State of the Movement 2011

Nick Griffin struggling to think up excuses as he contemplates election disaster in May 2011.

Nick Griffin struggling to think up excuses as he contemplates election disaster in May 2011.

An extensive analysis of the state of the nationalist movement following the May 2011 elections has been published online and will be covered in a forthcoming issue of Heritage and Destiny magazine.

This article by Heritage and Destiny assistant editor Peter Rushton uncovers the extent of the crisis that has now derailed the British National Party as a serious electoral force.  BNP councillors and candidates across the country have now paid the price for years of incompetence, corruption and authoritarian factionalism by their party chairman Nick Griffin.

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Mr Rushton concludes:

A new nationalist coalition will need to adopt the following as absolute essentials, the sine qua non for nationalist success and the very opposite of the Griffin approach.

  • Nationalist parties must prioritise training and support for councillors.
  • Nationalist parties must demand the highest standards of behaviour from party officials and candidates for public office.
  • Nationalist parties must harness the talents of the best available individuals in our ranks.  The cult of the leader is far less important than the need to build a successful leadership team.

Richard Edmonds has pointed the way forward.  It is for other leading nationalists inside and outside the ranks of the BNP to decide how they can best contribute towards the rescue of the movement.  I strongly suspect that the BNP is holed below the waterline, and that either constitutional finagling or financial collapse will intervene to prevent Richard Edmonds and his team from completing their rescue operation.

If I am right, then senior figures in the BNP should right now be preparing clear statements that they are prepared to stand alongside Richard Edmonds and his team, either in a rescued and rebuilt BNP (which I regard as an almost impossible proposition) or in a new post-Griffin coalition.  The need for such a clear statement is urgent.  If nationalism continues to drift through the summer, there might be little left to rescue of the party that elected two Euro MPs in 2009.

State of the Movement 2011 is online here.

Stoke BNP Councillor regrets joining ‘racist’ party

The Stoke Sentinel reports that Cllr Ellie Walker, whose husband Albie was the leader of Stoke BNP until earlier this year, has defected to the new left-wing ‘Community Voice’ group on Stoke City Council.

Cllr Walker, who like her husband sat as a BNP councillor for Abbey Green ward until her resignation from the party in March, told the Sentinel:
“While a member of the BNP, I realised that it was not what I thought it was, with many individuals only interested in hate and lies.”

What Mr and Mrs Walker have yet to explain is exactly what “hate and lies” they are talking about, and why it took so many years for them to discover these unacceptable features of the BNP.

Meanwhile many Stoke patriots – who long ago saw through the shallow opportunism of the Walkers and their allies – are signing up with Stoke’s fastest growing political force, the England First Party!

Elections 2010: England First Party fight for Stoke-on-Trent

THE STOKE SENTINEL, 14 April 2010: The British National Party will face an electoral threat from another party from the right at this year’s council elections. Parliamentary correspondent Joseph Watts finds out what the England First Party stand for…

Standing outside a corner shop in Fenton, Rob Giddings put his hand on his chin and tilted his head skywards with a thoughtful look.

“Who? England First you say? No, no. Definitely never heard of them before. What about you?” he said turning to his partner Sandra.

“Never,” said Sandra looking back and shaking her head.

After hearing a little bit about the England First Party and how members are attempting to win a seat on Stoke-on-Trent City Council at the elections on May 6, Mr Giddings felt better informed to give his opinion.

“I suppose they are a bit like the BNP and that party has done all right here, because they think about what local people want. That kind of thinking goes down well in a place like this,” he said.

“I might be persuaded to vote for the BNP and if these guys are like them then maybe I’d vote for them – but they sound pretty similar to be honest.”

So are they actually different? England First was set up in 2004 by Mark Cotterill who, like many members of his party, used to be in the BNP.

The party believes in English nationalism as opposed to British nationalism and wants a solely English Parliament set up at Westminster.

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Anglo-Saxon pottery kiln finds unearthed in Staffordshire

Anglo-Saxon pottery kiln finds in Staffordshire suggest the area may have been famous for its pottery far longer than previously thought.

DAILY TELEGRAPH, 3Oct09: [Various finds from different time periods have been] discovered in a pit beneath a back room on the site of the Turk’s Head Inn at Tipping Street car park in Stafford. … The dig has so far unearthed some Anglo Saxon pottery kilns suggesting Stafford could have been a major player in the production of pottery. …

Stafford was originally a fortified Saxon settlement founded in 913AD by Queen Aethelflaed (the Lady of the Mercians). The settlement was probably located close to the River Sow and surrounded by extensive marshland as this offered good natural defences, control of any river crossing and easy access to water.

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