Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

The Heritage and Destiny team – two of whom have Welsh ancestry – wish all our readers a very Happy St David’s Day!

Born on a Pembrokeshire clifftop during a fierce storm in 500 AD, St David – grandson of the King of Ceredigion – became a renowned preacher and founded several monasteries, including (by some accounts) the abbey at Glastonbury as well as the original settlement which is now St Davids Cathedral in his native Wales.

2022 saw a surge in Welsh patriotism, partly linked to the World Cup. Despite the results in that tournament (!) and despite all difficulties that Welsh patriots and our fellow Europeans face in 2024, we should take heart from the words of St David’s final sermon before his death aged 89: “Be joyful, keep the faith”!

Death of an embarrassment

Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin in Africa a week before his death

We are unlikely ever to find out for certain who was responsible for the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin and his right-hand man Dmitry Utkin on 23rd August after their plane crashed in unexplained circumstances.

Many observers will quite reasonably point to the long history of Kremlin dictators assassinating their rivals. The KGB and its predecessors and successors have frequently tracked down ‘traitors’ even in foreign countries, let alone those such as Prigozhin and Utkin who had the temerity to continue to challenge the Kremlin’s authority within Russia.

Yet even today we don’t know for sure whether (for example) the KGB murdered Walter Krivitsky in the Bellevue Hotel, Washington, in February 1941, or whether he killed himself in the despair and isolation of exile.

Even in death, Prigozhin and Utkin continue to be an embarrassment to the European cultural and political traditions whose symbolism they and their Wagner Group abused.

It seems unlikely that Prigozhin had the slightest interest in or knowledge of Wagner, beyond a vague idea that he was Adolf Hitler’s favourite composer, and that the ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ from Die Walküre was used to accompany scenes of American helicopter gunships slaughtering Vietnamese civilians in the Hollywood film Apocalypse Now.

Neither did he or Utkin demonstrate any appreciation of national socialist ideas, nor of Adolf Hitler’s true political legacy.

What Prigozhin, Utkin and their fellow ‘Wagner Group’ thugs liked was the Hollywood image of ‘nazi brutality’. They revelled in slaughter and profited from selling their murderous services to sundry African dictators. In so doing, they acted as arm’s length instruments of their Kremlin sponsor Vladimir Putin, who of course naturally took his cut from their numerous criminal enterprises.

This cosy partnership fell apart for only one reason. The Wagner Group was in the forefront of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, given special license to scour Russia’s prisons for rapists and murderers who could be unleashed on Ukrainian civilians. As is so often the case with mercenary forces, their reward was to come largely from looting their victims, in what was expected to be a swift conquest.

Ukrainian resistance prevented that scenario, and left Prigozhin’s forces under fire and under paid.

The consequence was that Prigozhin and Utkin turned on their Kremlin master, and even after the swift evaporation of their attempted ‘coup’, Putin was left looking enfeebled. If he believed that killing Prigozhin and Utkin would be a form of political Viagra, Putin is sure to be disappointed.

Yan Petrovsky, an ally of Prigozhin: another sadistic thug who disgraces European nationalism

For European nationalists, the embarrassment of the Wagner Group’s ‘nazi’ iconography continues. Not only are we faced by endless news bulletins describing the dead mercenaries as ‘neo-nazis’, but we also have the living embarrassment of some of their associates, such as another supposed ‘neo-nazi’ gang allied to the Kremlin, Rusich and its co-leader Yan Petrovsky.

Last month Petrovsky, who sadly (unlike Prigozhin) does have real connections to the fringe of European nationalism, was arrested while passing through Helsinki airport. He co-founded Rusich with a sadist and football hooligan from St Petersburg, Alexey Milchakov, and they have polluted various corners of the internet with a combination of crude, fake ‘neo-nazism’ and advocacy of anti-European genocide in Ukraine.

Alexey Milchakov, co-leader of Rusich with Petrovsky. Milchakov is yet another sadistic criminal who enjoys torturing animals. The national socialist government that he claims to venerate would have disposed of him very quickly!

But like the Wagner Group, Petrovsky and Milchakov turned against Putin. Rusich is now complaining loudly that the Kremlin has done nothing to help Petrovsky after his arrest.

These gangsters (large and small) are fighting each other as their plan to loot Ukraine falls apart.

For Western European nationalists the broader lesson is clear. We must firmly dissociate ourselves from sadistic thugs and mindless scum who discredit our cause, not only in Russia but throughout the White world.

Should nationalists follow and/or support professional sports teams?

As these lines are being written the 2022 World Cup has recently ended. Close to four billion people watched some at least of the games which is over half the human race. Of what relevance, if any, is all this hoopla to nationalists and our cause?

One caveat at this point is required. The term “nationalist” becomes increasingly anachronistic, particularly in Western Europe and North America. There, the nation is defined as the government which, in truth, despises its own people. By nation we mean the people which has genetic, cultural, and moral elements.

Caveat two, we will not limit our discussion to international play, although the loss of folk identity is often particularly poignant there. All professional and many amateur sports seemingly cannot avoid becoming vehicles for the causes of racial amalgamation and the attendant demonization of any whites who tried over the years or at present to preserve racial integrity.

In fact, it might well be time to do away with terms of “multi-racialism” and multiculturalism. Those marching under the banner of these phrases are actually opponents of preserving the “multi” aspects of race and culture. At worst they seek to exalt non-White races and, at best, they work towards racial amalgamation. From this point on we will use the “multi” label for those who desire to preserve the unique identities of many races and cultures.

At the Qatar World Cup we found a strange anomaly. Only Western European teams featured peoples other than their own. (Eastern Europeans in this, as in much else, are very different.) Often most of their players were foreigners. African, Asian, Arabic and South America squads were virtually all composed of their own. Of course, this contradiction was never noted. When the French team would play the announcers would invariably remark on how the team was the “face of the new France.”

The northwestern and central “European” teams went a step further in obedience to Big Brother’s dogmas. Their captains wanted to wear armbands in support of LGBT-ism and it was only FIFA intervening on behalf of Muslim and other traditional sensibilities that brought this bizarre escapade to a conclusion. A decision, of course, widely and wildly demonized in global media.

Jackie Robinson – the first black player in Major League Baseball

The field of sports plays a large role in modern culture. It has been a prolonged battlefield for the forces of racial amalgamation versus those who support true multi-racialism. Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, it was an accepted social norm that all professional team sports in America were limited to Whites, whether de facto or de jure is matter of some dispute. It was not until 1947 that Jackie Robinson became the first black to play in Major League Baseball. Until that point a variety of “Negro Leagues” played before all black audiences for teams located around the country.

Similarly, American football was first integrated by the Cleveland Browns as they joined the National Football League in 1950 from the All-American Football League (1946-1949) which was previously integrated. As strange as it might seem today, the National Basketball Association did not have blacks in their league until 1950 as well.

In college sports no Southern teams ever admitted, and thus never played, blacks.  They even refused to play teams which had blacks in their lineup. Northern schools had no problem with this until after Second World War. In keeping with good sportsmanship, the Southern schools when playing Northern teams would sit out some of their, mutually agreed upon, White players in order to not have an unfair advantage.

But by the mid-1950s the times were rapidly changing. Georgia Tech was invited to the 1956 Sugar Bowl game there to face the Pittsburgh Panthers known as Pitt. The Georgia state legislature forbade the team to play since Pitt had one black player in their lineup. State law at that time forbade participation in mixed race sporting events. Tech students rioted demanding to play and in the end the school and state relented and allowed the team to participate.

This was a clear demonstration that the hearts of many Southerners especially the young, were moving toward the racial amalgamation position. But it was several galling defeats at the hands of integrated teams and great pressure from the national government and media that fully dragged the South into the integration era. On March 19th, 1966, Texas Western defeated Kentucky in the NCAA championship game. The winning team featured five blacks as its starters. Kentucky was still an all-White side. This event has entered into the popular consciousness via the 2006 film Glory Road where, as could be imagined, the event is depicted as a glorious moment in American history.

Similarly, Alabama began its 1970 season by playing, for the first time, against an integrated team, that of Southern California, and losing. This was a major factor in causing Southern schools to begin to recruit non-White athletes. Today blacks dominate all levels of football and basketball in America, even in the South.

In football the Washington Redskins was the last team to never have had a black in their lineup. George Preston Marshall was their owner and he steadfastly maintained that since Washington DC was still segregated the team should reflect the mores of the city. Finally in 1962 after many threats from the Kennedy administration Marshall relented and signed a black player, Bobby Mitchell to the team.

George Preston Marshall of the Washington Redskins was the last American football club owner to hold out in favour of segregation: the Redskins did not field a black player until 1962.

Yet despite all these changes it is, as always, never enough. One of America’s most prolific sports writers John Feinstein, who has authored thirty books on athletics, just wrote, Raise a Fist, Take a Knee: Race and the Illusion of Progress in Modern Sports (2021). The theme of the book is one heard in all mainstream media in America. More must be done. Everything is still tainted by “racists” and “racism”. In fact, despite the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell originally condemning the kneeling, during the national anthem by a handful of black players, eventually hundreds of players black and White were kneeling and raising their fists in protest against the never defeated “discrimination” and “racism.” In a short time, Goodell himself bowed before Big Brother, explaining how Colin Kapernick the first black knee-taker was right and how sorry he was for opposing the knee-takers.

The title of Feinstein’s book is part based on the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City where two American blacks raised their fists in protests during the medal ceremony of the 200 meters run. The reader should keep in mind that by this point both Rhodesia and South Africa were banned from the Olympics and all international competitions because of their “racism” and apartheid. But par for the course more must be done.

In the UK this, too, recently became the practice as many teams would kneel and raise their fists before matches. Broadcasters had a hard time explaining what it all meant. Some said it was a protest against “racism.” Others told us it was effort to promote “inclusion.” In America stadiums wrote the new anti “racism” catechism in the grass of their fields.

Authors devoted entire books to the courage of the knee takers. To critical acclaim, in 2021, David Zirin authored The Kapernick Effect: Taking a Knee, Changing the World. The book featured hundreds of tales of knee takers at all levels and types of American sports, presumably all “world changers” as well.

The infamous ‘black power salutes’ at the 1968 Olympics

Over 70% of professional football and basketball players are black. In the NBA over half the coaches are black. Yet, this is still “not enough.” Baseball forever bemoans that not enough American blacks are in the league. Names of teams are changed because, supposedly American Red-Indians are upset by them. Negro league statistics are now included in Major League Baseball statistics.

So where does all this leave nationalists. Should we continue to follow and pay for professional sports? Let us pause for a moment here and reflect on the changes sports have wrought beyond the immediate and obvious one of normalizing the end of racial distinctions. They have changed the nature of the previously given culture. Before integration athletes celebrated goals, touchdowns, home runs and the like by receiving a few calm handshakes from teammates. Today they dance, prance, often striking a pose like a chest thumping gorilla. Incidentally, today, Whites are as apt to do this as blacks.

In a fascinating example, professional wrestling which has been a staged performance for well over a century, has now altered its story lines. Once the humble rule-abiding “face” would battle the bragging, cheating “heel.” The “face” was always well mannered and would never break the rules until driven beyond endurance by the “heel.” It was a morality play. Today it is, at best, amoral and, at worst, immoral. The humble hero is now also a self-promoting egocentric maniac. There was little to differentiate Hulk Hogan and Dusty Rhodes (“faces” of the late twentieth century) from the villains Superstar Bully Graham and Nature Boy Rick Flair. All bragged. All strutted. All called up the crowd to exalt them. One of the main sources for this change was Muhammad Ali who brought self-promotion to the role of heavy weight champion.

Muhammad Ali was the first boxing champion to exult in theatrical, arrogant self-promotion

One might say that whereas Joe Louis followed the standards of Anglo-Saxon heroes, today we find the Whites mimicking the theatrics of the non-Whites.

Sports also serve as a never-ending stage for anti-White self-abasement. Some years back – April 15th, 1997 – which was the fiftieth anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s breaking the “color line,” a New York local sports show posed to its listeners the “unanswerable” question of, what were people thinking back then? How could anybody allow there to be separate leagues for blacks and Whites? Of course, no caller could (or perhaps dared) offer an explanation. All agreed it was utter evil perpetrated by the bad White people.

Recent years, in addition to knees taken and fists clenched, have seen sports talk shows invariably raise the question of whether there are “enough” black coaches and owners. (Incidentally no one suggests that there should be affirmative action for “traumatized Whites” who are enormously underrepresented in football and basketball).

In addition, what is truly amazing when watching the Qatar World Cup is why it was only the White European teams of Western and Central Europe that took the knee and wished to promote LGBT celebration. No other nations, including the African ones, could have cared less.

The integration of sports yields a never-ending wave of movies demonizing Whites and praising racial amalgamation. A few examples of a far larger list from recent years would include Cool Running (1993), Remember the Titans (2000), Glory Road (2006), Invictus (2008), Black in Blue (2016), 47 (2013), John Barnes: Poetry in Motion (2018). The loss of racial integrity on so many fronts and the canonization of the amalgamation approach is part of the central mythology of all sports.

Many football grounds in England and to a lesser extent in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, were once successful recruitment sites for nationalist parties such as the NF, BNP and BM. However now they are used by owners and players to wage war against the ever present “racism” and to promote LGBT-ism.

Wrestling was once a drama of the humble and heroic ‘face’ against the arrogant and villainous ‘heel’: today both indulge in arrogant taunting and have abandoned ‘White’ standards of heroism. The first arrogant ‘face’ in wrestling was Hulk Hogan (above)

We all understand full well the hold that sports have on male psyche. We want to play and watch, support teams, marvel at feats and records. Pele (who recently died aged 82) was certainly right when he called soccer “the beautiful game.” And going back to ancient Greece sports is part of what we love to do and observe. And let us not forget the role it plays in social and familial bonding. At a time of civilization disintegration, sports provide ties that bind. And attending games remains largely a White affair. We cheer on teams that feature blacks way out of proportion to their percentage in society and cheer them on while in company almost only of Whites.

This is part of the strange anomaly of sports. Our children hang pictures of black athletes on their bedroom walls. Whatever one may say about their talents and abilities (and they do seem to be prodigious) it certainly cannot help the cause of racial identity to have our population engaged in a frenzy of public adulation of those who consistently alter the very fabric of national existence.

Some will yet object that we can still pursue our political activities, devote time to them and just here and there venerate non-Whites and marvel at their exploits. Be all that as it may, it would still seem that one’s devotion to racial integrity has to be undermined by devoted sports following.

Yet, when all American sports leagues and the English Premiership went, well, totally daft in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death it became ever more difficult for some Whites to follow sports. This was true especially in the American NBA which devoted massive efforts to its “anti-racism” and paying millions in tribute to BLM and other black causes. But now all that has quieted down a bit. I suspect that few still kneel or raise fists. (The “English national” team may be among the major holdouts!) The White fans have come back.

We have our teams and do care, even against our conscious will, about their fortunes. And we can’t help but marvel over good plays and statistics. Conclusions here aren’t easy. I suppose we will have to conclude that if someone can limit himself and his children to following local teams and playing or coaching the game at that level, then that might well be the better course.

But if not emotionally possible, then follow if you must but know that in this eleventh hour, there are probably far more important ways to spend one’s time and money. But we will not conclude with a puritanical demand that we abjure friends, pubs, camaraderie, and match day. Sports has been a dangerous vehicle to our civilization’s suicide as well as a distraction. But if we are to lose our nations to invaders, well, let us at least find solace in friendship among our own.
Hugh Perry, Lake Placid, New York

West Bromwich Albion was the first English club to promote black superstars with their so-called ‘Three Degrees’ (above left to right): Laurie Cunningham, Brendan Batson, and Cyrille Regis, seen here at a promotional event with the American trio whose stage name they adopted.

Editor’s note: The H&D team are all sports fans of one kind or another. Peter Rushton, who follows both Oldham Athletic and Mossley and myself, I follow both Wolves and Chorley, are big football fans. Peter also a big cricket fan and follows Lancashire County Cricket Club as well as the English national side. Tony Paulsen is more of a rugby union fan, although he does also follow the Croatian national football team and Ian Freeman is a longstanding rugby union supporter, having played the game at school, and follows the Welsh national team.

Even before the left-wing takeover of the English football team, I had long given up on them and followed Northern Ireland instead, partly because two of my boyhood Wolves heroes played for Northern Ireland, Derek Dougan (“the Doog”) and Danny Hegan, and later because of my support for the Ulster Loyalist cause.

So, I guess our answer is yes, the H&D team are nationalists and we do still support/follow professional sports teams. Many nationalists will strongly disagree with us and say that we should have nothing to do with professional sports anymore, and I can see their point, especially regarding the English/Scottish Premier Leagues, where almost every football club has forgotten its roots – sometimes intentionally – or if they haven’t, would like to do so – this being the case of (Glasgow) Celtic and Rangers in Scotland, and to a lesser extent, and for slightly different reasons, Tottenham Hotspur (AKA the Yids) in England.

The Tottenham/Yid situation is a strange one, which I will cover in an article in a future issue of H&D. They were always known as a “Jewish club”, although not as high profile as Leeds United who were known for many years as  “The Jewish club.” Leeds – like Tottenham –  had a large Jewish population, and were owned in their golden years by Jewish families. However Leeds fans unlike Tottenham were never Yids.

However, I digress. Even though I don’t go in person to Molineux Stadium and watch Wolves in person anymore (and even if I wanted to it would be very difficult for me to obtain match day tickets, and even if I could, would I really want to pay £50 plus to sit in the stand?) I do still watch most of their live TV games on Sky Sports and BT Sports –  mainly down my local pub, with my mates over a pint or six! 

However, I do go and support my local non-league teams, Chorley almost every home game and to a lesser extent Bamber Bridge. For one thing the overall atmosphere at these non-league grounds, is so much better than the over-priced plastic Premier League. The fans know most of the players, management, and even the owners –  who also come into the social club afterwards for a drink –  which would be unthinkable higher up the league pyramid. It’s more of a family and less of a business at non-league level, and perhaps that’s the attraction.

I will leave the final words to a nationalist friend I used to know many years ago in the West Midlands, who followed West Bromwich Albion FC (WBA)  – who at the time were Wolves’ main local rivals  – in the 1970s. Those older H&D readers who are also keen football fans will remember that WBA were one of the first “big teams” to sign black players, and in their case not just one but three (Laurie Cunningham, Brendon Batson and Cyrille Regis) – who became known as “The Three Degrees” (named after the famous black American female vocal group).

I once asked my friend (pulling his leg so to speak), “how can you support WBA when they have three blacks playing for them?”. He answered me back, “Mark, I supported WBA long before they had any black players, and I will still be supporting them when all the blacks have gone”. Good answer. Even from a Baggies fan!

This article first appeared in issue #113 (March-April 2023) of Heritage and Destiny magazine 

Gary Lineker and immigration hypocrisy

Gary Lineker (above centre) with his multiracial line-up of colleagues fronting BBC football coverage (left to right) Jermaine Jenas, Ian Wright, Alan Shearer, and Alex Scott.

This weekend the British government, our national broadcaster, and our national sport have been caught up in a hypocritical circus over immigration. Television’s best known sports programme – Match of the Day – and many other football programmes have been severely disrupted.

Gary Lineker, the former England international who has presented Match of the Day since 1999, has been increasingly vocal in his left-liberal political views during recent years, especially regarding ‘racism’ and immigration.

In effect, Lineker is only taking to its logical conclusion an obsession with ‘anti-racism’ that has been forced on football. Ever since the start of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaigns, paying tribute to the black American criminal George Floyd, Premiership football teams (and especially the England team) have religiously ‘taken the knee’.

So it probably seemed to Lineker that he was merely being consistent when he criticised the British government’s new, supposedly ‘tough’, immigration policy. In doing so he made an obligatory reference to ‘1930s Germany’. (No one imagines that Lineker, who left school at 16 and has shown no sign of being especially studious since then, has any advanced knowledge of Third Reich history! He was merely parroting the usual left-liberal slogans.)

What Lineker didn’t realise is that the UK’s Tory government under Rishi Sunak – son of immigrants and married to the daughter of an Indian billionaire – aims to play its usual hypocritical games over immigration. These games have been typical of the Conservative Party ever since its then leader Margaret Thatcher played a con trick on British voters in January 1978, hinting that she shared their concerns about our nation being “swamped” by immigrants.

‘British’ Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (above right) with his wife and her parents.

Today’s Tories aim to be ‘anti-racist’ in practice – presiding over an increasingly emasculated police force, housing illegal immigrants in hotels across the UK at public expense, and extending the definition of ‘harmful extremism’ and even ‘terrorism’ so as to harass active patriots – but also seek to deploy ‘dog whistle’ tactics by sending signals to racially concerned voters that really they are on their side (or at any rate are more pro-White than the Labour Party).

It seems odd to describe Lineker – one of the country’s best paid broadcasters – as a victim: but to an extent he has at least tried to be consistent, and as a man of limited education he is probably genuinely mystified by the hypocrisy of his employers and the governing party.

Those liberals who defend Lineker’s right to “free speech” are unlikely to extend the same right to nationalists such as PA’s Dylan Tonkiss.

Most H&D readers are likely to agree that Lineker is entitled to his own opinions. We would not object to people with whom we happen to disagree politically, being allowed to present sports programmes – provided that this latitude is applied consistently. If someone with strong, publicly-expressed, pro-immigration views is allowed to present Match of the Day, then the same should apply to those who express strong anti-immigration views.

Sadly this is not the case. Anyone of even mildly nationalist views faces a witchhunt to remove them from public life. This weekend The Times – once the world’s most respected newspaper – harassed a prominent businessman because of views expressed by his son, not even by the businessman himself! To be vocally anti-immigration is to risk not only demonisation and marginalisation, but even criminalisation.

England captain Harry Kane (above left) leads his teammates in ‘taking the knee’ in tribute to career criminal George Floyd. Note also Kane’s rainbow armband.

Polling evidence on racial questions is very difficult to analyse, because much depends on how the questions are phrased, and the general public are sometimes unwilling to associate publicly with any position that is deemed ‘extreme’.

But there is increasing evidence that large numbers of voters have had enough. If and when racial nationalists can get their act together, it seems clear that there is huge potential support for a movement of national resistance, whether at the ballot box or on the streets. H&D looks forward to reporting on the growth of this national resistance in the coming weeks and months.

Home Secretary plays the ‘Holocaust’ card in migrant row

Home Secretary Suella Braverman has played the ‘Holocaust card’ in defending her immigration policies.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman has been the first to play the victim card in an ongoing row with the BBC over the UK government’s immigration policy.

Speaking to Nick Robinson’s podcast Political Thinking this morning, Braverman (who is herself a Buddhist of Goanese ancestry) said that she had been “personally offended” by the comments of Gary Lineker, the former England footballer who has been presenter of Match of the Day for more than twenty years.

Braverman added:
“My husband is Jewish, my children are therefore directly descendant from people who were murdered in gas chambers during the Holocaust. And my husband’s family is very – feels very – keenly the impact of the Holocaust, actually.”

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker

Lineker, one of the highest-paid broadcasters in Britain, has repeatedly expressed politically-correct views on Twitter and recently criticised the government’s immigration policies. Replying to an opponent this week, Lineker tweeted:
“There is no huge influx. We take far fewer refugees than other major European countries.
“This is just an immeasurably cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people in language that is not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s, and I’m out of order?”

Predictably the row has degenerated into both sides playing the ‘nazi’ card, and Braverman clearly feels that her tangential connection to the ‘Holocaust’ gives her some advantage in the victim stakes.

Lineker’s comments were stupid and should be criticised for their foolishness, not because they might offend someone married to a Jew.

The underlying point of course is that St Gary is another symptom of the crude political correctness that can be expected from the football industry after several decades of relentless ‘anti-racist’ indoctrination.

Ron Atkinson – former manager of West Brom, Manchester United, Atletico Madrid, and Aston Villa – is among several well-known broadcasters whose careers were swfitly ended because of politically incorrect comments (in Atkinson’s case made in private).

In earlier generations, ‘racism’ when expressed by people within football was inevitably crudified, and so is ‘anti-racism’. No big deal either way, and not grounds for sacking – provided that (within reason) football commentators are also allowed to express anti-immigration sentiments. Provided it is not obligatory to kneel in memory of black criminal George Floyd, and provided it is permissible for BBC broadcasters to assert that White Lives Matter, none of us should be too worried about Lineker and his ilk expressing their opinions.

The problem is that only one side of the political fence is considered acceptable.

Perhaps the case should be put to Mr Lineker in those terms, and that would I think silence him rather more effectively than attempts at straightforward censorship!

The Monarchy, Football and the Movement

It should not surprise many of us that the recent death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was marked by mockery and disrespect from many in the Irish, Scottish and Scouse Republican movements, including some Shamrock Rovers supporters singing sick songs during a European game against Djurgården at Tallaght Stadium in Dublin; and a motorcade and fireworks in Londonderry, probably organized by the Saoradh party, and/or Republican Sinn Fein who are linked to the New IRA or Real IRA. Other outbreaks of Republican celebrations at the news of the Queen’s death were reported from Belfast, Glasgow and Liverpool. 

What was very surprising was the booing and chants of F*** the Queen, by a small group of Hearts supporters. An impromptu minute’s silence before the second half of Hearts’ clash with İstanbul Başakşehir had to be cut short by the referee after some supporters jeered and shouted obscenities. However, they were drowned out by Hearts Loyalists who sang “God Save the Queen”. Hearts was always regarded as a “Loyalist club”, but recently more and more young SNP supporters have been turning up at Hearts games. 

This badge is typical of the Loyalist image that most readers will associate with the Edinburgh club Hearts

At the two European games that went ahead in England on Thursday evening at the London Stadium (West Ham United) and Old Trafford (Manchester United), the minute’s silence was observed immaculately. I watched the Manchester United game in my local pub and you could have heard a pin drop. Full credit to the Manchester United supporters for their respect (even though the club is known to have a sizeable left-wing republican following.) 

At the London Stadium, West Ham United fans (who – unlike Manchester United – have a large ‘right-wing’ Loyalist following) sang the National Anthem a number of times during the game. And full credit to the Hammers as well.

Glasgow Rangers management and directors lay a wreath at Ibrox in memory of Her Majesty the Queen

Very wisely, all football in the UK was called off this weekend but will resume again on Tuesday.

God only knows what would have happened at Anfield and Parkhead, where a large percentage of Liverpool and Celtic fans are known for their pro-republican / anti-Royalist views (very ironic in the case of Liverpool FC, which is a club founded by Conservative/Unionist Orangemen! – see H&D #109 for a review of the book Merseyside’s Old Firm). 

There was an interesting statement from Michelle O’Neill, Northern Ireland’s first minister in waiting, and vice-president of Sinn Fein (which is the political wing of the IRA), the day after the Queen’s death. 

O’Neill (whose uncle was an IRA terrorist and has no time for the Royal Family) has appealed for her people (i.e. Irish Republicans) to be respectful following the death of the Queen. She made her comments after being asked about reports of footage on social media which appeared to show a cavalcade of cars and fireworks being lit in apparent celebration following the Queen’s death. 

Some anti-Royalist graffiti, mocking the Queen’s death had also appeared on walls in Belfast, Londonderry and Newry in Northern Ireland, as well as in Dublin in the Irish Republic. 

O’Neill said: “This is a time for everybody to be respectful. …Queen Elizabeth has died, there is a family that is mourning her loss. …At the end of the day, she may have been the Queen of England, but she was also a mother, a grandmother, I think people should be very respectful.” 

Interesting words from O’Neill, especially about Queen Elizabeth being “Queen of England”. Obviously, we know O’Neill does not recognize the Monarchy as head of Northern Ireland, but now she has extended this to take in Scotland and Wales as well!

Asked about jokes about the death of the Queen on social media, O’Neill replied: “The British people, people from a unionist identity here are grieving her loss and I think everybody should be very respectful of that and not engage in anything that is anything other than respectful. …I don’t think it’s appropriate for anybody to be engaged in any kind of jokey-type behaviour, someone has died and I think it’s important that we are all respectful.” 

Michell O’Neill (above left) carrying the coffin of IRA godfather Martin McGuinness alongside (above centre) convicted murderer Raymond McCartney and (above right) Sinn Fein / IRA leader Gerry Adams.

O’Neill was speaking after signing the book of condolence at Belfast City Hall for the Queen – as my old friend JR from the States would say: “You just could not make this sort of thing up”! 

Most of us will take O’Neill’s comments with an extra-large pinch of salt, as she and her party are our enemy, just as the SNP are, and under a British nationalist government they would all be banned. 

However, what is surprising – to me anyway – is the amount of abuse, and mockery, and in some cases pure hatred aimed at our late Queen and her family, not by Irish or Scottish republicans or deranged plastic Mickies in Liverpool (we expect that), but by some so-called British racial-nationalists. It’s really incredible (and in some cases quite upsetting) what many of these Facebook/Twitter warriors from ‘our side’ have been posting on social-media since Thursday evening. 

Some sanity did return yesterday, when one of our subscribers – a long-standing racial-nationalist activist from Scotland – posted this reply to them on Facebook. And to use the old adage – “I could not have put it better myself”. 

As an individual I have never been remotely interested in the Royal Family. Granted, as a British patriot I do enjoy the pomp and circumstance, tradition and pageantry that goes with many of the Royal occasions. However, as a Pagan, neither do I have any religious attachment to the Church be it Anglican, Scottish or any others. But across these isles many of my friends and comrades, particularly here in Scotland and over in Ulster, have strong religious beliefs and identify with the monarchy as head of these churches. I respect that entirely and I know that recent events have meant a lot to them. I am however sad that some in our movement have chosen to mock and demean fellow comrades simply for expressing a loss that means so much to them. I like to think I am an ‘O come all ye faithful’ racial nationalist – in that if you are Protestant or Catholic, Pagan or Christian Identity, Royalist or otherwise and you can equate your beliefs with the 14 Words then that is fine by me. So I finish by saying surely there are sometimes people should think twice before they let their bellies rumble, dividing comrades, and just haud yer wheesht – Haud yer weesht (Ed- in English it means shut your mouth or be quiet!)” 

A memorial to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the Shankill Road, Belfast

His statement brought in some replies (see below) from other long-standing racial nationalists.

“I’m almost the same, a lot of my friends are devoted Monarchists and I am not, I am not a fan of any of them, however I am keeping a respectful silence because I think love or loathe them, you can’t blame the woman for the shameful behavior of her progeny and when she passed people have to remember that she was a mother, grandmother to someone, so as I said I will remain silent!” 

On October 20th 1954, I took the Queen’s Shilling and gave in return a solemn oath of allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I have never wavered from that standpoint. Even since leaving HM’s Forces I have remained loyal. My stance has often met with less than sympathy from various sources, including members of my own family. I deplore the actions of such Royals as Prince Harry and the revolting creature he married. But that in no way detracts from my continued loyalty to the Monarchy, now extended to King Charles III. Long live the King!” 

I agree with you 100% comrade. Some of the ‘Facebook warriors’ attacks on our brothers, just because they support something that we may not wholeheartedly support ourselves, is very disrespectful and sad. No wonder our little movement is in the sad state it’s in.”

As Peter Rushton quite correctly pointed out on Thursday evening on the H&D website, shortly after the Queen’s death was announced: – “Now is not the time for detailed political and constitutional discussion, nor for speculation as to whether the monarch could realistically have done anything to prevent some of the disastrous policy decisions made by governments of different parties during her reign. But we can all wish King Charles III well, and hope that he presides over a very different, revitalised political scene in the years to come.”

The time for such a discussion on the British racial-nationalist movement’s stand on the monarchy will come, and will be thoroughly debated within the pages of H&D magazine – but not this year.

England Women’s victory overshadowed by racism row

Three of the H&D team popped down to the editor’s local to watch the opening game of the 2022 Women’s European Championship, between the hosts – England and a highly fancied Austria.

We seemed to be the only ones interested in watching the game on the pub’s big screen, which got under way with the now customary pre-game knee bending to an American druggie criminal (on the orders of the FA Gestapo now doubt) and fireworks, in front of a tournament record crowd, at Old Trafford (home of Manchester United FC) on Wednesday.

The crowd of 68,871 was by far the largest for a European Championship game and the enthusiasm of the youthful, female, noisy and mainly White supporters fired England to a lively start.

27-year-old Beth Mead (who plays for Arsenal) grabbed the decisive goal in the 16th minute for the England Lionesses – as they are now called – knocking the ball over the head of Austrian goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger after being picked out by Fran Kirby (who plays for Chelsea).

Although Austria defender Carina Wenninger valiantly attempted to clear off the line, with her effort striking the bar and flying away from goal, the ball was ruled to have crossed the line, after the officials did a VAR check.

It was Mead’s 15th goal in as many games for England and the Lionesses’ all-time top scorer Ellen White (who plays for Man City) went close to adding a second, 10 minutes later, flashing a header from a cross by Lauren Hemp (who also plays for Man City) just wide.

With a few more pub regulars now watching the game, it felt like England could quickly establish a comfortable lead with Georgia Stanway (who plays for the German side Bayern Munich) finding space to create and Kirby delivering some clever passes on the left.

But the Austrians settled into a compact shape and occasionally threatened on the break while England gradually ran out of their early burst of inspiration.

It remained 1-0 to Lionesses at half time, when a few more locals came into the pub, including “old Charlie” who is rumoured to have been a regular in there for at least 50 years!

When the teams out for the second half, Charlie looked up a little confused, and turned to us. “How come there are no coloureds playing for England lads?” (Sarina Wiegman the new England manager had again picked an all-White starting 11!). One our guys replied: “well that’s the team Wiegman picks. She just picks the best players and does not care about what colour they are. Unlike the England men’s side, which HAS to have x number of non-Whites in it”.

Charlie laughed, and said: “OK that makes sense, at least we may win a few games now, with a manager like that!” and then went back to supping his pint of John Smiths.

Of course, the last England men’s team manager to pick a side on merit rather than on colour, was Glen Hoddle, and look what happened to him!

Anyway, back to the second half; the Lionesses struggled to create many clear-cut chances and lacked sharpness in attack with the Dutch manager forced to make a triple substitution in the 64th minute in an attempt to add some spice.

“Now we will see a few coloureds,” laughed Charlie. But how wrong he was. To the sheer horror of the Wokeists, Wiegman brought on three more White players! You just could not make this up!

Austria were on the back foot for most of the latter part of game but came close to a leveller in the 78th – England goalkeeper Mary Earps (who plays for Man Utd) doing well to keep out a curling effort from Barbara Dunst.

In her post match interview, Wiegman (who won the last tournament as Netherlands coach in 2017) said “It was the first game of the tournament,” so important to win the game to have a good start. I think we showed different phases in this game, some good and some not-so-good.”

There is a visible contrast between the England Women’s and Men’s teams

Although the match was shown live on the BBC (one of the most liberal-left-Woke broadcasters in Europe), nobody from that channel questioned Wiegman about her all-White team selection.

However, after the game, the attacks on social media started on her, for again not picking any non-White players again. Some lefty linked to the terrorist group Black Likes Matter, was so outraged at how White the England team was, that she wrote on Facebook that “Wiegmans England team looked more like the Bund Deutscher Mädel – than an England Women’s Soccer team!”

It will be interesting to see how the FA act on this, and whether she is “brought in” to have a quite word about her team selections with the FA Gestapo chiefs at their Wembley headquarters, before the Lionesses next match.

Footnotes: –

  1. The Bund Deutscher Mädel was the League of German Girls – the female version of the Hitler Youth 1926 – 1945.
  1. England’s other Group A rivals include Northern Ireland (who also have an all-White side): they play Norway today at Southampton’s St Mary’s Stadium.

Ethics and Oligarchs in Tel Aviv

Roman Abramovich (above left) with his close ally Vladimir Putin

One of Israel’s leading academics has admitted lobbying in defence of sanctioned oligarch Roman Abramovich, saying: “When someone offers you $50m, you sign their letter.”

Abramovich – former owner of Chelsea Football Club – was hit by UK and later US sanctions soon after his close ally Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

The tycoon was already controversial for reported links to organised crime as well as his role as Putin’s international financial fixer, but had been welcomed as a big donor to Israeli institutions as well as to international campaigns against ‘racism’ and ‘anti-semitism’.

Just two days before the invasion of Ukraine, Abramovich and the Israeli ‘holocaust’ memorial Yad Vashem announced a “strategic partnership” in which the oligarch would donate tens of millions of dollars. He had acquired Israeli citizenship in 2018.

Professor Ariel Porat (above left) with Nadhim Zahawi, Secretary of State for Education in Boris Johnson’s ‘British’ government. Porat has defended lobbying Western governments on behalf of $50m donor Abramovich.

Perhaps it was unsurprising therefore that soon after the invasion Yad Vashem’s chairman Danny Dayan was among signatories to a letter from influential Israelis to the US Ambassador in Jerusalem, calling on the American authorities to refrain from sanctioning Abramovich.

These distinguished Jews, including Israel’s Chief Rabbi, wrote:
“We are examples of institutions that have benefited from Roman Abramovich, and have long-standing ties with him. We implore you warmly to consider Roman Abramovich’s position and importance to the community and to Israel. We warn that any action against him will not only be unfair, but will also negatively impact the Jewish world and Israel.”

Roman Abramovich with Rabbi Alexander Boroda, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, at the opening of Moscow’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, which Abramovich co-founded

After the appeal failed and Western governments proceeded with sanctions, a few of these institutions belatedly distanced themselves from the disgraced oligarch. Yad Vashem suspended their receipt of his largesse, but has not handed back his earlier gifts.

One of the senior Israelis who co-wrote the letter and remains unabashed is Professor Ariel Porat, president of Tel Aviv University, which had received $50 million from Abramovich.

Last week in a secret meeting with senior academics, Porat – one of Israel’s leading legal scholars – defended the university’s links with Abramovich. He admitted: “Unfortunately there is a legal impediment to taking money from [Abramovich]. After the war is over, I imagine the sanctions will be lifted.”

And he told his colleagues: “When someone offers you $50m, you sign their letter.”

One of Porat’s critics pointed out: “No one is disputing the necessity of donations — but not at all costs and at any condition. It is embarrassing that an academic institution is willing to sell its prestige and social standing for money.”

Embarrassing, but in the case of Tel Aviv University and Roman Abramovich not surprising.

Abramovich disgraced – a nation mourns

Vladimir Putin’s favourite oligarch – Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich – is now in disgrace. He faces a range of sanctions by the British government and today was disqualified by the Premier League as a Chelsea director. The billionaire Abramovich is no longer regarded as a fit and proper person to be involved in the running of a football club. His assets at the club and elsewhere in the UK have been frozen.

One of the most recent causes to benefit from Abramovich’s largesse was Yad Vashem, the most prestigious international museum of ‘the Holocaust’. On February 22nd – just two days before his close friend and ally Vladimir Putin began his brutal invasion of Ukraine – Abramovich and Yad Vashem announced a “strategic partnership” in which the tycoon would donate tens of millions of dollars.

The Abramovich donations, it was said, would be “significantly enriching Yad Vashem’s world-renowned International Institute for Holocaust Research … at the center of ground-breaking research initiatives in the field of Holocaust studies, which serves as the basis for both commemorative and educational activities related to the atrocities committed by the Nazis and their collaborators before, during and after the Holocaust. This new strategic partnership will expand and bolster Yad Vashem’s research activities, at a time when Holocaust distortion, denial and politicization are rising alarmingly worldwide. The partnership will provide support over a period of five years, to further expand and develop the Institute’s activities on a global scale.”

At first Yad Vashem was lobbying governments not to sanction Abramovich. But less than three weeks later, the deal is off, in the face of real atrocities committed across Ukraine by the generous donor’s closest political ally.

Abramovich is not the only big donor to Israeli causes who is now under international sanctions, though it remains to be seen whether these wily operators will be able to evade the world’s financial regulators in time-honoured fashion.

Roman Abramovich (above right) at a Chelsea match with his close business associate and fellow director Eugene Shvidler, another Putin-linked billionaire now under scrutiny

Some of his closest associates include Eugene Shvidler, partner in many Abramovich businesses and once a fellow director at Chelsea FC. A private jet linked to Shvidler was impounded at a UK airport earlier this week.

Another is David Davidovich, Abramovich’s righthand man in his earliest days in business, who made more than $1 billion from his sale of Russian oil interests. Davidovich also owns Russia’s second largest meat and meat-processing business. He gives his nationality as “Israeli”.

Abramovich attending court with his longtime business partner David Davidovich, an Israeli citizen who became a billionaire from Russian oil and Russian meat processing.

Abramovich is not the first unusual ‘businessman’ to be a major donor and facilitator of Zionist operations.

During the Jewish terrorist war against Britain from 1945-48, prominent figures in the US Mafia helped smuggle weapons to Palestine from New York docks. These included the notorious killers Mayer Lansky, Albert Anastasia and Joe Adonis whose daily business was known as “Murder Incorporated”.

Other important allies of the Zionist terror gangs included Sam Kay, a leading Jewish gangster in Miami; Bugsy Siegel, pioneer of Mafia interests in the Las Vegas casino and entertainment business; and Mickey Cohen, then the leading mafioso in California.

Blair’s unusual silence explained

Tony Blair with his patron Moshe Kantor, one of Vladimir Putin’s closest Jewish oligarch allies and main sponsor of the World Holocaust Forum

Many readers have wondered why Tony Blair has been remarkably quiet so far about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Look no further than Blair’s very close relationship with one of Putin’s favourite billionaire Jewish oligarchs, Moshe Kantor. Among many prominent positions in international Zionism, Kantor is President of the European Jewish Congress and Chairman of the Policy Council of the World Jewish Congress.

Since 2015 Blair has been chairman of Kantor’s ‘European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation’, which campaigns for ‘tougher laws against extremism’.

Vladimir Putin with his close ally Moshe Kantor

Naturally the extremism Blair and Kantor wish to criminalise involves such things as publishing a magazine or running a bookshop. For this type of extremism the likes of Blair and Kantor endorse the approach of Spanish prosecutors, who wish to jail Pedro Varela for twelve years, or German prosecutors who wish again to jail the 93-year-old Ursula Haverbeck.

Invading a neighbouring country is, by contrast, not ‘extreme’: not if the invader is Moshe Kantor’s close friend Vladimir Putin.

Roman Abramovich, another of Putin’s favourite oligarchs, ostracised in Britain but defended by Israel’s ‘Holocaust museum’ Yad Vashem, to which he has made large donations

Moshe Kantor also funded the World Holocaust Forum, which provided a platform for Putin to indulge his now familiar ‘anti-Nazi’ posturing.

Israel’s ‘Holocaust museum’ Yad Vashem has repeatedly accepted major donations from Putin’s favourite oligarchs, including not only Kantor but also Roman Abramovich who now faces ostracism in the UK for his close Kremlin ties but is still very welcome in Jerusalem.

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