Isabel Peralta returns to YouTube and Instagram

H&D‘s European correspondent Isabel Peralta has returned to YouTube and Instagram, as we continue to explore the frontiers of political ‘freedom’ for racial nationalists.

An English-subtitled version of Isabel’s new video, in which she discusses the basis and implications of Spanish nationality law, is also now online.

As Isabel points out, Spanish nationality law is rooted in the victor’s ‘justice’ of 1945, which led to the abandonment of concepts of nationality based on blood – the traditional jus sanguinis.

Readers might be surprised to discover that Spanish nationality law is today actively biased against fellow Europeans, and in favour of so-called “Ibero-Americans” (i.e. those whom Americans term “Hispanics”), even if the latter have no Spanish blood.

Another facet of the “great replacement” of Europeans!

But we should not despair. The European resistance is growing – and the courage, intelligence and loyalty of our European correspondent Isabel Peralta is a beacon of hope for our movement.

(Isabel’s latest article for H&D appears in the recently published Issue 118, click here for details.)

BNP chairman shamelessly asks for more donations – but to what purpose?

The British National Party ceased to be a “normal” political party over five years ago, but has continued to re-register each year with the Electoral Commission in the hope of fooling its ever-decreasing number of members that it still exists as a “normal” political party.

The BNP’s membership (which last year was estimated at around 300) will more than likely go down to around 200 this year – this includes many who are “Gold” Life-Members. The average age of a BNP member is thought to be around 70, with very few members under the age of 50 now.

The whole purpose of the party existing is to claim the last remaining wills that well-meaning members made in the party’s heyday 15-20 years ago. There are rumoured to be just two wills left now – one which includes a house in London, worth well over £1 million.

Thankfully last year, one will that an elderly former member in Devon had made many years ago was changed at almost the last minute, by quick-thinking former Plymouth BNP members who have since left the party and joined Patriotic Alternative. That money is now safe and will not be heading north to Cumbria.

The BNP now only exists as a fundraising operation to benefit chairman Adam Walker and his henchman Clive Jefferson

Even though the BNP only exists in name now, and has no regions, branches or even groups left and does not stand in any elections, or hold any meetings, demonstrations, marches or even leafleting sessions anymore, they still sent out another fund-raising appeal last week!

After claiming that the Tories have stolen another BNP policy “British Homes for British Workers”, BNP chairman Adam Walker wrote:

“Only the British National Party has continuously campaigned to end mass immigration in Britain and put British people first. It is crucial we act now, together we are stronger, together our voices are louder, donate/join today.”

Along with the A4 letter was a double-sided A5 donation form, which he no doubt hopes gullible members will fill in and return with some lucre for his non-existent political campaigns.

You really could not make this sort of stuff up.

BNP chairman Adam Walker was only a clown even in his heyday, but members now don’t even get a clown act for their money – only an incessant passing of the donation bucket.

English Democrats campaign to end politically correct Policing

The English Democrats Party are standing four candidates (so far) in this May’s Police Commissioner elections – in Essex, Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire and West Mercia – and three candidates (so far) for the Mayoral elections (which also includes Police Commissionerships).

Party activists have been out and about in these constituencies distributing leaflets in preparation for those elections.

The chairman of the English Democrats Robin Tilbrook always leads from the front and is standing as the party’s Police Commissioner candidate in his local area – Essex.

The party’s other candidates are David Dickason for Lincolnshire; Antonio Daniel Vitiello for Bedfordshire; and Henry Curteis for West Mercia.

The party’s Mayoral candidates are Stephen Morris for Greater Manchester; David Allen for South Yorkshire and Thérèse Hirst for West Yorkshire.

The English Democrats will also be standing a number of local council candidates up and down the country. Full details of these will be published after nominations close at the end of March.
H&D readers wishing to help the English Democrats in any of the constituencies they are contesting can contact the party by writing to: The English Democrats, Queries Green, Willingale, Essex, SS2 5QF.

Or Telephone 0207 242 1066 or 01277 896000

Or Email – Enquiries@EnglishDemocrats.Party

Check out the party’s website at –

Chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook speaking at a Traditional Britain Group event in 2023

The great historian David Irving is seriously ill

Readers will have heard rumours for some months that the great historian David Irving is seriously ill. This morning a statement from his family confirmed the sad news that Mr Irving now requires 24-hour nursing care and is no longer able to continue the work that has transformed our understanding of 20th century history.

David Irving, who will be 86 next month, published his first book The Destruction of Dresden in 1963. In this and many subsequent works – based on the groundbreaking study of archival documents as well as interviews with central participants in the events of the Second World War, and access to private letters and diaries – he earned both the wrath of ‘official’ propagandists and the gratitude of readers worldwide.

In this essay from 2022 our assistant editor Peter Rushton showed how the MI6-linked propaganda agency IRD worked with the Churchill family in efforts to discredit David Irving’s work during the late 1960s and 1970s. They employed the same agent who more than three decades earlier had concocted a campaign of lies against Adolf Hitler during the future Führer‘s election campaigns!

David Irving’s family are appealing for help from his many readers worldwide, so as to ensure that he is able to live with the dignity he deserves at this difficult time of his life, and that his life’s work is preserved for future generations.

Please click here for details of how you can help this great historian and his family.

H&D Issue 118 published

The new issue (#118) of Heritage and Destiny magazine is out now. The 28-page, March – April 2024 issue, has as its lead:

Will nationalists ever start to win elections again? – Alec Suchi says yes – but you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Issue 118

March – April 2024

Contents include:

  • Editorial – by Mark Cotterill
  • Right to Reply – Community Politics – The Route We Must Take – by Kenny Smith
  • On the front line in Madrid – by Isabel Peralta
  • Book Review – Spies: The Epic Intelligence War between East and West – by Calder Walton – reviewed by Peter Rushton
  • Elections – You’ve got to be in it to win it! – by Alec Suchi
  • The Battle of Lewisham – a stroll down Memory Lane – by Paul Ballard
  • At the 2023 Traditional Britain Group Conference – and the TBG Christmas Social – by Tony Paulsen
  • Book Review – Anglophobia – The Unrecognised Hated – by Harry Richardson and Frank Salter – Part I of a review by Ian Freeman
  • Patriotic Alternative 2023 Conference report – by John Rose
  • From the Other Side of the Pond – by Kenneth Schmidt
  • Two full pages of readers’ letters
  • Movement News – Latest analysis of the nationalist movement – by Peter Rushton
  • Movie Review – Napoleon – reviewed by Mark Cotterill

If you would like a sample copy of this issue, please send just £7.00 or $15.00 to H&D, 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, PR2 6HE, England, UK – or if you would like to subscribe please go to – – for full details or email –

Issue 118 of H&D magazine delayed, but will be out tomorrow

A message from H&D Editor Mark Cotterill

Sincere apologies for there being no January-February issue of Heritage and Destiny magazine. This was mainly due to your editor being out of action for the best part of January having gone down with a bad dose of the dreaded lurgi – maybe Covid or some other similar disease, whatever it was – and I still don’t know as there was no chance of seeing a NHS doctor, and the nearest private doctor was in Manchester – it almost finished me off. The keyword being “almost” as I’m still here!

However, loyal subscribers should fear not as although the January-February issue has been cancelled, we have now published issue #118, which will now be the March-April 2024 issue, so your subscriptions will still run for six issues, but just be extended by two months. In all fairness to the H&D team, this is the first time in over twenty years that we have failed to get an issue of the magazine out on time, so not too bad a run.

Issue 118 is now back from the printers (we collected it this afternoon) and is now at H&D Towers in Preston, ready to be posted out tomorrow/Tuesday. So please bear with us a few more days, as your copy of Britain’s best nationalist magazine will be dropping on your doormats very soon.

As the famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said (in 1888), “Out of life’s school of war – what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.” Although, this sentence has been misquoted many times, I still think it is very relevant in our situation, as in my humble opinion, it nevertheless accurately portrays the picture of resilience and affirmation for overcoming adversity, which H&D does.

Homeland Party registration accepted by Electoral Commission

The UK has a new nationalist political party following yesterday’s decision by the Electoral Commission to accept the registration of the Homeland Party.

A previous attempt to register the Homeland Party had been turned down, which meant that the party’s name could not appear on ballot papers. Several Homeland Party members serve on parish/community councils, the lowest tier of local government, without a party label. But while it is common for non-partisan councillors to serve at that level, registration with the Commission was necessary if the party was to make serious progress.

Welcoming the decision, a Homeland Party press release stated that their party is dedicated to bringing about democratic change, which is often obstructed by the old gang parties; we will never shy away from enacting the will of the people. We are proud to be the first party in the country to call for a binding referendum on immigration, an idea that is gaining traction across Europe. We are calling for proportional representation and for more power to be devolved to a local level.

Our plans are centred around the needs of the people we serve. From community care to the environment, economy, and much-needed political reform, the Homeland Party will work tirelessly to build a future for our children rooted in fairness and justice.

H&D editor Mark Cotterill (above left) more than a decade ago with Kenny Smith in Glasgow Green, soon after Kenny’s departure from the BNP. Kenny Smith is now chairman of the Homeland Party.

The UK now has two active political parties which could be termed “racial nationalist” – the British Democrats and now the Homeland Party.

The British National Party remains registered but has long since ceased to carry out any political activity, while the National Front still exists but on a much smaller basis than in the past, fighting only very occasional elections.

The UK’s largest racial nationalist organisation, Patriotic Alternative, is still not registered as a political party despite several attempts to do so. Certain disagreements last spring led to the formation of the Homeland Party by a group of former PA officials including Kenny Smith, Homeland’s chairman, who has been a nationalist activist since his BNP days in the 1990s and 2000s.

In addition to PA, several racial nationalist groups remain active outside the electoral arena, including some very longstanding organisations such as British Movement and the League of St George.

H&D is of course independent of any one party or group. We hope to play our part in the essential task of obtaining ideological and strategic clarity for our movement, and avoiding the pitfalls of personality clashes and opportunism that have bedevilled our cause for decades.

Sam Melia convicted in latest abuse of UK race laws

Sam Melia with his wife Laura, who is presently expecting their second child

Yesterday afternoon Sam Melia, Yorkshire regional organiser of Patriotic Alternative, was convicted at Leeds Crown Court on two charges relating to racial nationalist stickers distributed via the Telegram social media platform. He will return to court for sentencing on 1st March.

One charge was under the UK’s notorious laws against “inciting racial hatred”, a concept which the courts now seem to interpret very widely. Legal sources have confirmed to H&D that the stickers for which Sam was convicted would not in the past have been expected to warrant prosecution.

The other charge was of “encouraging racially aggravated criminal damage”. This is again a cynical abuse of UK law by the authorities. Older readers will remember that similar ploys began to be used in the 1990s against the British National Party (then led by John Tyndall). BNP officials were in those days summonsed by local councils holding them responsible for removing stickers from public property such as lampposts and bus shelters, even though other stickers (including “anti-racist” political ones) are commonly displayed in such places.

As racial nationalists we shall need to consider our options very carefully in the light of the apparent determination of police and prosecutors to act as enforcers of an ever more restrictive political orthodoxy.

Sam’s wife Laura Towler (above right) at an H&D event with fellow speakers Dr Jim Lewthwaite, Keith Axon, Peter Rushton and Isabel Peralta.

For now, we are sure that all of our readers will join the H&D team in sending our best wishes to Sam and his wife Laura (PA’s deputy leader) who are presently expecting their second child.

H&D is not part of any political party or group, and we realise that while some readers are PA members, others have had (and continue to have) differences with PA.

Nevertheless, we are confident that all readers will recognise that the prosecution of Sam Melia is an attack not only on PA but on the rights of all British racial nationalists.

Now is not the time for factional debate. Now is the time for total solidarity with our comrades Sam and Laura.

PA have set up a fundraiser to allow the Melia family a holiday before what seems almost certain to be a custodial sentence.

Judge Tom Bayliss has already threatened Sam that “if you start making your views publicly on this [sic], it will not go well for you.” So we must make clear that the views we have posted about this trial on the H&D website or elsewhere are our own words, not Sam’s.

Another disturbing feature of the case (which is typical of several recent political cases) is that police and prosecutors have tried to imply that holding pro-fascist or national socialist political views, or having certain opinions about political history, is itself illegal.

It is not illegal in the UK to take a positive view of Sir Oswald Mosley or Adolf Hitler. It is not illegal in the UK to be a fascist or a national socialist. We note that the “experts” of the Crown Prosecution Service cannot even spell Mosley’s name, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by anything.

John Wright 1954-2023

I received an email this morning from H&D‘s lawyer: “Mark – Some sad news: our friend John Wright died on Thursday 21st December. He suffered a fall at his flat followed, it seems, by a major brain haemorrhage. John was in any event suffering from advanced dementia and had little recollection of his own life’s history or present circumstances, the second of which was a blessing in some ways.”

John Wright was 69 years old, and died in his native South London, where he had lived all his life. A true Londoner, and one of the few White British Londoners left in that part of the capital today.

Born in Brixton, Lambeth, in 1954 to an English mother and Northern Irish father, John moved to the neighbouring borough Southwark, after the rest of his family moved up to the Northeast of England in the 1970s.

John Wright (above left) with Kristin Duke (and her baby Chloe) and Mark Cotterill, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 1998.

For a good chunk of his adult working life, John worked for the Daily Telegraph newspaper in their advertising department (where he picked up the nickname Bristow, after the cartoon character, who some claimed he resembled!). First, he worked at the Telegraph‘s Fleet Street offices, and then moved over to their new offices at Docklands, Canary Wharf, in 1987 (where I visited him a couple of times).

Always interested in politics, John joined the National Front in June 1979, after watching their TV General Election broadcast the previous month. The TV broadcast (as well as election leaflets) brought the NF over 10,000 enquiries, of which it is estimated that 200-300 joined.

However, those were not good days for the NF, and they encountered a number of splits in the coming year, with the party breaking up into three or four different factions. John stayed loyal to the official NF, at the time led by their Chairman Andrew Brons with Richard Verrall as his deputy. However, the party was really run by the NF’s national activities organiser Martin Webster, from their Great Eastern Street HQ at Excalibur House, in Tower Hamlets – London’s East End.

John stood as an NF candidate a number of times at both local and national level, including one of the famous four GLC by-elections in 1984, where he contested Lewisham West, polling 266 votes (1.7%). He also helped in many other elections when he was not a candidate himself, including the infamous Vauxhall by-election of 1988, when there were two NF candidates! John supported the Flag NF candidate Ted Budden, and personally addressed thousands of envelopes for Ted’s election address.

John was very interested in community politics (which we have covered in recent issues of H&D) and he (with a handful of other activists) build up one the NF’s most successful paper rounds in Lambeth in the early-mid 1980s, where he and others sold NF News and Nationalism Today door to door to White people in Lambeth branch’s target wards.

When the NF Cadre/Flag split in 1985/86 happened, John like most of the activists in Lambeth Branch did not support either side, he just walked away. Their local organiser Mick Turner, who had backed the Griffin/Harrington faction, was left with very few members and almost no activists. The NF as we knew it then was dead, never really to recover again.

However, John stayed interested in nationalism and although not a member of any party kept up with all the happenings on the nationalist scene. I first met him in 1985 when he travelled down to Devon to attend the wedding of another former Lambeth branch member Mark Spong who had moved to Plymouth a few years earlier to attend Plymouth Poly – now that’s another story for another day…

John, along with Dave Moon (who sadly died a few years ago) and his long-standing friend Ray Heath stayed in Torquay (where I was living at the time) over the weekend of the wedding, and we all met up for the first time then, on Mark’s stag night. It was a proper stag night in those days – held the day before the wedding, not like the stag dos of day which are held a week or so earlier!

The wedding, which was held the next day in Plymouth, brought together many nationalists from the London area, including H&D‘s future lawyer. And as they say, we all kept in touch from that day onwards. All due to Mark Spong getting married in Devon!

With the bulk of the nationalist movement (outside the BNP) on its knees by the early 1990s, John was one of the original ten founders of Right NOW! magazine, along with me. We built the magazine up from scratch until it had a subscription base of over a thousand and a circulation of over 2,000. Sadly, Derrick Turner decided to close the magazine down in 2006 – which John (and I) thought was a big mistake – but there you go.

Throughout the mid to late 1980s and early to mid-1990s, I kept in touch with John, and stayed over at his flat in the Elephant and Castle, just off the Old Kent Road in South London, dozens of times, when I was up in London, for NF or Right NOW! events, and when my football team Wolves played in London.

John was a massive Millwall FC supporter, and would attend most “Wall” home games at their ground, The Den. He would stand on the Dock Side, AKA the “Halfway Line”, come rain or shine. I attended a couple of matches with him at The Den, against my team Wolves, but also an end of season thriller against Newcastle United in 1993, who were managed at the time by Kevin Keegan. There must have been at least 10,000 Geordies at The Den that day. The game was a sell-out, and the atmosphere was electric!

John also came down to Devon from time to time where he used to stay at his friend Ray’s house in Abottskerswell, just outside of Torquay. We always used to met up for a few beers and a meal when he was in the area.

In my final week before I moved over to live in the States in July 1995, we had a farewell drink at the famous Orange Brewery Pub (which was once frequented by GK Chesterton no less!) in Victoria, in central London. In fact, the Orange Brewery was always one of our regular drinking spots when I visited London.

Normally after a Saturday night’s drinking, we would all end up at the Pimlico Tandoori, one of the area’s finest Indian restaurants. John was a creature of habit and would normally have the Butter Chicken, with pilau rice, onion bhajis and a keema naan bread.

On the Sunday lunchtime, after a full English breakfast in the morning, we would head over to the Surprise Pub, near “Little Portugal”, just north of Brixton, where we would meet up with Ray for an afternoon session, before returning to John’s flat at the Elephant and Castle for a Sunday roast. I remember everything on the plate was laid out neatly, not a pea out of place! Good days – and good meals!

John came over and visited me in the States in 1998, when I lived in Vienna, Northern Virginia (just outside Washington DC). I can remember the expression on his face when he landed at Washington Dulles Airport, after an eight-hour flight from London Heathrow. He was in desperate need of a fag (cigarette), after being denied a smoke during the Atlantic crossing, and the first thing he did when we got out of the airport was “light one up”.

During that holiday, we flew down to Daytona Beach, on Florida’s east coast, where he hired a car and we drove down the coast to New Smyrna Beach (where we stayed in a beach front condo for a few days, kindly lent to us by the former Council of Conservative Citizens leader Gordon Baum). We were joined there by Kristin Duke (David’s younger daughter) and her half-brother Derek Black (Don Black’s son). That sure was an interesting few days to say the least!

John did not realise how hot Florida would be in August and did not really bring any suitable clothes! So, Kristin took him out to the local mall and kitted him out in some shorts and T-shirts, clothing more suitable for Florida’s tropical climate.

I remember while we were there the Yanks launched a rocket into space from Cape Canaveral – an hour south down that east coast. We drove out of town, and with thousands of others watched it go into outer space. Some sight, I can tell you.

When that holiday was over, we drove north back up to Daytona Beach, where we returned the hire car, and met up with Don Black who drove us up to Charleston, South Carolina, where the CofCC was having their biennial convention. We stayed there for the weekend, and after the convention was over, we drove back to Northern Virginia with Zack (who at the time ran the CofCC’s youth section and lived very close to me in northern VA).

When my mother died in February 2002, I flew back to England for the funeral with Kristin Duke. We landed at Heathrow early morning, then made our way to Paddington. John kindly took time off to meet us there and show Kristin around all the tourist sites in the capital that Yanks love: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower of London, etc. Before ending up at a traditional London pub for lunch. John also met us back in London, a few days later in Millbank, near the River Thames, just before we flew back to the States, for a farewell drink with all the usual suspects.

In later years, John would go over to Benidorm in Spain with his good friend Dave Moon, also a former Lambeth NF activist, for a few weeks in the sunshine every now and then. He would also do the Dover to Calais “booze and fag” run every few months, so he could stock up on tobacco, beer, spirits and his beloved bars of chocolate!

The last time I saw John, was at an H&D subscribers’ meet-up at the historic Royal Oak pub in South London, maybe six or seven years ago. He was on fine form that day, but sadly not long after that he would start going downhill.

I will miss John, he was a good guy, one of those in the movement who normally did not have a bad word to say about anybody. He was a creature of habit and just got on with his life and did almost the same things and went to almost the same places every week – but that was his way, and what he enjoyed. He was a nationalist until the end.

Mark Cotterill, Editor – Heritage and Destiny

Don’t forget the nationalist political prisoners

While most of us will be celebrating Christmas and/or Yuletide and New Year in a week or so, with our families or friends (or maybe just down the pub as some of the H&D team will doing!), please spare a moment or two to remember the nationalist political prisoners, who have been locked up in jails up and down the country for no more than expressing an opinion different to that of the ruling liberal-left elite.

Please make the time to send them a card and/or letter of support, and let them know that you will be thinking of them this time of year.

Two H&D subscribers, Vincent Reynouard and James Allchurch are among those who will be spending this Christmas in jail this year, which will be a lonely and depressing time for them as they are isolated or separated from loved ones and  family. 

James Allchurch (AKA Sven Longshanks) was jailed for two years and four months, and Vincent has been held on remand for over 14 months fighting a deportation order back to France, where the French authorities wish to jail him for holocaust revisionism. These two men have dedicated large parts of their adult lives to nationalist and revisionist activism and had the courage to speak out against the corrupt liberal-left establishment.

James Costello

Although not an H&D subscriber James Costello (AKA James Mac) attended every H&D annual meeting during the past ten years, and is a good friend of the H&D team. He was jailed for five years for thought crimes, even though he had a clean record with no previous offences – even minor ones.

All three of these brave men will be spending their Christmas in a prison cell – not for violent crimes, not for harming others, but for saying things that the liberal-left state deems to be offensive.

However, you can help them by letting them know that they are not alone! Please make the time to send them a card and/or letter of support, and let them know that you will be thinking of them this time of year and that they know that they haven’t been forgotten – that despite being incarcerated, there are many people thinking of them and wishing them well.

If you are sending a card or a letter you will need their name, prisoner number and address. If you wish to send money as a gift, the prison service no longer accepts cash: you have do this online via the government website, and you will need the prisoner’s date of birth as well as the name and prisoner number.

Alternatively, Patriotic Alternative have set up GiveSendGo fundraisers for Allchurch and Costello. The links to these can be found below. All of the details you need for each prisoner are below.

Vincent’s legal situation has been covered fully in H&D magazine and further updates on his appeal will appear in future issues, and on our website and at the Real History blog which is mirrored at

A Christmas message from Vincent Reynouard

The H&D team have sent all three of these prisoners cards and we were pleased to receive a nice drawing back from Vincent today – see above.

DATE OF BIRTH: 18.02.1969
ADDRESS: HMP Edinburgh, 33 Stenhouse Road, Edinburgh, EH11 3LN. 

NAME: James Allchurch
DATE OF BIRTH: 28.12.1971
ADDRESS: HMP Berwyn, Bridge Road, Wrexham Ind. Est., Wrexham, LL13 9QE.

NAME: James Costello
DATE OF BIRTH: 08.01.1985
ADDRESS: HMP Liverpool, 68 Hornby Road, Liverpool, L9 3DF

To send a prisoner money:

GiveSendGo James Costello:

GiveSendGo James Allchurch:

Please note, to send money to a prisoner using the above government link you must be on their approved contact list. An alternative way in which you can send them money if you don’t want to use their GiveSendGo is by sending cash to Patriotic Alternative,  PO Box 275, Pudsey, West Yorkshire, LS28 0FQ.  Don’t forget to mention whom you would like your money to go to.

Sending a Christmas card and/or letter will only take you a few minutes and costs very little, but a small act like this makes a huge difference to someone who has had their freedoms taken away.

Let’s hope the response to this campaign is so overwhelming that both Vincent Reynouard, James Allchurch and James Costello can decorate their cells with cards, and despite spending Christmas in a jail cell, that we can bring them some festive cheer and let them know that a huge number of people care about their plight.

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