England First Party election results 2008

England First Party - local elections 2008In an election dominated by massive nationwide swings to the Conservatives, the England First Party made significant progress into several new areas of rapidly expanding support for nationalism.

The political situation – especially in North West England – is changing day by day, with a collapse of once-solid Labour support, while the Tories, Lib Dems and BNP struggle to live up to the expectations of their own activists, let alone the wider electorate.

The EFP welcomes the excellent results for its 2008 candidates, and looks forward to many challenges in the year ahead.


Blackburn with Darwen

North Turton and Tockholes ward:

Conservatives, 854

Green Party, 346

Labour, 220

EFP – Nick Holt, 173 10.4%

For Darwen, 74

Earcroft ward:

For Darwen, 493

Labour, 390

Conservative, 233

EFP – Mark Waring, 130 9.9%

Liberal Democrat, 65



Chadderton South ward:

Labour, 959

Conservative, 735

EFP – Martin Brierley, 425 18.0%

Liberal Democrat, 236

St. James ward:

Liberal Democrat, 968

Labour, 476

Conservative, 392

EFP – Andrew Clayton, 327 15.1%



Cliviger with Worsthorne ward:

Conservative, 923

Liberal Democat, 486

EFP – Steven Smith, 254 12.5%

Labour, 214

BNP, 149


Milton Keynes

Eaton Manor ward:

Labour, 776

Conservative, 523

EFP – Barry Taylor, 309 16.4%

UKIP, 138

Liberal Democrat, 143



Riversway ward:

Labour, 569

Liberal Democrat, 318

Conservative, 187

EFP – Mark Cotterill, 109 8.0%

Left List, 99

Green, 75


Isle of Wight

St. Johns West ward – Ryde Parish Council:

Independent, 262

Independent, 259

Independent, 181

EFP – Craig Coombs, 108 23.8%


White Dragon Flag of EnglandWell done to all England First Party candidates who stood and a big thank you to everybody who helped with their campaigns.

England First Party campaign update – local elections 2007

EFP campaign update - local elections 2007Campaigning is now underway in 5 of the 6 wards we are contesting. Every ward we are fighting has now been completely leafleted or is close to being fully leafleted. Our first report is from the Cliviger with Worsthorne ward where our Chairman Steven Smith is standing. He has been leafleting the ward with his helpers regularly for nearly 12 months. The first election leaflet was distributed round the whole ward last week and the second leaflet is currently being compiled. Steven faces competition from 6 other candidates: Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative, BNP, Green Party and an Independent.

In Kevin Shaw’s ward, Mill Hill, which is in Blackburn, the ward has now been leafleted twice in the lead up to the election. There are encouraging signs that there is strong support for Kevin and a local tradesman has even placed a ‘Vote England First Party’ poster in his window. In Kevin’s ward he faces competition from Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative and the BNP. Kevin is the only candidate who lives in the ward and he feels this puts him in good stead with the voters.

EFP campaign update - local elections 2007In Clitheroe, Paul Frankland is contesting the Primrose ward. There are 5 wards in the scenic Ribble Valley town which is dominated by the castle which dates back to the 12th century. Paul faces competition from two Conservative candidates and two Liberal Democrat councillors. Clitheroe only holds elections every four years and there are two seats up for grabs. The whole ward was leafleted earlier this year and the first election leaflet was delivered to every house just last week. His second leaflet has now been printed and folded and is ready for distribution which will be later this week.

Steady progress is being made in Higher Croft, another ward located in Blackburn. Just over half of the ward has been leafleted. The ward is 96% white as per the 2001 census figures. It is situated in the South East of the town and is made up of terraced housing, new modern estates and old council housing. The candidate is Ian Lofthouse and he faces competition from Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative.

England First Party Election Results 2006

EFPEngland First Party polled 99 votes (13.3%) in the Blackburn by-election on 28th September 2006, coming a creditable third ahead of the Liberal Democrats and Labour, and leaving BNP languishing in fifth place.

The full result was:

Independent – 209
Conservative – 201
England First – 99
Lib-Dem – 91
Labour – 75
BNP – 70


White Dragon Flag of EnglandA big thank you to everyone who helped with the campaign.

England First Party election results 2006

Blackburn Borough Council election results – May 4 2006

The following lists show the results of the local Council elections on May 4.  The political make up of the Council is now:

Labour 33
Conservative 15
Lib Dem 13
England First 2
Independent 1

The full result for the Fernhurst ward was:

England First Party – 598 – ELECTED
Conservative – 553
Labour – 304
Green Party – 156

The full result for the Meadowhead ward was:

England First Party – 858 – ELECTED
Labour – 584
Conservative – 527


Mark Cotterill - England First Party electoral success 2006Well done to all England First Party candidates who stood and also a big thank you to everybody who helped with their successful campaigns.

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