Nationalist candidates at 2024 elections

The following parties and independents within the nationalist spectrum are contesting local elections on 2nd May 2024.

British Democrats
Chris Bateman – Castledon and Crouch, Basildon
Dr Jim Lewthwaite – Wyke, Bradford
Julian Leppert – Waltham Abbey North, Epping Forest
Lawrence Rustem – Shepway, Maidstone

Homeland Party
Roger Robertson – Hartley Wintney, Hart

Callum Hewitt – Central & West Bank, Halton
Gary Butler – Shepway, Maidstone


Civic nationalist parties candidates at this election include:

English Democrats
Maxine Spencer – Dearne North, Barnsley
Janus Polenceusz – Dearne South, Barnsley
Steve Morris – Besses, Bury
Val Morris – Holyrood, Bury
Robin Tilbrook – Rural East, Epping Forest
Robin Tilbrook – Essex Police & Crime Commissioner
David Dickason – Lincolnshire Police & Crime Commissioner
Henry Curteis – West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner

National Housing Party UK
John Lawrence – Hollinwood, Oldham

Britain First
Nick Scanlon – London Mayor
Nick Scanlon – Greater London Assembly
David Bamber – Cokeham, Adur
Amanda Peel – Bablake, Coventry

Reform UK – 328 candidates nationwide
Heritage Party – 34 candidates nationwide
UKIP – 17 candidates nationwide

Tory civil war breaks out over Israel

In recent months Israel’s invasion of Gaza has caused serious splits inside the Labour Party, including the resignation of numerous councillors, as we reported yesterday.

But today it was the Conservative Party’s turn for bitter divisions on the same issue, and on the broader question of Zionism.

Former Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan, during an interview on LBC, rounded on fellow Tories whom he accused of “serving the interests of another country” – namely Israel.

Sir Alan specifically named Tom Tugendhat, security minister in Rishi Sunak’s government, and called for him to be sacked.

H&D‘s assistant editor exposed the extraordinary history of the Tugendhat family almost two years ago in an article at the Real History blog.

And here at H&D we reported in 2017 on the outrageous behaviour of Israeli Embassy official Shai Masot, who infiltrated the Tory party and tried to destroy Sir Alan Duncan’s ministerial career.

Perhaps today was Sir Alan’s revenge?

Whatever his motives, it now seems there is a split in Tory ranks over whether to continue the party’s policy of slavish devotion to Israel.

Labour’s Asian base crumbles

Labour’s entire team of councillors in the Lancashire borough of Pendle has quit, exposing the extent to which Keir Starmer’s party has become dependent on Asian communities in some areas of Britain.

The resignations were timed just days before close of nominations in the English local council elections, which will make it difficult for Labour to find new candidates and prepare campaigns.

All ten incumbent Labour councillors in Pendle (nine of them Asians) resigned, in protest at the party leadership’s stance on Israel’s war in Gaza and its handling of ‘anti-semitism’ allegations. Ten parish councillors from the Pendle area also resigned – some of them were due to be borough council candidates next month.

Not coincidentally, one of the main victims of this purge of ‘anti-semites’ was Azhar Ali – Labour’s candidate at the Rochdale parliamentary by-election – who was thrown out of the party after secret recordings emerged of Ali expressing conspiracy theories about Israel.

Azhar Ali presenting Keir Starmer with a Burnley shirt, before his peremptory expulsion from the Labour Party

Ali was for years the main Labour power-broker in Pendle. He was leader of the Labour group on Lancashire County Council until the ‘anti-semitism’ scandal destroyed him, after which he was replaced by the veteran Jewish councillor Jennifer Mein (against whom H&D editor Mark Cotterill stood at the last county council elections).

These resignations reveal two contradictory facts about Keir Starmer’s Labour Party.

The first is that in several areas of Britain, Labour has effectively been taken over by Asians – very similar to the way in which some inner-city Labour parties were taken over by Trotskyists and other far-left sects during the 1970s. This isn’t just because of the influx of immigrants. It’s because in parallel with their arrival, traditional industries collapsed – which meant that trade unions that had been Labour’s backbone also collapsed.

But the second fact is that however powerful Asians might be in some local areas, they count for nothing at the top of the Labour Party.

Keir Starmer is absolutely determined to position his party as a close ally of Israel. The only reason he might now venture some limited criticisms of Netanyahu is that Israeli brutality has become so extreme that they are increasingly criticised by well-informed Conservatives and veteran establishment figures, such as the retired diplomat Lord Ricketts.

Starmer will very timidly echo some of these criticisms.

H&D readers should be under no illusions. Keir Starmer will at some point within the next nine months become Prime Minister and Labour will win a landslide parliamentary majority.

But the fault lines within his party – not only over Gaza but over socially liberal attitudes, feminism, and ‘trans’ rights – will continue to raise difficult questions about Labour’s identity.

Labour’s impending victory will simply expose its ideological vacuity.

It will be up to racial nationalists to frame a coherent response.

H&D will as always carry full reports on the local council elections, both here and in the print edition of our magazine.

Reform UK dances to ‘anti-fascist’ tune

It’s no wonder Nigel Farage (above left) looks glum, as he watches Reform UK leader Richard Tice cave in to the far left

Reform UK leader Richard Tice today surrendered to the demands of the far-left, ‘anti-fascist’ lobby. In doing so, he exposed his own cowardice, and his party’s lack of ideological substance.

After ‘anti-fascists’ criticised Reform UK’s parliamentary candidate for Swindon South – the historian and prolific YouTuber Beau Dade – it took only hours for the party to abandon him.

Spot the difference! Reform UK’s page for its Swindon South candidate as seen this morning (above) and this afternoon (below)

This isn’t one of those typical cases where someone’s obscure tweets or Facebook posts are dredged up to discredit them. Beau Dade was very well known for his controversial views on history and politics when he was first selected as a Reform UK candidate. Tice’s cowardice in abandoning him – at the first hint of predictable leftist criticism – is a disgrace.

The problem here is that Reform UK is a neo-Thatcherite, globalist, economic liberal party which pretends to be a nationalist party.

It does this because its leaders know that apart from a handful of wealthy donors and a phalanx of City spivs and failed spads, there is no significant audience for US-style libertarianism in the UK. The party’s core voters do not share Reform UK’s core ideology. Its leaders want London to be Singapore-on-Thames, while its voters want Britain for the British.

Farage’s parties have previously had to drop candidates for different reasons. Here is the former UKIP leader with his Manchester candidate, Rabbi Shneur Odze, who was exposed in a bizarre scandal where he posed as a Roman Catholic priest, for complicated purposes

Therefore Tice and Farage disguise their commitment to turbo-capitalism by blowing frequent dog-whistles on immigration and related socially conservative issues. Their strategy is an updated version of Thatcher’s notorious television interview in January 1978, when she pretended to share the concerns of voters about our country being “swamped” by immigration.

All of this is bound to end in tears. Reform UK’s leaders believe in globalist capitalism; most of its voters (and potential voters) believe in social nationalism. In the medium to long term, there is an obvious opportunity in British politics for a party that can combine racial nationalism with an effective socialist strategy to rebuild our crumbling society and economy.

Reform UK will never be that party.

Athens – the ruins of Europe

For millennia Athens has been seen as the birthplace of Western civilisation. Yet on her visit to the Greek capital this week, H&D‘s European correspondent Isabel Peralta found a stark contrast between this classical archetype and the Greece of today.

In the shadow of the Acropolis, today’s Athens is the capital of a state completely stripped of its identity – national, cultural and racial.

In this video (now available with English subtitles) Isabel visits both the glories of the Parthenon and the sadly contrasting disgrace of multiracial Athens.

Corporals David Howes and Derek Wood – Lest We Forget

Today marks 36 years since Corporal David Howes and Corporal Derek Wood, two British soldiers serving in the Royal Corps of Signals, were murdered by the IRA after being attacked by a republican hate mob in west Belfast.

The two corporals, serving on “Op Banner”, had the misfortune to run into a IRA/Sinn Fein funeral parade and their car was attacked by republicans, who wrongly believed them to be members of the special forces unit SAS.

It was just three days after loyalist Michael Stone (a volunteer with the UDA) launched his lone attack on the republican funeral at Milltown Cemetery, in West Belfast, killing three and wounding more than 60. The funeral was for the three IRA members killed by the SAS on March 6th in Gibraltar, known as “Operation Flavius”.

As the mob surrounded their car, Corporal Wood drew his pistol but instead of killing as many of the republican mob as he could, he fired warning shots over their heads: that prompted the mob to attack again and he and Howes were dragged from the vehicle.

The republican mob discovered an ID in Howes’ pocket marked “Herford” (where the Signals camp in West Germany was located, and where Howes had been based until the previous week). They mistakenly read this as “Hereford” – home to an SAS base in England.

The two Signals were stripped and beaten by the angry republican mob before being forced into a taxi and driven to waste ground where they were shot dead by an IRA unit.

For many years their was a mural to the two Corporals near the Newtownards Road in east Belfast, which was visited by H&D editor Mark Cotterill in the early 1990s (see photo below). Sadly due to redevelopment of the area the house on which the mural was painted is no longer there.

H&D has ties to the Royal Corps of Signals, with at least three of our subscribers having served with them in the 1970s and 80s.

One former Signal – Jeremy (Jez) Bedford-Turner – spoke at two John Tyndall Memorial Meetings (see photo below) organised by H&D in Preston.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

From The Fallen, a poem by Robert Laurence Binyon, published in The Times newspaper on 21 September 1914.

Happy St Patrick’s Day 2024!

The H&D team would like to wish all our readers on the island of Ireland, and in Great Britain, in fact everywhere in the world, whether you are Irish, Northern Irish or Ulster-Scots/Scots-Irish, a very happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick was not Catholic or Protestant, or even Irish but a Christian convert, from maybe Cumbria, or even North Wales, depending on what story you believe.

Sadly, Marxist Republicans have hijacked the saint’s day, and now mockingly refer to it as “St. Paddy’s Day.”  

In Dublin and Belfast, and many other city centres all over the British Isles it’s just one big “piss up” now.

The Cross of St Patrick Loyal Orange Lodge 688

In fact, as one of the articles that follows explains, St Patrick’s Day was turned into a massive party day of celebrations and parades in the USA, not the island of Ireland, which only followed suit years later. First by the Boston-Irish (both Catholic and Protestant), then by their kinfolk in New York City, and then in San Francisco, Chicago, Richmond and many other American cities, with Irish or Scots-Irish communities.

Of course this St Patrick’s Day, comes at a crucial time for Loyalists in Ulster and the rest of the United Kingdom. Rishi Sunak’s Conservative and no longer ‘Unionist’ Party has betrayed Ulster by agreeing what amounts to a border in the Irish Sea, as part of a surrender to the demands of Dublin and Brussels. Several ‘Unionist’ parties have cravenly fallen into line. But the Traditional Unionist Voice party has pledged to fight against any Irish Sea Border, and this weekend reached an electoral pact with Reform UK. The question of Ulster will once again be at the centre of the General Election campaign later this year.

St Patrick

So far as other UK ‘nationalist’ parties and groups are concerned, an Editorial from last year in issue #113 of Heritage and Destiny magazine remains relevant. The next issue of H&D will update our response to the developing situation.


So the Supreme Court (which is made up of five law lords presiding in the highest court in the UK) has now finally slammed the door shut on any hope that the Northern Ireland Protocol could be overturned through legal means. The courts have however agreed that the Protocol contravenes the 1800 Act of Union, article VI of which states: “The subjects of Great Britain and Ireland shall be on the same footing in respect of trade and navigation… all prohibitions and bounties on the export of articles the produce or manufacture of either country to the other shall cease.”

But although the Protocol is contrary to the Act of Union, the courts say it is lawful because Parliament voted for it. This is obviously true: Parliament is supreme, and can make any decision it wants, and whatever it decides is the law. The Act of Union has, as the judges say, been “subjugated” by the Protocol – just as our treacherous government has allowed the UK to be subjugated by the EU both pre- and post-Brexit.

The legal challenge to the Protocol – in two separate cases – was made by a group of unionist and loyalist leaders and activists that included the pro-Union peer and former Labour MP Kate Hoey, the Traditional Unionist Voice leader Jim Allister, two former Ulster Unionist party leaders Steve Aiken and the late David Trimble, former Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster, former Brexit party MEP Benyamin Naeem Habib, and the former LVF POW, Clifford Peeples, who is now a Pentecostalist pastor.

Jim Allister, leader of Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV)

The group also argued that it had breached the principle of consent at the core of the 1998 Belfast Good Friday agreement, which most of them supported at the time, although probably regret doing so now. Jim Allister suggested those who had opposed the Belfast Agreement from the outset – as he did – had been vindicated by recent events, particularly the “constitutional change”  that followed Brexit, and after, the Protocol hearing, he rightly pointed out that the ruling “confirmed the protocol is dismantling the Union”.

However, what I find almost as shocking as the Protocol itself is the lack of support for our fellow citizens in Ulster from our little movement in Great Britain. Apart from a handful of individuals, British nationalists seem to have all but given up on supporting “Loyal Ulster”   – which has always been one of our key policies since the formation of the National Front in 1967.

These days most nationalist street and online activity seems to be concentrated on opposing LGBT+ groups, Muslim grooming gangs and hotels housing fake refugees and asylum seekers – all modish causes that nationalists are right to oppose. However, should we really leave it to people such as former Labour MP Kate Hoey, and Pakistani-born former Brexit Party MEP Benyamin Naeem Habib to oppose the Protocol? Surely not?

(above left to right) Former Labour MP Baroness Hoey, former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib, and TUV leader Jim Allister at one of several road borders between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

British Nationalists in Great Britain should be out on the streets opposing the Protocol and the Irish Sea border and demanding that Northern Ireland stays “British Forever” – just like we always did.

Of course, the only realistic long term solution to what our enemies call “the Irish problem,” would be a “United Ireland.” Not one where Northern  Ireland’s six counties join the Irish Republic but where the twenty-six counties of the Irish Republic would abandon their separate existence and re-join the UK. Just like London, anybody walking around Dublin these days will see what the horror of mass Third World immigration has done to that city. We need to be united once again and stand together if we are to win our nations back, because if we don’t it’s all over for the British and the Irish, in fact for all White people on these islands.”


The H&D editor will no doubt be out in his local today to raise a glass or two to Saint Patrick, as will the assistant editor – who is not known for turning down a pint of Guinness – while proudly wearing a red and white St. Patrick’s cross pin badge!

Click here to read more from H&D about St Patrick’s Day.

We are all “extremists” now

The ludicrous statement to Parliament this week by Michael Gove listed the British National Socialist Movement (better known as British Movement) and Patriotic Alternative as examples of “extremist” groups to be covered by his new official definition.

However, since the purpose of this new definition is for government to restrict its engagement with and funding of such “extremist” organisations, it seems most unlikely that including BM or PA will have any practical effect. Neither organisation is known for links to government!

The biggest danger is not from this week’s statement (which in itself is pretty meaningless so far as racial nationalism is concerned), but rather from its broader implications. It is just another sign of the direction in which official policy is moving, as governments around the “democratic” world panic at the self-evident failure of the post-1945 multiracial experiment.

Submissions to Parliament in 2021 identified H&D as the main example of a “harmful extrmist” publication that had stayed within UK law

(In 2021 during the earliest parliamentary discussions of a new legal definition of “harmful extremism”, the influential pressure group ‘Hacked Off’ highlighted H&D as the prime example of “online harm” that had managed to stay within the law. We reported these developments in this article more than two years ago: Gove’s announcement can be seen as a further move along the lines that were already discernible then.)

British Movement was founded by Colin Jordan in 1968 after his earlier party – the National Socialist Movement – was wound down due to legal problems. Today’s General Secretary of BM – Stephen Frost – was one of the leaders of a group of national socialists who kept the movement alive, in association with Colin Jordan, when it was in danger of being destroyed by Michael McLaughlin.

Today BM keeps the ideological flame of national socialism burning brightly, and is involved in a wide range of social and cultural activities. The movement is especially closely involved in the racial nationalist music scene.

BM’s General Secretary Steve Frost with Isabel Peralta at the 2023 H&D conference in Preston, where both Steve and Isabel were speakers

Patriotic Alternative was formed in 2019 and has held a series of high quality conferences, in addition to taking the lead in numerous demonstrations around the UK, especially in relation to the scandal of ‘asylum seekers’ / illegal immigrants being housed at vast expense in British hotels.

PA’s Yorkshire organiser Sam Melia was recently jailed for the ‘crime’ of distributing stickers that draw attention to the failings of the multiracial society. This outrageous conviction has become 2024’s most widely publicised case of political repression in the ‘democratic’ world.

PA leader Mark Collett has spoken at several H&D events

Gove’s announcement will remind historians of the “purge” procedure instituted by Attlee’s postwar Labour government and its “anti-subversion” cabinet committee GEN 183. This treated “fascists”, who by 1947 were a very marginal group in the UK, alongside communists.

Both sets of “extremists” were to be excluded from certain jobs, in government or sensitive industries. The “far right” then as now was used as a figleaf, so that the government couldn’t be accused of witch-hunting communists then, and Muslims now.

Michael Gove, a notorious Israel Firster, is seen here in Jerusalem meeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in April 2021.

In a broader context, unaffected by Gove’s announcement which in itself changes nothing for nationalists, British patriots and their European allies remain targeted by an array of repressive measures, as Sam Melia, Vincent Reynouard and our own European correspondent Isabel Peralta have discovered.

We know – and we expect Michael Gove also knows (though he refuses to admit it) – who the real extremists and terrorists are. The terrorists’ best friend in Parliament – Jeremy Corbyn – has, not coincidentally, been among the most vocal advocates of persecuting “fascists”.

We are undaunted by repression. We will continue to fight back against all efforts to criminalise our ideas. We will continue to demonstrate that allegations of “inciting violence” are a travesty. We stand for civilisation against the barbarism and crookedness of Gove’s world.

“Extremism” in the defence of our race is not a crime. It is a duty.

Mainstream media panic over Portuguese ‘far right’ election success

Yet another media panic over ‘far right’ success followed last Sunday’s parliamentary election in Portugal, where the Chega party more than doubled its support from 7.2% to 18.1%, and quadrupled its number of MPs from 12 to 48.

The nature of this party (led by former sports journalist André Ventura) can be gleaned from its name, usually written with an exclamation mark. It literally means ENOUGH! (i.e. “we’ve had enough”!).

As this name implies, Chega has a broad populist appeal to those discontented with the political system, and has rightly concentrated in recent weeks on the threat to Portuguese farmers from out-of-touch regulators and (more fundamentally) from rapacious global capitalism.

Their campaign was also helped by the circumstances of this election. Socialist prime minister António Costa resigned last November following corruption allegations. Costa’s chief of staff and another close friend are among those already arrested.

Chega is similar to the broad range of European nationalist parties in campaigning against the tidal wive of immigration, but as regular H&D readers will know, there are fundamental ideological differences among the various parties labelled by the mainstream media as “far right”.

Reflecting the opportunist politics characteristic of populism, Chega and Vox leaders André Ventura (above left) and Santiago Abascal put on a show of unity, despite the fact that Chega whips up anti-Spanish sentiment over ancient border disputes.

As with its Spanish counterpart Vox, Chega is a ‘free market’, economically liberal party, and in this respect is very unlike Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National, which is economically ‘left wing’ and favours the traditional French ‘big state’.

One good thing about Chega is that its leader André Ventura was among the first leaders of the European ‘far right’ to denounce Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, without any equivocation. In this respect Chega is at the opposite extreme from the Kremlin’s fellow travellers in certain other European anti-immigration parties, such as AfD in Germany, and Éric Zemmour’s ultra-Putinist French party Reconquête.

On the negative side, while Chega has happily appropriated the slogan “God, country, family and work” associated with the dictatorships that ruled Portugal from 1926 to 1974, some of its tax-cutting, state-shrinking policies have more in common with the Reagan-Thatcher style of trans-Atlantic conservatism.

Chega also pursues ‘petty nationalist’ obsessions such as ancient border disputes with Spain, which make it difficult for the party to operate as part of any pan-European alliance of nationalists, though Ventura and Vox leader Santiago Abascal made a great show of Iberian solidarity during the campaign.

Even so, such is the stigma attached to any form of anti-immigration politics that the main Portuguese conservative party (confusingly named Social Democrats) which narrowly won the election but is a long way short of a parliamentary majority, is under pressure to rule out any deal with Chega and instead to patch together a coalition with liberals and centrists.

From a racial nationalist perspective, the entire election was to some extent another charade that avoided fundamental questions. But the substantial gains made by Chega, whatever our doubts about the party, are a positive sign that European voters are rejecting mainstream options.

Reform UK gets its first MP

Yesterday Reform UK obtained their first MP when Lee Anderson (former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party) joined their ranks. But in doing so he merely illustrated how weak and shallow this party (and the rest of civic nationalism) truly is.

Anderson is a former Labour councillor who defected to the Tories and won the former mining area of Ashfield, his home town in Nottinghamshire, under his new Tory colours at the 2019 general election.

In a desperate attempt to shore up Conservative support among ‘red wall’ voters and offset his own image as a former Goldman Sachs banker, Rishi Sunak appointed Anderson as a deputy chairman of the party in February 2023.

As usual, the Tories were attempting to be all things to all voters. Sunak has tried to reassure the ultra-liberal wing of his party by bringing back the most liberal leader in its history – David Cameron (now Lord Cameron) – as Foreign Secretary. In addition to this ultimate ‘woke Tory’, Sunak’s cabinet is packed with ministers of African and Asian origin.

Yet at the same time Sunak loses no opportunity to sound ‘dog whistles’, hoping to convince White working class voters in particular that he is on their side against the inexorable tide of wokeness.

Prime Minister Sunak with Lee Anderson, whom he thought he could recruit as a tame White working class stooge

The contradictions couldn’t last forever, and last month Anderson went too far for his leader, when instead of a dog whistle he blew an ear-splitting blast on a football referee’s ACME Thunderer.

Absurdly, Anderson accused London Mayor Sadiq Khan of being influenced by “Islamists”. Speaking on GB News (which offers well-remunerated berths to spokesmen for “kosher nationalism”, even semi-literate ones like Anderson), the Ashfield MP said that these unnamed Islamists had “got control of Khan and they’ve got control of London… He’s actually given our capital city away to his mates.”

At first it seemed as though Anderson was semi-apologising for his remarks. He’s certainly never clarified them, which is unsurprising as Anderson seems incapable of clear thinking.

But in the absence of either an apology or an explanation of his remarks, Anderson was suspended from the party of which he had (until a month earlier) been deputy chairman.

From that point on it became almost inevitable that Anderson would join Reform UK, but yesterday’s press conference (introduced by his new party’s leader Richard Tice) showed some of the problems Reform UK face.

Their comical inability even to organise the press conference properly, leaving Anderson hidden from the cameras behind a Union flag as he began reading his prepared statement from a computer screen, was somehow emblematic of Reform UK’s lack of any serious campaigning infrastructure.

And the party’s entire ideology struggles to replicate the Brexit-winning coalition of 2016.

While many British families are struggling to pay bills and educate their children, Tice’s party presents them with the warmed-up leftovers of Thatcherism, promoting deregulation, tax cuts, and even more reductions in government spending (without ever explaining where these spending cuts will be found).

Reform’s neo-Thatcherism is combined with the usual civic ‘right-wing’ obsession with queers and transsexuals, and of course an ‘Israel-first’ foreign policy.

Many observers assume that Richard Tice is a temporary stand-in for Reform UK’s real leader Nigel Farage, but Farage seems unwilling to commit himself to the hard work of party leadership, and doesn’t want to risk electoral humiliation.

Tice and Anderson might imagine that White working class families around the UK share their intense concern over whether demonstrators in London have made insulting remarks about Jews.

But if they think this will be an election-winning priority in 2024, they are likely to be disappointed.

As ever, the biggest tragedy is that clowns like Anderson and City spivs like Tice and Farage are by far the highest profile ‘right-wingers’ in today’s Britain.

Racial nationalism has never been more relevant, and H&D hopes that the positive signs of recovery for our cause that are now beginning to spring up around the country, can grow into a serious defence of race and nation. Tice, Anderson and Farage – not to mention ‘Tommy Robinson’ – are merely part of the problem. It’s up to us – in whatever party or organisation we can be active – to provide the solution.

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