H&D author banned by Twitter: Elon Musk’s new ‘freedom’ policy fails first test (video update)

H&D writer Isabel Peralta – banned by Twitter

The May issue of H&D featured the first English-translated article by Isabel Peralta – brightest star of a new generation of European nationalists. Isabel has previously been banned from Twitter, but in a test of the new ‘freedom of expression’ policy outlined after the takeover by Elon Musk, on May 2nd she launched a new account at https://twitter.com/isabel_mperalta

Soon after midnight on 18th June, this account was banned, despite Elon Musk’s repeated ‘freedom’ pledge. It seems that violent anti-fascists are welcome on Twitter, but even under the new regime Isabel Peralta is not. Elon Musk seems to be just another hypocrite in thrall to ‘woke’ definitions of political acceptability.

Shortly before her banning, a Twitter post from Isabel about ‘discrimination’ went viral and was widely reported in the Spanish mainstream press.

Now denied access to Twitter, Isabel has made the video below (with English subtitles added by H&D) to explain the background to last week’s controversy.

For those new to Isabel’s work, above is a new English-subtitled version of the introductory video on her YouTube channel. (I had edited out the now-defunct Instagram and Twitter links and inserted the new Twitter account, but of course this is also now inoperative.)

Also now available for the first time with English subtitles is Isabel’s discussion of proposals for a ‘historical memory law’ in Spain. See video below.

She discusses the Spanish state’s threat to exhume José Antonio Prime de Rivera – founder of the Falange, murdered by communists in November 1936 – from his tomb at the Valle de los Caidos (‘Valley of the Fallen’) outside Madrid, and explains the history of José Antonio and the Falange.

The grotesque politically motivated ‘democratic memory’ law that proposes to criminalise alternative views of Spanish history remains on the Spanish left-wing government’s agenda, although (at least temporarily) they have had to withdraw the threat to desecrate José Antonio’s grave.

H&D will continue to report on the battle for historical truth – see our assistant editor’s new Real History blog.

Please note that Isabel Peralta presently has only two official accounts/channels: one on Twitter and one on YouTube. She has no connection with other accounts using her name. If she does open any new accounts, we will update this page accordingly.

Isabel’s work will continue to appear in translation at H&D, and we shall report here on her battle to be allowed to speak the truth online.

A practical plan for the migration crisis – new video

Lady Michèle Renouf – campaigner for the right to normal free research and historical argument in Europe – outlines a practical proposal for Europe’s migration crisis. The ‘Modified Sachs Concept’ was developed by retired medical scientist Dr Gunther Kümel as an extension of the international aid proposals published by Dr Jeffrey Sachs, an American economist.

Many people complain about the migration crisis: very few offer any detailed practical proposals such as those discussed here by Lady Renouf.

This speech was delivered earlier this month at a conference hosted by Patriotic Alternative, and Lady Renouf is introduced here by PA’s chairman Mark Collett.

Please note that in the event of any problem streaming the video from this site, it is also available via H&D’s Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/p/CbhwBmAp_6f/

Many thanks to videographer Tony Avery for all his excellent work on this project.

H&D extends social media presence for 2022

As we make final proof changes for Issue 106 of the magazine, which will be printed immediately after the holidays, we have begun expanding our online activities with new social media accounts.

Heritage and Destiny will remain essentially a hard-copy print operation, delivering six issues every year of our magazine representing a cross-section of 21st century racial nationalist opinion and activity – and featuring articles and reviews on political, cultural, historical and meta-political aspects of our cause.

For us – unlike many of our colleagues in nationalism – our website and social media will always be a supplement to (rather than replacement for) print publication.

However we did think it was time for expansion of our online presence, so we now have new Instagram and Gab accounts, in addition to the Twitter account and our editor’s longstanding personal Facebook account.

Broadly speaking, the division of responsibilities will be that our assistant editor will run the Instagram and Gab accounts, while the editor runs the Twitter and Facebook accounts – although matters of great interest arising from social media will doubtless be considered by the entire H&D team.

We look forward to hearing from readers in the New Year, in whatever format!

Click here to visit us on Instagram

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Click here to visit our Twitter account

Click here to visit our editor on Facebook.

There will also be occasional videos posted to YouTube as well as Instagram, such as this English-subtitled version of the film made by Isabel Peralta inspired by Dr Pierre Krebs’ book Fighting for the Essence – book that is also reviewed by Peter Rushton here and in Issue 66 of the magazine.

Another addition for 2022 is that just as our editor can be reached both by email and Facebook, our assistant editor can be now contacted on Telegram.

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