HERITAGE & DESTINY: Latest Issue Out Now!

H&D Issue 38Issue 38 of Heritage and Destiny now available!

The new October-December 2009 issue of Heritage and Destiny magazine is now out and hitting the streets of Britain!

Issue 38 includes:

  • Wahn or Virtus? An article looking at the racial/religious conflict in England. By Peter Rushton
  • Nazi Cannibals on Roller Skates. An article on the Heretical Two (Simon Sheppard & Steve Whittle). By Paul Ballard
  • New Era for German Nationalists. An article looking at the NPD and the recent German elections. By Peter Rushton
  • Green Issues and the Nationalist Movement. An interesting article by a former Green Party member – now an H&D subscriber! by Bobby Lane
  • All Change – E.N.Ronn reports on the latest BNP blunders!
  • William Cobbett: The story of a Man who loved England. By Ron Rickcord
  • 1939-2009: Churchill on Trial. A report on the recent Buchanan/Roberts debate in London. By Tony Paulsen
  • SSPX and the Racial Nationalist Cause. An article on The (Catholic) Society of Saint Pius X and Bishop Richard Williamson. By Gil Caldwell
  • Comedian and Professor on Trial in Paris. An article on the latest Zionist show trials in France. By Peter Rushton
  • Plus three book reviews and one movie review:
  • Leading from the Front: My Story – by Gerald Ronson, with Jeffrey Robinson. Reviewed by Peter Rushton
  • Ministry of Defeat – by Richard North. Reviewed by Ivan Winteres
  • The Metaphysics of the Runes – by Harold Mantius. Reviewed by Martin Kerr
  • Inglourious Basterds – Quentin Tarantino. Reviewed by Mark Cotterill
  • And two pages of Readers’ Letters, two pages of Movement News (by Peter Rushton) and a lively editorial on the Lisbon Treaty.

For a sample copy just send £4.00 – or take out a six-issue subscription for only £20.00. Make cheques/postal orders payable to Heritage and Destiny, and send to – 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 6HE (please do not send payments to the old London PO Box address as this is no longer in use) – or buy online with PayPal at the England First Party Shop.

Crunch time for English orchards as apple sales plunge

DAILY MAIL, 22Sep09: The apple orchards of Britain are under threat as sales of the fruit decline, growers and conservationists claim.

Figures show consumption fell by 3.2 per cent last year to 501million kilos, or 1,104million pounds. That is the equivalent of around 100million apples being left on the ground to rot.

The drop in sales comes despite efforts by the Government to encourage us to eat five portions of fruit or vegetables a day.It could also spell disaster for historic orchards producing both apples and pears, which are already under threat from cheap, often tasteless, imports.

Read full article [external link]

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