is a fact that, unlike the delegates from Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Central and Southern America, Pearson found the WACL European and Asian chapters replete with delegates who were almost soft on Communism (not including Lady Birdwood of course!). One Indian delegate constantly attacked “neo-colonialism”, but seemed never to mention the very real Communist threat to freedom in the 1960s and ’70s.

Dr Pearson chairing the WACL Conference

Dr. Pearson consequently promoted the recruitment of more genuine anti-Communists, such as the Italian Social Movement (MSI), at that time the fourth largest political party in Italy, whose successors – the Fratelli d’Italia (‘Brothers of Italy’) won Italy’s parliamentary elections in September 2022: their leader Giorgia Meloni became her country’s first female prime minister. I’m sure that brought a smile to his face!

After the WACL Dr. Pearson continued to work with the American Security Council, the Foreign Policy Research Institute, and the Journal of International Relations. But efforts by the liberal-left to frustrate his work continued. His scientific comprehension of Darwinian reality, and the importance of genetic, cultural, and environmental concerns for the survival of humanity, made him a target for those who care only about the present generation, and not those numberless generations hopefully still to come. His sociological and anthropological training meant that he never stressed the biological at the expense of the environmental, because biological organisms are dependent on the ecosphere – and also on a culture that supports both the biological and the environmental heritage. This the liberal-left hated, and they carried on a campaign against him and his work well into the 2000s.

Concerned about the future of the human race, Dr. Pearson became a Member of the British Eugenics Society, now known as the Galton Institute, as early as 1963, and was elected a Fellow in 1977. In 1979 he also assumed publication of Professor Robert Gayre’s Mankind Quarterly, which the latter had founded in 1960 with the aid of distinguished scholars such as Henry Vallois, S.D. Porteus, and Sir Charles B. Darwin. As the earlier generation of contributors passed on, he was able to recruit distinguished scholars to replace them, such as Joseph Campbell, Raymond B. Cattell, Hans Eysenck and William Shockley. Dr. Pearson continued to publish MQ via Scott-Townsend until well into his late 80s, and around 2010 passed it over to Prof. Richard Lynn, who publishes it via the Ulster Institute for Social Research.

Dr Pearson welcomed many delegates from around the world to anti-communist conferences

In 1990 Pearson founded the bi-monthly Conservative Review, an American version of Right NOW!, and published it via the Council for Social and Economic Studies. The magazine lasted almost seven years, but folded in 1997, due to lack of support from the “right-wing” of the GOP.

Not forgetting the importance of Universities to the rising generation, and concerned by the premeditated campus disruptions during the 1960s and 70s, Dr. Pearson joined the University Professors for Academic Order (UPAO), and served as its President 1980-84. Combining his credentials in the social sciences with his practical experience in the commercial world, his bank training in accounting, and his professional status as a former Fellow of the British Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and member of the British Institute of Directors, he also served as a Trustee of the Benjamin Franklin University in Washington D.C. for a number of years before that respected institution, noted for the quality of its alumni, was absorbed into Georgetown University.

In 1984 Pearson received a Certificate of Appreciation signed by General Daniel O. Graham, Director of the Defence Intelligence Agency under President Reagan, and later of High Frontier, expressing “grateful appreciation for the important work you have done to prepare the way for a more secure world.” Also, a 1985 written accolade from the US Department of Education for “outstanding service to U.S. Education, and Education Reform Efforts”. But perhaps the most significant tribute, and one that annoyed Pearson’s critics most strongly, was a signed letter from President Ronald Reagan commending Pearson for “promoting and upholding those ideals and principles that we value at home and abroad …bringing to a wide audience the work of leading scholars who are supportive of a free enterprise economy, a firm and consistent foreign policy and a strong national defence.”
Later an embarrassed White House official asked Dr. Pearson not to use the letter for publicity purposes, after they had come under attack from the Washington Post!

Dr Pearson introduced genuine committed activists to strengthen anti-communist campaigns during the 1970s.

Dr. Pearson wrote over a dozen books including:

Eastern Interlude. Thacker Spink, Calcutta; Luzac and Co., London (1953) – republished by Scott-Townsend 1999.

Eugenics and Race. London: Clair Press; Los Angeles: Noontide Press (1958).

Blood Groups and Race. 2nd ed. London: Clair Press; Los Angeles: Noontide Press (1966).

Race & Civilisation. 2nd Ed. London: Clair Press; Los Angeles: Noontide Press (1966).

Early Civilizations of the Nordic Peoples. London: Northern World (1958); Los Angeles: Noontide Press (1965).

Introduction to Anthropology: An Ecological/Evolutionary Approach. New York: Holt Rinehart and Winston (1974)

Sino-Soviet Intervention in Africa. Council on American Affairs (1977)

Korea in the World Today. Washington, D.C.: Council on American Affairs (1978)

Ecology and Evolution. Washington, D.C.: Mankind Quarterly Monograph (1981)

Essays in Medical Anthropology. Washington, D.C.: Scott-Townsend Publishers (1981)

Anthropological Glossary. Marla at, FL: Krieger Publishing (1985)

Evolution, Creative Intelligence, and Intergroup Competition. Cliveden Press (1986)

William Shockley: Shockley on Eugenics and Race: The Application of Science to the Solution of Human Problems. Preface by Arthur Jensen. Washington, D.C.: Scott-Townsend Publishers (1992).

Race, Intelligence and Bias in Academe. Introduction by Hans Eysenck.[47] Scott-Townsend Publishers, Washington, D.C., 1991. (2nd. Ed. 1994).

Heredity and Humanity: Race, Eugenics and Modern Science. Washington, D.C.: Scott-Townsend Publishers (1991) [2nd ed. 1998].

Dr Pearson in 1975 with distinguished Saudi, Yemeni and Taiwanese government ministers, ambassadors and university leaders

I first met Dr. Pearson in 1996 a year or so after I had moved from Devon in England to live the States. A mutual friend Carl Knittle, who was working for him at his down-town DC office at the time introduced us. Carl had just handed in his notice, and they were looking for his replacement, which turned out to be me!

I ended up working there for over six years, and only left when the US Government issued me with a ten-year exclusion order towards the end of 2002, so I had no choice but to leave and return to dear old Blighty.

From his DC office – which was only six or seven blocks from the White House – and only one block away from a black (now Hispanic) ghetto! – Dr. Pearson edited and published three journals, the Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies (JSPS), the Journal of Indo-European Studies (JIES) and his pride and joy the Mankind Quarterly (MQ). He also published numerous books and monographs, many sold through his mail order (and later online) book shop – Scott Townsend Books.

Dr Pearson’s home and office at 1133 13th Street NW, Washington DC. His office was on the ground floor, while he and his wife had a flat on the fourth floor.

Both Dr. Pearson and his wife Marion – who died around ten years before him – were very kind to me. In fact, if it had not been for them, I don’t think I would have survived so long Stateside. They had four children, two boys and two girls. The girls both married Europeans (a Frenchman and a German) and they were very proud to have a true pan-European family. Their eldest son Edwin was born (in India) on exactly the same day as me (in Worcester) on October 3rd, 1960, which they both found amusing. Sadly, Edwin died very young in his forties.

During those six years working at his office at 1133 on 13th Street, NW, I met so many interesting people, including to name but a few Dr. Philippe Rushton, Prof. Glayde Whitney, Attorney Sam Dickson, Paul Fromm, and the men with the deep pockets – Harry Weyher and Bill Regnery.

American Renaissance, which is run by Jared Taylor, used to hold their annual conference near to their office in Northern Virginia, not too far away from down-town Washington DC, so many conference attendees use to pop into the our office to say hello, and sometimes taking Dr. Pearson out for lunch, en route to the conference. It was always nice to meet new and old friends.

Two other “doctors” from time to time used to visit the office, when passing through DC – Dr. William L. Pierce and Dr. Edward R. Fields – they would normally go out with Dr. Pearson for either lunch or dinner depending on the time of the visit. I later found out that during Dr. Pierce’s last visit the FBI had staked out the building! They tailed them both to a local restaurant, sat inside at a table close to theirs while they ate and talked, then tailed them back to the office. It seems that every time Dr. Pierce left the National Alliance compound in West Virginia, to go out of town, the Feds went with him! Anyway, it was good to see American taxes were put to good use!

President Reagan’s controversial letter to Dr Pearson

And then there was “9-11”. On September 11th 2001, I got into the office on time, which was a couple of minutes before 9am and started to drink my coffee (I would do the typically American thing of eating my bagel while walking to work!). Up until then – as they say – it was just a normal day at the office!

Dr. Pearson was already in his office (which was the room next door to mine) hard at work. He normally got there before me, around 8.45am most mornings. However, he did not have very far to travel – as he lived in an apartment (flat) just above the office, on the 4th or 5th floor (I think). We said our usual pleasantries, and I then got on with going through the mail from the previous day (I did not normally work on a Monday) and from the weekend.

Looking back on it, around the time I was getting my breakfast, around 8.46am, New York was turning into a scene of devastation after the first of the two planes smashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. And around the time I was sitting down at my desk and starting to open the mail, around 9.03am the second plane was smashing into the South Tower.

Both 110 storey towers collapsed within an hour and forty-two minutes, leading to the collapse of the other World Trade Center structures including the 7 World Trade Center, and significantly damaging all the surrounding buildings.

Of course, Dr. Pearson and I were oblivious to all this, as we did not have a radio or TV on in either office, and it was just before the days of smart phones.

The first we knew that something was wrong, was when Dr. Pearson’s wife Marion rang him from their upstairs flat, where I guess she was watching the events unfold on TV. He told me what she had told him, but to honest it did not really sink in there and then what was going on. So, we just carried on working as normal.

I guess five minutes later, just before 9.20am we got another phone call which I answered this time. It was BNP leader Nick Griffin! He told us basically what Mrs. Pearson had just told us, that two hijacked planes had crashed into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, but then added that two more planes were now on their way to DC to blow up the White House and Capital Buildings, and that we needed to get out quickly!

Of course, even we wanted to get out – which we didn’t – where were we meant to get out to? However, Nick meant well, and I appreciate him warning us anyway, even though there was nothing we could do about it. I thanked him and told him we would not be moving from the building at this time, but if he could ring back with any updates, that would be very useful.

I talked over the situation with Dr. Pearson, and he said he did not think the planes would even reach DC, and even if they did, their targets were so far away from us that we would “probably be ok”! So, we sat back down at our desks and carried on working.

Dr Roger Pearson at his Washington office in 2013

However, we had only been back at our desks for a couple of minutes, when we heard a hell of a commotion going on outside our building. At 9:37am, the third of the hijacked planes crashed into the west side of the Pentagon (the headquarters of the American military, as well as a large underground shopping mall), which was just over the Potomac River in NW Arlington, Virginia, causing a partial collapse of the building’s west side.

To give you an idea of distance, The Pentagon is about three and miles south east of our office, maybe a ten-minute drive away. It’s just south of Arlington National Cemetery, and just north of Alexandria.

I can remember hearing an explosion, and then the noise of hundreds of other office workers, and locals outside our office on the streets. I said to Dr. Pearson that I was going outside to see what the heck was happening, because we had no windows in the office so I could not peer out. Once outside I could see all the smoke in the distance, and word got round that the Pentagon had been hit.

I can’t remember there being a panic, but a lot of my fellow DC workers were very concerned as word had got around that the 4th plane was on its way to DC!

However, the 4th plane – United 93 – never reached DC. And US authorities even to this day, don’t know for sure if the target was to have been the White House or the Capitol.

The story put about by President Bush’s spin-doctors that the passengers aboard United 93 decided to act once they realized all was lost – i.e. storm the flight deck, attack the terrorists and bring the plane down before it reached Washington DC – sadly did not happen. But why would it have done, it never happened on the other three hijacked flights, and they had many more passengers.

What did really happen, was that Bush ordered United 93 to be shot down before it got anywhere near DC. This flight was the only plane not to hit its intended target, instead after being shot down it crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, about 170 miles from DC at 10:03 am.

Once the news spread around DC that plane number four had crashed and that there were probably no more hijacked planes up in the skies, most of the workers either returned to their offices – as I did – or they left and started to make their way back home.

Dr Pearson’s institute received funds from important American donors including the Pioneer Fund

I asked Dr. Pearson what we should do, and he said, “just carry on working Mark”! Which is what I did until around noon when I went for an early lunch. All public transport in DC was in the process of being stopped, but most of the bars and restaurants seemed to be open, with customers glued to the TVs. I found a Subway close by and got a meal and a soda (pop to you Brits!) and tried to check my cell phone, only to find it not working. The internet had also gone down, but landlines were still working.

I made my way back to the office, where Dr. Pearson was still working. He informed me he was then going up upstairs to his flat for his lunch. So, I just went back to work. Strange when you look back on it.

My girlfriend of the time (Jackie) was calling the office every half an hour or so, asking when I was going to get out of DC and come home. I told her the same thing each time: as soon as I can.

Dr. Pearson came back down to the office around 2pm I guess, and told me to pack up for the day, since it would take me ages to get home as there was no public transport. Even most of the ‘enriched’ taxi drivers had gone home by then. So, I called Jackie back from the office landline and said I was going to start to make my way back to Falls Church, but be prepared for a long wait as it may take a while!

A full report of the events from “9-11” can be found on the H&D website – click here for details.

There are so many incredible stories I could tell you about Dr. Roger Pearson and the goings on at the office and around DC, including our trips to the Martin Luther King Jr. Post Office, which used to run out of stamps!; our trip with Zach (who use to work part time at the office himself in the early days) to Burger King, where Dr. P. ordered off the cuff not from the set menu, which completely baffled the young black counter assistant!; the day Dr. Pearson telephoned Zach’s home and his brother Corey answered the phone and thought it was, and I quote “the King of England calling”! The day Dr. P. went for a lunch time drink with Zach and I in a bar near McPherson Square, and a lefty looking bloke with very long hair stood by us waiting to be served. Zach said to Dr. P. “what do you make of him”, to which Dr. P. replied “he’s probably a homosexual”! The day after Princess Diana died (I was at work even though it was a Sunday): Dr. P. and I went out for lunch near the White House and Yanks were coming up to us in the restaurant giving us their condolences, as if we knew her!

Of course, we had our ups and downs, but overall, I had six very enjoyable years working for Dr. Pearson, where I learnt not only how to run an efficient office (a well-oiled machine – you should see the H&D office now!), but so much more about race, eugenics, anthropology, history and American politics.

The last time I spoke to him was shortly before Christmas. I think my phone call had woken him up from an afternoon nap, and it took a couple of minutes for him to realise who I was. But after that he was fine, and we had a good old natter, chatting about old times in DC and the political situation in the UK. He was still very sharp even at 95.

I will sorely miss Dr. Roger Pearson, he was one of a kind. And if there is a Valhalla, he will surely have a place there.

From chapter 8 of Fagrskinna, one of the kings’ sagas, written around 1220. The composition is by an anonymous author from the 10th century and is referred to as Eiríksmál, and describes Eric Bloodaxe and five other kings arriving in Valhalla after their death. The poem begins with comments by Odin (as Old Norse Óðinn):

“What kind of a dream is it,” said Óðinn,
“in which just before daybreak,
I thought I cleared Valhǫll,
for coming of slain men?
I waked the Einherjar,
bade valkyries rise up,
to strew the bench,
and scour the beakers,

Wine to carry,
as for a king’s coming,
here to me I expect
heroes’ coming from the world,
certain great ones,
so glad is my heart

There will also be an obituary in a future issue of Heritage and Destiny magazine.

Death of a Fighter – Martin Rojas RIP

Obituary by James Knight, Fairfax, Northern Virginia

I first met Martin Rojas at a semi-secretive anti-immigration meeting in the fall of 2015 outside of Washington D.C. With his Spanish last name (his father was a white Chilean and his mother an American) and the probing questions he was asking, I assumed he was a leftist reporter trying to dox people. I made it a point to keep my distance and was probably a bit rude to him. But Martin was persistent and kept questioning me about my articles (written under a pen name that I also used for my name tag). He finally won me over with his encyclopedic knowledge of pieces I had written years ago. It is always surprising when someone not only reads but remembers your writings. I opened up about a lot of my ideas on race and various figures in our movement. He asked me questions I had never been asked before and forced me to really think about my own ideas and how best to explain them.

Martin stayed in touch over the months that followed and we ended up having lunch several times. With our age difference, he could have been my son. A thought that only occurred to me after he died last week. But what I noticed then was he was asking the same types of questions I had asked over twenty years prior. What can whites do to push back against the anti-white society we live in? Why don’t more of us fight back? What messages will wake more of us up? How can we best contribute to the cause of white resistance?

A young man of about 22 or 23 at the time, he was just exiting a job at a Conservative Inc. type outfit in Washington D.C. Obviously, conservatism offered no answers. But what did? He was reading American Renaissance, VDARECounter Currents and several other outlets read by dissidents. He knew that there was resistance and wondered if he should get involved. I told him that not only should he get involved, but that it is only through young people like him that we have any chance at all.

Martin Rojas (above right) at a “Conservative Intern Workshop” run by the Leadership Institute in March 2015

He took my advice and started working for American Renaissance. Martin was both a “behind the scenes” guy and a good writer. Thanks in part to his efforts, American Renaissance continues to be perhaps the leading voice on the dissident right – certainly in regard to racial matters. But Martin also wrote hundreds of articles over the next seven years under a variety of pen names: Chris Roberts, Hubert Collins, Gilbert Cavanaugh, Benjamin Villaroel, Nathan Doyle and several others. Not only for American Renaissance but for Counter Currents, VDARE, Occidental Observer and many other publications.

The last time I saw Martin in person was in September 2017. He was disillusioned with the alt-right after the Charlottesville fiasco and was looking to take some time off and reassess things. We spoke much less after that. He spent about two years in Argentina and Chile (he was fluent in Spanish) before coming back to the US full time in 2019. Martin resumed his position with American Renaissance and helped rally a resurgent right with his writings, organizing, fund raising and networking. The dissident right in the US is now stronger and larger than it has ever been.

Though I never saw him again, Martin stayed in touch via email. He occasionally sought out articles and always complimented me when I published pieces. One thing I noticed is that he was never in one place for too long – often spending a few months here and there. He died in Atlanta though he also spent much time in West Virginia. He also would take brief sabbaticals from his job to work on side projects. One of these is what I believe is his best article – about the plight of poor whites in West Virginia for the Occidental Observer called “Grace and Grit in Southern West Virginia.” If you read this piece, you will get a good idea of the Martin Rojas I knew.

Martin grew up among working class whites in Minnesota and wrote movingly about the silent sufferings and despair of his people. Or should I say our people. Too many young whites are giving in to despair – often taking the form of drugs and suicide. Of course, no one in the elites will ever offer any help to whites as a group. White Americans have no nation, have mostly lost our religion and are forbidden to have any racial pride. Every single US institution is dedicated to hating white people and causing whites to hate themselves.

Martin Rojas died young but did so much to fight for our people. He had the blood of Europeans – the greatest people who have ever existed – in his veins. His work will live on through his writings and through the behind the scenes work he did to grow the dissident right. He will also live on in the memories of thousands of people whose lives he touched. Rest in peace, Martin.

H&D editor Mark Cotterill adds: I did not of course have the privilege of knowing Martin Rojas personally, since I have been excluded from the USA since 2002 when Martin would have been only nine years old. However, Martin was in touch with H&D earlier this year, offering to translate Spanish-language articles for us, including the work of our new contributor Isabel Peralta. We are shocked by Martin’s early death, but the extraordinary amount of work he packed into his short life should serve as an inspiration to our entire movement.

British Expat Says: “No Matter Bad the U.S. Immigration Disaster, the U.K. Is Worse”

John Derbyshire (above left with Peter Brimelow of VDARE and Sam Dickson) is a expatriate Briton long resident in the USA. This article was first published at

We just got numbers for illegal aliens apprehended on our southern border last month: a tad short of 240,000 . That’s the highest number of migrant encounters recorded in one month ever. It brings total encounters in Fiscal Year 2022 to more than one and a half million.

That’s “encounter,” mind. The actual encounter being tallied there is one between an invader and a Border Patrol officer. Either the invader presents himself to Border Patrol with some plausible claim for entry, or he tried to sneak in avoiding the Patrol but got caught by chance. Some large but unknown number of sneak-ins did not get caught.

The good news is that 42 percent of these encounters were deported—or at any rate, “processed for deportation”—under Title 42, the Trump-era protocol allowing deportation on health grounds that Joe Biden tried to end until he was thwarted by a judge.

The other 58 percent are being processed under Title 8 of current immigration law. That will result in some number of them being deported. How many: fifty percent? a hundred percent? ten percent? I don’t know.

For a clue I have this from Washington Examiner:
“More than 2 million migrants were stopped while attempting to enter the U.S. from Mexico illegally in the calendar year 2021 [not to be confused with fiscal year] … Of the 2 million, roughly 1.1 million were immediately expelled back to Mexico or flown to other countries. Some attempted crossing multiple times, inflating the numbers. But nearly 800,000 were released into the U.S.”
(‘Two million stopped while illegally entering US from Mexico in 2021’, by Anna Giaritelli, January 24, 2022)

As dumb and treasonous as our current immigration policies are, they fairly glow with integrity, efficiency, and patriotism by comparison with Britain’s. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say—and I say it in all earnestness—that Britain’s clueless, brainless, worthless government is currently perpetrating the greatest immigration fiasco since Chinese General Wu Sangui opened the gates of China to the Manchus in 1644.

I’ve been reporting to you, most recently on June 3rd, about the swelling numbers of illegal aliens crossing the English Channel from France—more than ten thousand so far this year.

This is the fourth year it’s been happening. The numbers for these four years, to the nearest thousand: 2019—two, 2020—eight, 2021—twenty-nine. Estimates for this year’s total start at fifty; and once again, these are thousands, so that’s fifty thousand.

Essentially none of these invaders get expelled. They plead asylum or refugee status, although that is a priori preposterous: they’re coming most recently from France, where they could also have claimed asylum. They destroy their identity documents so they can’t be deported. The British authorities conscientiously process their bogus asylum claims anyway, putting them up in good hotels while the processing is under way.

For three of those four years the invasion went on with the British government doing nothing at all about it. This, incredible to report, is a government of the Conservative Party; but these are metropolitan progressives led by a Prime Minister who has, all through his political career, been well-known as an enthusiast for multiculturalism.

Then, earlier this year, pressure from voters became too strong to ignore. The government grudgingly agreed to do something about the invasion.

A Rwandan hotel for the poor, oppressed ‘asylum seekers’

What did they do? They cut an agreement with the black African country of Rwanda to take in some of the illegals while their obviously-fake asylum applications were processed. We first heard that 700 illegals would be shipped to Rwanda, to be accommodated in that country’s hotels.

Britain, however, is choc-a-bloc with well-funded groups who favor mass illegal immigration. They got busy lawyering. That 700 was quickly whittled down to 130—which is still a good plane-load.

By the time the first flight to Rwanda was scheduled for Tuesday last week, the 130 had been further whittled down to seven. The pro-illegal activists swung into action on Tuesday, blocking exit routes from the airport detention center and lawyering up a frenzy. By late Tuesday it seemed there was just one illegal left on the plane.

Then some outfit called the European Court of Human Rights issued an injunction to prevent that one illegal being deported. So the flight was cancelled. Number of illegals deported: zero.

Wait: Didn’t the Brits unshackle themselves from Europe? How come they have to obey this ruling by a bunch of Frogs, Krauts, Dagos, and Wops? I have no idea. Nobody in Britain seems to have any idea, either.

While all this was going on, of course several hundred new scofflaws landed in Britain and were escorted to nice hotels.

Did I say “fiasco”? This makes our own Border Tsar—or “Tsarina,” I guess—this makes Kamala Harris look like a strategic mastermind.

As an ex-Brit, in a spirit of nostalgic affection for the old place, I hereby offer my advice to the British government free of charge.

  • Arrest everyone who lands in your country illegally. Confine them in special secure camps, with the right to self-deport at any time. (What, you don’t have those kinds of facilities? Then build them, dammit. When COVID came up the ChiComs built a 1,500-room hospital in five days.)
  • Children should be placed in care facilities with adequate nutrition and basic education. If I remember my Charles Dickens correctly, Britain used to excel at this.
  • You are welcome to my suggestion that you restore the excellent former system of hulks: surplus ships fitted out with secure cells, like those used to handle the overflow from Britain’s prisons in the 18th and 19th centuries. Hulks have the advantage that they can be moored well offshore, so they don’t cause offense to the pleasant British landscape the way on-shore camps would. They also spare the hassle of getting land rights and so on. Hulks: what’s not to like?
  • The tens of thousands of illegal aliens already in Britain as a result of these past four years of inaction need to be rounded up and incarcerated as above.

The easy way to do this is to rescind any rights they have been given to work in your country. To avoid them working illegally, establish an E-verify system based on National Insurance Number (that’s the British equivalent of a Social Security Number), with brutal penalties for employers who hire without checking.

That should take care of the problem.

No, no, no need to thank me. You’re welcome!


John Derbyshire writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him.) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He has had two books published by com: FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT II: ESSAYS 2013.

For years he’s been podcasting at Radio Derb, now available at for no charge. His writings are archived at

Full acknowledgements to VDARE and John Derbyshire for letting us reprint the article: news – America’s Immigration Voice.
The VDARE Foundation, PO Box 211, Litchfield, CT 06759, USA

Editor’s note:
John Derbyshire was born in Northampton, in the south Midlands, in June 1945. He attended the Northampton School for Boys and graduated from University College London, where he studied mathematics. He emigrated to the USA in the 1960s. Before turning to writing full-time, he worked on Wall Street as a computer programmer. John worked as a writer at National Review until he was terminated in 2012 because of an alleged “racist” article published in Taki’s Magazine.
He then moved on to work for Vdare, where he could write more freely.

In 1996 he wrote the novel Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream which was a New York Times “Notable Book of the Year”. His 2004 non-fiction book Prime Obsession won the Mathematical Association of America’s inaugural Euler Book Prize. A political book, We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism, was released in September 2009.

I met John over 25 years ago at an American Renaissance Conference in Northern Virginia, and recently sent sent him a copy of Heritage and Destiny magazine.

Karl Hand (1950-2022)

Sadly we were informed last week by one of our American subscribers, that Karl Hand passed away the previous month after a stroke, and it looks like the Racial Nationalist Party of America (RNPA) and their bi-monthly magazine White Voice will pass with him, as there was no successor.

The RNPA was a White nationalist group based in Lockport, New York State, founded in 1998 by Karl. The RNPA was also a part of the Aryan Nationalist Alliance.

They sponsored the annual “White Christmas Drive”, along with Aryan Syndicate and Blood and Iron. As well as publishing their newsletter White Voice, the RNPA also published a whole host of leaflets and other propaganda material. They also co-hosted the “White Lives Matter” successful rally in Cazenovia Park, South Buffalo, in July 2016.

Karl had lived for the past 25 years or so in Lockport, which is both a city and a metropolitan area in Niagara County, New York State, just to the east of the Canadian border. In the early 1970s, he was a member of the National Socialist White People’s Party (NSWPP).

Karl was also a former leader of National Socialist Liberation Front (NSLF) which broke away from the NSWPP in 1974, and a former National Director of Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which was then led by David Duke, and after that by Don Black.

The following epitaph was composed by Karl’s colleagues in the RNPA.

An Epitaph to our beloved and intrepid leader, Karl Hand – 1950-2022

Karl Hand “spoke truth to power” like no one else in Patriot Space. His confrontation of the elite ‘powers that be’ was constant and never-ending. Karl espoused and personified the mindset and conviction that resistance is NOT futile, and can and must be boldly applied by every able-bodied Nationalist patriot in the world! Karl insisted that his organization would organize and fight back, effectively and relentlessly! Karl’s correspondences rejected the notion that “Everything stinks and there’s nothing we can do about it”, which sadly has been advanced by many voices in the American Patriot scene. Instead, he cultivated a base of permanent and successful resistance to tyranny, preferring to perform humble but effective projects against the tyrant rather than cursing circumstances! Karl’s untimely death is merely a brief interruption of a lifetime’s work that will blossom into a world-changing revolutionary movement.

Karl was one of the most courageous and fearless men alive on earth. Many hundreds of folks in Karl’s patriot circles would agree and could cite a multitude of examples where Karl confronted powerful enemies, against all the odds, and never flinched. Karl was undefeated in his battles! He sustained an occasional setback, a temporary tactical reversal, but NEVER a strategic failure! There’s a common saying in American military circles that asserts, “Never jump in a foxhole with a man braver than yourself.” Karl personified this type of courage and bravery, inducing men of lesser mettle and conviction to melt away from his side through the years!

Karl trained his polemical guns on the billion- and trillionaire Elites of our time. These richest and most powerful men who have ever lived now decide what is and is not acceptable speech, what is taboo and what is protected, and have all the speed-of-light technology that money can buy to help them enforce their codes. Karl Hand opposed them, with amazing effectiveness and with only the most rudimentary of available resources. One stubborn man in a one-bedroom apartment sent shivers up the spines of elite men whose wealth would make the most splendid medieval despot green with envy.

These unimaginably rich and powerful elites of our time have erected a system of punishments the most diabolical and fearsome in human history. Karl Hand has stood athwart the designs of these elites and dared to defy them!

Prolific Karl published his political newsletter, rain or shine, six times a year for nearly 25 years. He never missed an issue except for brief periods with illnesses, establishing a copyright for his organization, and tactical field work. Ten- and fifteen-year-old copies of his newsletter still circulate among the North American incarcerated population, and many consider Karl’s publications to be the finest patriot information available anywhere. Karl delivered hundreds of one-page political and polemical commentaries to subscribers and supporters. He performed an admirable annual White Christmas Drive where Santa Karl distributed gifts and toys and food to locals in the greater Buffalo NY area. His efforts enriched the lives of hundreds of less fortunate souls in the NW New York region who had the misfortune of being of European lineage when people of such stock are officially regarded as evil, non-persons by the Elite Powers That Be. And books! Karl kept a stock of hundreds of them, all focusing on the conflict between free Americans and Europeans and the evil Elites who enslave them. Sales were perpetually brisk!

Many leaders of patriot and Nationalist organizations are bombastic and arrogant, self-serving over all. Karl was none of these things, and he took great pride in “going his own way” and pursuing a stridently independent path to gaining followers and success by accepting EVERY patriot as a capable combatant, regardless of social status. Karl’s humility was legendary! He was constantly directing credit to fellow patriots and Nationalists while avoiding self-adulation. In this sense Mr. Hand was extremely rare – a Leader with humility, inviting men and women of the most diverse gifts and talents to join him in his defiance of the Elite Powers That Be. Thus Karl had the most loyal of adherents – he RECOGNIZED the talents and achievements of those who assisted him, and would NEVER browbeat a colleague or supporter over a trivial difference in point-of-view or ideology. Again, an extremely rare natural leader, ever humble to the end.

Two “pet peeves” of Karl were the “Cult of Personality” and nostalgic longing for Nationalist movements over eighty years old that today are profoundly obsolete. Speaking of the Cult of Personality, we quote Karl: “We put too much emphasis on personality and not enough on tenacity and hard work. This is and cannot be a one-man movement, it takes a team dedicated to a common and lasting goal.” And regarding Nationalist nostalgia, Karl insisted stridently that longing for long-ago Nationalist movements, especially the unsuccessful ones relegated to history books, is both self-defeating and time wasting. These sentiments put Karl at odds with large numbers of co-patriots.

Karl was one of the most contented and happy men the patriot scene has ever known. Why shouldn’t he be so? He was the leader of an extremely successful patriot and social group, he had thousands of fans and adherents, and good people RESPONDED to his approach to life and his avocation. Karl didn’t care one whit about spartan living quarters and a beat-up old car. He was making a difference!

Karl ministered to the forgotten prisoner population of North America and is revered as a father-figure by thousands of European-stock men locked up in our nation’s cruel and de-humanizing penitentiaries and jails. Just have a look at any of the hundreds of newsletters Karl distributed over the past three decades. Every issue has multiple letters from prisoners, former prisoners and struggling lower-caste men, announcing adulation and reverence for Karl, the great and wise adviser. Karl reminded readers constantly that most young, White prisoners in America – and indeed most male prisoners of every race and background – are victims of the elimination of the former, America-first system of manufacture. Put simply, there are fifty million fewer well-paying manufacturing jobs in America than there were in 1970, and that young American men are paying for this travesty by being economically poor, unable to support a family, having no future, and succumbing to despair. Karl gave a voice and hope to these forgotten men!

His principled stands on “controversial” and “divisive” topics of the day, especially those dealing with relationships between individuals and groups of people, are utterly taboo today, but would have been completely acceptable in every Western country 100 years ago. European men of the year 1900 might have even found Karl’s convictions to be excessively lenient!

Karl had fast friends on five continents, a dozen countries all over the world, and crossing all spectra of human experience. All patriots like himself, all taking a stand against the soul-crushing and suffocating speech codes, “Political correctness” strictures, where passion has been banned by our elites and replaced by mindless pursuits, drugs and alcohol, pornography and all manner of banal and time-wasting “pastimes” to distract good men from the evil that attacks them!

In some future generation, it is absolutely certain that the social and political boundaries of today will be utterly destroyed and replaced by new ones, and that the elites of today, both groupwise and as individuals, will be comprehensively dis-powered and discredited. Both Karl’s viewpoints on the modern world, and his tireless efforts to advance these views, will be vindicated. Karl is a true hero of the modern world and will be regarded as such by future generations.

Karl’s place in history will be among those who truly and successfully defied the Elite Powers That Be and engineered an organization that ultimately triumphed over its enemies!

Karl Hand will be SORELY missed. The grieving has just begun. But his seedlings will blossom and grow into mighty oaks, and Karl’s followers and fellow travellers won’t let him down. Karl’s Movement will expand and grow and conquer, irresistibly!

  • Composed by multiple members of RNPA Staff

H&D’s Peter Rushton interviewed on ‘The Political Cesspool’

Political Cesspool host James Edwards (above right) with Dr David Duke

On Saturday night H&D‘s assistant editor Peter Rushton was interviewed by James Edwards and Keith Alexander for their excellent radio show The Political Cesspool. This show has been running since 2004 and previous guests have included presidential candidate and syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan; political philosopher and former Croatian diplomat Tom Sunic; and American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor.

Saturday’s show also featured Canadian free speech campaigner Paul Fromm, a longstanding friend of H&D, and French Canadian journalist Rémi Tremblay.

The Political Cesspool is devoting its broadcasts this month to a “March Around the World!” season featuring international guests. The season opened on March 7th with another two old friends of H&D – barrister Adrian Davies and retired Australian law professor Drew Fraser.

Paul Fromm (above right) with Lady Michèle Renouf

H&D joins the Nationalist 100 Club!

Mark Cotterill reports as Heritage and Destiny reaches its first centenary edition.

Heritage and Destiny has now joined the very exclusive group (known as the 100 Club) of UK nationalist publications that has made it to issue 100 – which no doubt will upset many of the loons who post on the nutzi online forums who said we would never reach issue 50, let alone 100!

We join the esteemed ranks of Spearhead (438), New Frontier/British Nationalist (207), The Flag (147), Voice of Freedom/Freedom (143), NF News (126), and Identity (103), all of whom published over 100 issues, but are sadly no longer with us.

Then there is League Sentinel – published by the League of St George, which recently published issue 124, and of course Candour – published by the AK Chesterton Trust, which is still going after over 60 years and has just published issue 873! If I have missed any out, a thousand apologies, as my good friend Mustafa would say after he had skipped his round!

Our very first issue was published way back in the summer of 1999 as “The Newsletter of the American Friends of the BNP” (AF-BNP). It was only eight pages, but it was a start of better things to come.

Issue 1 included: My editorial, introducing Heritage & Destiny, and The American Friends of the BNP; an article written by me from The Spotlight newspaper on the British National Party; a report on a recent Council of Conservative Citizens Conference; a CD Review: Blue Ridge Kind of Love, by Jim Houck & Friends, a book review: My Awakening by David Duke and an obituary for Pauline Louise Mackey, in fact many of the same features that still appear today, in this issue 100.

(above left to right) Carl Knittle and Carl Clifford, two of the original H&D team, with Ken Schmidt, Ed (‘Fisheye’) Cassidy, and Dr Sam Francis at a Council of Conservative Citizens event in northern Virginia, 2000.

The H&D “team” for issues 1 to 4 consisted of just myself and Carl Knittle and was produced in a very basic format (cut and paste!) in the basement of Carl’s home in Ashburn, in northern Virginia.

By issue 5 we had recruited another expatriate “Brit” – Carl Clifford – to the H&D team. Carl transformed the magazine using desk top publishing – PageMaker. Also joining the “team” for issue 5 was long-standing American national socialist Martin Kerr – which meant we were now four strong (two Brits and two Yanks).

The magazine was now twenty pages and was being produced from my apartment in Falls Church, Virginia – which doubled up as the AF-BNP HQ. We also had a website (thanks to Carl Clifford) and we were holding regular meetings and even demonstrations in the Washington DC area. It was all go!

Strangely many years later Carl Clifford’s wife Stephanie ran (unsuccessfully) a couple of times in Democratic Party primaries for the Virginia state senate. As my old mate John Ross would say, “they would never believe us back home!”

Carl Knittle speaking alongside H&D assistant editor Martin Kerr, Jeff Anderson, and Nick Griffin at an AF-BNP meeting in Arlington, Virginia, in 2001.

The final American issue – number 9 – was published in the summer of 2001, shortly before the Federals (on the instructions of the SPLC) closed the AF-BNP down. I would have liked to have reached issue 10 stateside, but oh well, that’s life, I guess.

The American government (INS) issued me with a ten-year exclusion order the following summer and I finally vacated “the land of the free and home of the brave” on November 3rd 2002 and returned to ‘good Olde Blighty’ (Blackburn in East Lancashire to be exact).

It would be another six months before H&D was finally resurrected on this side of the pond, with the help of Peter Rushton, who volunteered to help me start it up again (and has been with us ever since), and with Martin Kerr and Carl Knittle looking after the American side. In February 2003 (I think!) we published issue 10 – dated winter 2003.

We managed quite easily to open up a UK H&D bank account (which would be a lot harder to do now) as well as a Blackburn PO Box for our main postal address. We also had a new PO Box address in Ashburn, Virginia, as our American address that was run by Carl Knittle.

Issue 10 included articles: No One Likes Us (the English): But We Don’t Care! – by Stephen Davies; The Columbians: Founding Fathers of American White Nationalism – Part I of what was to become a 8 part history of the American movement by Martin Kerr; Tolkien: Ring-bearer for racial nationalism, by Paul Comben; A Movie Review: Lord of the Rings – Part I, The Fellowship of the Ring, reviewed by Martin Kerr; A CD Review: Ballads for the New Britain, a Red White & Blue compilation, reviewed by Jamie Richards. And three book reviews – Imperium, (2nd edition with foreword by Mark Weber), reviewed by Martin Kerr; Race, Genetics and Society: Glayde Whitney on the Scientific and Social Policy Implications of Racial Differences, reviewed by me; and Old Thunder: A Life of Hilaire Belloc, by Joe Pearce, reviewed by Paul Francis.

Like Peter Rushton, I had been purged from the Griffin BNP, so H&D became an independent racial-nationalist magazine. We were, as our masthead proclaimed, “The Radical Voice of British Nationalism”. It took Peter and myself a couple of issues to find our feet, but from 2004 onwards we just never really looked back.

From issue 14, H&D became “The Radical Voice of White Nationalism”. This reflected both the magazine’s growing readership overseas and our commitment to White nationalism. The Union Jack flag on the masthead was replaced by the Teutonic Knight carrying the Celtic Cross flag instead.
However, the Celtic Cross only lasted five issues, and was replaced in issue 18, by the Teutonic Knight carrying a “3 Lions” (or Leopards if you wish) flag. This reflected the magazine’s support for the England First Party, for which I would be elected a Borough Councillor in Blackburn just over a year later.

The slogan on the masthead also changed yet again (for the final time!) to “Stand Men of the West – today is the day we fight”. I felt this slogan (from The Lord of the Rings movie) best summed up – in a one-liner – what we are all about.

Issue 20 included articles: America the Big Lie – by Walter Mueller; Time to get back to the streets – by Eddy Morrison; An Obituary to Dr. Samuel Francis – by me. A movie review: The Alamo (2004) – by me. And book review: Tom Sunic’s Against Democracy and Equality, the European New Right reviewed by Peter Rushton.

The magazine increased to twenty-four pages from issue 22 (the John Tyndall obituary issue). And issue 29 was the last to feature the Teutonic Knight on the masthead. From issue 30 the masthead had instead a more professional looking three lions/leopards oblong banner, which we have kept to this day.

Issue 23 (Jan-March 2006) was the last time we used the Ashburn, Virginia PO Box as our American address, as Carl Knittle who had looked after the H&D correspondence stateside up until then was moving out of state. From issue 24 (April-June 2006) we had a new address in Falls Church, Virginia, only a few miles from the original AF-BNP PO Box, which had also been in Falls Church. Our American assistant editor Martin Kerr took over the running of things stateside.

Issue 30 included articles: Manfred Roeder arrested at Heathrow and excluded from UK; and 40 Years of the National Front, Part I – both by Peter Rushton. Book Review: Shots Fired – Dr Sam Francis on America’s Culture War, reviewed by Ian Freeman. Movie Review: Ghosts of Cité Soleil – reviewed by me. And a DVD Review: The BNP Chronicles, Vol. 5: Tomorrow Belongs to Us, reviewed by David Ryan.

Issue 38 (Oct-Dec 2009) was the last time that we used a UK PO/BCM box as our contact address. From issue 39 (to this day) we have used a real address – H&D Towers in Preston, Lancashire. Contrary to what many keyboard/internet nationalists may say/think about using a real address, H&D Towers has never been attacked (yet!) by Reds/Jews/Immigrants, although to be fair we have been attacked (twice) by local drug dealers, but such is life on a former Preston council estate!

Issue 40 included articles: Suez 1956: A Tale of Collusion & Zionism – by Ronald Rickcord; American Renaissance Conference Proceeds Despite Far Left Threats, by Jared Taylor. Book reviews: Defence of the Realm: History of MI5 reviewed by Peter Rushton and The British Free Corps, reviewed by Martin Kerr; and movie review: The Firm, reviewed by me.

In October 2010 H&D held its first John Tyndall Memorial Meeting (JTMM), in Preston, having taken over the event from Ricky Fawcus. A report of the meeting was published in issue 43. This was the 5th annual JTMM and H&D would go on to host another seven meetings in Preston, with attendances ranging from just under 50 to just over 130. The final JTMM hosted by H&D (the 12th) was held in October 2017 and featured on an ITV Exposure programme! A report of this meeting was published in issue 81.

We hope to be able to hold another JTMM sometime in the near future, maybe even later this year, but that of course depends on the Covid lockdown situation, and if we can even legally hold large indoor meetings ever again.

From issue 49, the magazine changed from a quarterly to a bi-monthly and has remained so to this day. To be honest with such a lot of hard-copy movement publications folding during the previous ten years, it was a bit of a gamble turning H&D into a bi-monthly in 2012. But we hung in there and are still publishing today!

Issue 50 was a bit of a milestone itself, and included articles: English Identity in an Olympic Jubilee Year, by Peter Rushton; Gigolo Cops and Neurotic Transfer by Simon Sheppard; The Mullin Family – by Harry Mullin; Movie Review – Wrath of the Titans, reviewed by me. And CD review – Killing Joke’s MMXII, reviewed by Ian Webb.

Issue 58 (Jan/Feb 2014) was the last time we used the Falls Church, Virginia, PO Box as our American address, as we were experiencing a number of problems with the local post office. From issue 59 (March/April 2014) we had a new address in Silver Spring, Maryland, and the running of things stateside was taken over by former AF-BNP member Sidney Secular, who to this day remains H&D‘s top distributor stateside.

Issue 60 included articles: Nationalism in Europe 2014, and BNP in the Last Chance Saloon: 2014 Local Elections – both by Peter Rushton; Ukraine Crisis: a new perspective – by Ivan Winters. Book Reviews: Franco’s International Brigades – reviewed by Adrian Davies; and Rangers FC – We Don’t Do Walking Away – The Incredible Inside Story – reviewed by Gil Caldwell.

Issue 70 included articles: The original British National Party and its secret MP by Peter Rushton; Cuba Revisited, by David Astin; Horst Mahler – Victim of Democratic Tyranny – by Richard Edmonds and Lady Michèle Renouf; Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith, The Debunking of a Myth: Part III – by Stephen Goodson; and Book Review: Black Nazis II!, reviewed by Gordon Stridiron.

From issue 70, January/February 2016, we inserted an extra sheet of A4 (a Subscribers’ Update, carrying internal news and small ads on one side and bigger adverts on the reverse) giving us in fact 26 pages. This has proved very popular with most subscribers, so we have kept this format ever since.

Issue 74 (Sept/Oct 2016) was the last time we used an American address. To be honest although it was nice (and quite impressive!) to be able to have H&D addresses both sides of the pond, it was just not cost effective anymore. The vast majority of American subscribers were now paying online, and those who could not did not seem to mind posting their checks to our UK address, so reluctantly we closed down our Silver Spring, Maryland address.

From issue 78 (May-June 2017) Martin Kerr stepped down as one of H&D‘s two assistant editors (the other being Peter Rushton who is still going strong!). Since the death of Matt Koehl in October 2014, Martin had been playing a much more active role in New Order, eventually taking over as the group’s Chief of Staff. He just did not have the time to do both. Martin remains a staunch friend and supporter of H&D as well as being one of our main distributors in the USA.

Issue 80 included articles: White Sharia, by Simon Sheppard; The Infantilization of Modern Man – by Richard Duchesne; and Carl Klang and his music – by Eddy Morrison. Book Reviews: The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, reviewed by Martin Kerr; and Mark Collett’s The Fall of Western Man – reviewed by Peter Rushton.

Issue 90 included: A Spectre Haunting Europe, nationalist and populist parties on the march – by Peter Rushton; The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms at the British Library – by Tony Paulsen. A double Book Review: After the Reich: From the Fall of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift, and Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans after the Second World War – both reviewed by Ian Freeman. A Movie Review: Outlaw King – reviewed by me. And Old Poet’s Corner: The Crown in the Thorns – by Eddy Morrison.

Issue 92 (Sept-Oct 2019), was our twentieth anniversary issue, which was quite a feat in itself. However, I’m pleased we have got at long last to issue 100. As they say anything after that is just a bonus!

It’s frequently pointed out to me by many social-media nationalists (most of whom don’t even subscribe to H&D as they find £28 too hard to part with) that it would be much cheaper and much easier if we were to go completely online. Dump the hard-copy, with the envelopes and stamps into the history dustbin, like most of 21st century nationalism has already done – they cry.

Even most websites seem old-fashioned and out of date, to this new breed of revolutionaries. They tell me that H&D should be blogging, and tweeting (I admit we do tweet a bit!), but most of all carry on the fight for Race and Nation, via Facebook, as that’s where the real battle is! Be it on smart phones, tablets and/or other assorted “devices”, that’s how we will win our country back – they tell me!

However, I must beg to disagree. They are welcome to carry on their heroic crusade online, and I’m sure it must do some good for the cause (I think?), but there are whole groups of our people out there who do not go on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and TikTok, or even have internet access. Many do not even bother to go on the internet, they don’t have smart phones, tablets or even laptops, either by choice or because of their individual life situations.

A wide range of speakers at the 2013 John Tyndall Memorial. (left to right) Mark Cotterill, meeting organiser and editor of Heritage and Destiny; Dr Jim Lewthwaite; Stephen Goodson; Richard Edmonds; Andrew Brons MEP; Keith Axon; Peter Rushton.

And these are not just elderly people (although to be fair they do make up a sizeable part of the non-internet crowd). There are also an admirable minority among the under-60s who have made a deliberate and calculated decision to remove these machines (including TVs) from their lives forever. I spoke with one of these guys a while back in Devon and he told me that it was amazing, living with no internet and just having a phone that you can talk through! He explained it like it was as if you had left the big city, full of mental smog and you’re out in the clear, fresh air again and you can actually think that much more clearly.

Oh, if only I wasn’t the editor of the H&D, and if I didn’t have to do what comes with the job, I’d like to join my Devon comrade in his world – well maybe for a few hours anyway!

The social-media nationalist crowd don’t seem to understand that someday – maybe pretty soon with the way things are going (i.e. with Covid 19) – we are going to lose the internet. Boris and his Indian friends will just turn it off, and there’s little or nothing we can do about it. When that happens, since we lack the courage to physically oppose them, we will have to take the old photocopy machines out of the garage, dust them off, and rush downtown to stock up on paper, ink, envelopes and stamps again.

H&D editor Mark Cotterill (above centre) was elected to Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council in 2006: seen here on the campaign trail with activists Les Andrews and Peter Rushton

I remember speaking to a group of youngsters from National Action after a JTMM and telling them this was going to happen, sooner rather than later, and the sheer look of horror in their faces said it all. I explained to them, that I was not sure at the time how this would happen, but one of these days we are no longer going to have access to the internet.

It may come via some diktat from Downing Street or Thames House, that just begins with the arrests and jailing of bloggers and social-media posters for simple dissent (as recently happened in Australia), or because the balloon will at least partially go up and internet service will go down, or be interrupted by civil disorder, economic collapse or cyber-attack.

Hard-copy publications like H&D where our people are actually required to sit down and read a block of text for content, which few people born after 1980 and almost no one born after 2000 or so can do, are also still necessary because actual literacy, as opposed to looking at images on an electric screen, is a vital skill that White people must re-acquire and preserve in the dark days to come.

H&D begins the road to issue 200 with the March-April 2021 Issue 101!

That is why hard-copy publications like H&D, must keep going, for as long as possible. But can we keep going as a hard-copy magazine – perhaps for another twenty years? Well the odds are against us, but who knows what the future may bring?

Back in 2012, I wrote in my editorial for issue 50, that we should not forget the publishers of the first Heritage & Destiny magazine – Richard Lawson and Steve Brady – who way back in 1980 launched the first issue of H&D mark I. For without them we would not have had the inspiration to start up H&D mark II. Sadly, they only published six issues, but their articles were of the highest quality. They were men ahead of their time. We follow in their footsteps and keep the torch of nationalism burning.

Footnote: All back issues of H&D are still available for £4.00 each or any six issues for £20.00 (including p&p – UK only – for overseas rates please ask) although be warned we have fewer than ten copies of many of the early issues left now.

Tom Metzger 1938-2020

H&D regrets to confirm the death of Tom Metzger, one of the most influential White Nationalist leaders of the late 20th century, who died in Hemet, California on November 4th, aged 82.

Metzger was born in Indiana but settled in California in 1964 after three years in the US Army. He first became politically involved while working in the electronics industry in southern California, where the radically anti-communist John Birch Society was very active.

After moving to Fallbrook, near San Diego, Metzger campaigned for pro-White presidential candidate George Wallace at the 1968 presidential election. This proved a valuable training ground for a generation of White Nationalist activists, including Dr William Pierce and Willis Carto. Wallace polled 13.5% nationwide, including 487,000 votes (6.7%) in California.

In the 1970s version of Ku Klux Klan led by David Duke, Metzger became Grand Dragon for California, where he organised a “border watch” to capture illegal Mexican immigrants.

A California-based Klan split in 1980 led by Metzger evolved into White Aryan Resistance in 1983. Led by Metzger and with headquarters in Indiana, WAR became notorious as a movement of radical White Nationalist skinheads.

Tom Metzger (above left) with his son John during his closing argument at the Portland trial

In November 1988 three skinheads allegedly loosely associated with WAR murdered an Ethiopian immigrant in Portland, Oregon. The “anti-racist” Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) – the same organisation that a decade later targeted H&D editor Mark Cotterill – exploited tenuous connections between Metzger’s WAR and the killers, mounting a civil case against Metzger and his organisation on behalf of the victim’s family.

The outcome was a $12.5 million judgment that bankrupted Metzger.

Despite this setback, Metzger continued to publish a WAR newsletter and for more than twenty years had a widely-read website. Though many readers will associate his name with ultra-radical street activity, he also had some electoral success, notably in 1980 when he won more than 40,000 votes in a primary and gained the Democratic nomination for a US House seat in a California district near San Diego. Consequently the Democratic Party ended up denouncing their own candidate Metzger in the main congressional eelction that year, and unsurprisingly he lost to the Republican candidate.

Yet even with his own party leadership campaigning against him, Metzger still won more than 46,000 votes.

In 1982 he won 76,502 votes (2.8%) in the Democratic primary for Governor of California.

British readers will remember Metzger best for two of his many television appearances – in Louis Theroux’s 2003 BBC documentary Louis and the Nazis, and the 1996 Channel 4 series Stars, Tsars and Swastikas, where Metzger was interviewed by the black activist Darcus Howe.

Free political prisoner Matt Hale

Dear Friends and Supporters, 

If you live in the United States of America, I hope that you were celebrating on the Fourth of July with friends and family today.   Please try to remember Matt Hale, as he was an indefatigable champion of White independence and self-determination before he was unjustly imprisoned.   We Whites are increasingly being harassed, discriminated against and assaulted in the United States of America and everywhere in the world where Whites have traitorous, anti-White governments over them.   

Matt Hale

As an update on Matt, I was just informed that the U.S. Federal Bureauof Prisons has moved Matt to the medium-security United States Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois.   Rather than move him to the prison that is a mere 15 miles away from his mother, he will be 258 miles away.  To be sure, this is an improvement over his being 996 miles away in Florence, Colorado, but he is still unnecessarily far from his family members.   Both the closer Pekin, Illinois facility and the one in which he is now imprisoned in Marion, Illinois are medium security prisons.   

Our understanding is that the Marion, Illinois facility has a bad reputation for inmates getting killed by other inmates.   Obviously, Matt is in increased danger over his being in solitary confinement in Florence because he may be in the general population areas of the prison.   Fortunately, the Marion facility does have a maximum security cell-house, should Matt need to be isolated from other prisoners that may be a danger to him.   

Most prisoners in medium-security federal prisons can send and receive emails.   I’ve been informed that Matt has opted to not receive any outside emails from friends or supporters at this time, as last time he was in a medium-security prison, he was put in isolation for 6 months because a supporter emailed him some prohibited speech unsolicited.  If you have received an email reporting your being taken off his email list, that is what is going on. 

Please get your birthday cards in the mail for Matt.  His birthday ison the 27th of July and he’d love to hear from you.  I’m not sure of the restrictions on his mail at his new location.  Use your best judgement.  In Florence, Colorado, “homemade” cards were forbidden and commercial cards were photo-copied, and the photocopies only delivered to him.  Going by the Federal Bureau of Prison’s site, here is his new mailing address.  Mail your cards to the new address to assure prompt delivery:

Matthew F. Hale 15177-424

USP Marion

U.S. Penitentiary

PO Box 1000

Marion, IL 62959, USA

Please also note that Matt’s mother – Evelyn Hutcheson – now has a new address. Please send letters of support and donations for Matt there.

Evelyn Hutcheson

150 Yordy Road

Apartment 301

Morton, IL 61550, USA

Tel – 309 321-8433

Email –

Thank you for your support – Free Matt Hale! 


Branden Hall

Website –

E-mail –

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