Nationalist event survives attempted government ban

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and Dr Tom Sunic, philosopher and former Croatian diplomat, addressed a private dinner of 76 European nationalists in Budapest following the banning of the European Congress (see earlier report).

The Hungarian government’s attempt to silence discussion of racial realities confronting Europeans worldwide has backfired, with extensive media coverage of Jared Taylor’s successful rescuing of the event and his message to attendees, who had flown to Budapest from many countries sharing a common European heritage now under threat from multiracial mania.

BBC News has posted a long report by their correspondent in Budapest.

On the American Renaissance website, there is a full account of the last week’s dramatic events in Budapest – and the text of Jared Taylor’s address to Saturday evening’s dinner.

Tom Sunic’s after dinner speech (introduced by Jared Taylor) can be viewed below:


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