English Democrats leader begins court battle to save Brexit

ED leader Robin Tilbrook

Robin Tilbrook, Essex solicitor and leader of the English Democrats, has begun a court case intended to save Brexit by establishing that Prime Minister Theresa May did not have the legal authority to delay our departure from the European Union.

Mr Tilbrook claims that the original exit date of March 29th remained legally valid, and that therefore we have already left the EU.

His argument states:

“Her purported request for an extension of the date of departure and the Government’s purported agreement to such an extension is and was unlawful and is and was null and void.”

Robin Tilbroook is presently a candidate for Epping Forest District Council, in the Chipping Ongar ward. The English Democrats’ greatest electoral success came in 2009 when their candidate Peter Davies was elected Mayor of Doncaster.

The government’s initial reply to Mr Tilbrook’s case is expected next week, and the High Court is then expected to set a hearing date.

Is this the end for the English Democrats?


During the crumbling of Nick Griffin’s BNP after the 2010 general election, several of the party’s best activists opted to join the English Democrats. The main advocate of this move was Eddy Butler, the BNP’s East London election guru who had relocated to Epping Forest, where he masterminded several local council election victories but became a factional opponent of Griffin. Those who accepted Mr Butler’s advice included former Leeds city councillor Chris Beverley and Barnsley branch organiser Ian Sutton.

One undoubted advantage of the EDs is that the party’s founder and leader – Essex solicitor Robin Tilbrook – is a thoroughly decent and honest man.  Unlike Nick Griffin or his successors in the BNP, Mr Tilbrook puts money into his party rather than taking it out. But this year’s election nominations suggest that he might be running out of patience and optimism. (Most of the party’s recruits from the BNP have already dropped out.)

The EDs had announced that controversial former UKIP activist Winston McKenzie would be their candidate for Mayor of London, but at the close of nominations his was found to be invalid, due to one signatory having also nominated another candidate. Perhaps this was a straightforward if foolish error, but suspicious minds speculated that the EDs might have decided not to waste their £10,000 deposit (plus a further £10,000 to appear in the booklet and additional costs of a credible campaign).

Such suspicions were heightened when instead of the advertised fourteen or fifteen candidates in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, the EDs in fact nominated only four.  At the previous PCC elections ED candidates had saved several deposits, but the party leadership will be well aware that this time the turnout of major party voters will be much higher, since polling day coincides with local council elections. Consequently ED candidates are this time unlikely to save their £5,000 deposits in the PCC contests.

If the previously high-spending EDs have decided to cut costs, this might indicate the beginning of the end for the party.  Regrettably there is little political space for the English Democrats, unless and until UKIP’s challenge falls apart.


No Surrender to liberal civic nationalism

We have been asked by a former member of the English Democrats Party to publish a leaked letter (see below) that ED’s number two Steven Uncles sent to Sinn Fein HQ just prior to the 2009 European and local council elections. Apart from Sinn Fein, the ED’s have also contacted and tried to make alliances with the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) and Plaid Cymru – both of which are very left-wing anti-English parties. Why any normal English nationalist would want to have any contact with this anti-English, Marxist scum is beyond us?


Earlier this year, after it was discovered that Uncles had written to Sinn Fein the EDs’ national council asked for a vote of no confidence in him. This was carried and Uncles was booted out of the party leadership (or so they thought!). All well and good you may think? Well not quite. After barely two months of being ‘suspended’ from the party, Uncles was back. First as an ED candidate in Dartford in the May local elections and then as a party spokesmen on the BBC Politics Show – taking about an English Parliament!

This was just too much for many patriotic and loyalist ED members, who voted with their feet and are now leaving the party just as fast as the ex-BNP members were being brought into the party in the spring by ED’s chairman Robin Tilbrook and his new ally Eddy Butler.


What civic or liberal ‘nationalists’ like Robin Tilbrook and Steven Uncles fail to understand, is that most – the overwhelming majority – of English nationalists hate Sinn Fein/IRA and all that they and their Marxist allies stand for. We don’t want to make any deals or pacts or alliances with them. We want to smash them!

No Surrender.

English Democrats letter to IRA/Sinn Fein

Friday 13, March 2009.

Subject: Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom?

Dear Sinn Fein,

I would like to introduce the “English Democrats” party to you – we are the largest English Nationalist party in England with approaching 3,000 members. On 4 June 2009, we will be standing in every English Constituency, our current manifesto position is a Federal United Kingdom with Fiscal Autonomy for the various parts i.e. England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. Recent events, have however inspired some members of our party to suggest that a policy of a referendum by the people of England, Scotland & Wales to “ask Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom” would be an interesting and unique policy to develop, and would certainly promote both the English Nationalism Cause and the Irish Nationalism Cause at the same time. We believe that such a policy would further the aims of Sinn Fien for a United Ireland. We have the opportunity to get this message/suggestion to the door steps of 45 Million people in England by leaflet in May 2009 and via Party Political Broadcast during May 2009. If Sinn Fein is interested in opening discussions to further our parallel causes and developing this strategy then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are willing to meet in Dublin if this is of interest. Like Sinn Fein, the English Democrats have had enough of “British Rule” we wish to have “English Rule” for England, “Irish Rule” for Ireland, “Scottish Rule” for Scotland and “Welsh Rule” for Wales the time for Britain is in the past, England needs to rise as a Nation in its own right. We recognise the historic & geographical links between our Nations, and feel that this is best served by the “Council of the Isles” with English rather the UK representation in future meetings. I look forward to hearing from you further; I do hope this genuine offer is of interest.

Kind regards

Steven Uncles,

National Membership Secretary English Democrats


£7.40 prescription charge – but only if you’re English!

nhsFrom today, if you’re unlucky enough to need prescription medicine, you will face an increased prescription charge of £7.40 – but only if you’re English.  The other three nations in our DisUnited Kingdom have no prescription charges at all!

If you want an eye test in England, that will be £19.  Once again, in Scotland such tests are free.

And of course in England you will have to pay the full cost of care homes for the elderly, unless your assets are below £23,000.

Why should we be surprised?  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have their own Parliaments or Assemblies.  England does not.

The consequence is that in health policy (as in education) there is no representative body to speak for the English.  Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs can vote on all these matters affecting the English – yet these and other “devolved” policy areas are dealt with by, for example, the Scottish Parliament, when they affect Scottish voters.

Is it any wonder that the English consistently get the worse deal?

The British Medical Association has called for prescription charges in England to be abolished since not only are the English unfairly discriminated against, there are further anomalies where some long-term illnesses lead to free prescriptions while others don’t.

If you agree that this is wrong, join the England First Party and campaign in this year’s elections!

More Labour backing for English Parliament?

After decades of hostility to anything redolent of England or the English, and now licking its wounds in opposition, the Labour Party is now exploring English identity and even contemplating support for an English Parliament as part of its consitutional reforms.

This week New Statesman columnist Eddie Bone argues in favour of democracy for England, in what is probably the highest profile left-of-centre support yet given to the English Parliament idea. The England First Party has of course long been committed to an English Parliament.

Click here to read Mr Bone’s article and add your comments.

Another New Labourite discovers England


The great English man of letters Dr Samuel Johnson once commented:
“Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

Several minds within the Labour Party have been concentrated wonderfully by the electorate’s sentence passed three months ago. First we had David Miliband discovering England, now his left-wing colleague Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham, has experienced a similar epiphany.

In this week’s New Statesman, Mr Cruddas – whose party annihilated the BNP in his own backyard but who remains concerned by the stubborn adherence of the English working class to ‘nationalist’ concepts – writes that it is “time for a truly English Labour Party.”

Cruddas’s problem is that the Labour Party abandoned English values many decades ago. It is too late for them to put the internationalist, multiracialist, identity-hating genie back into its bottle. That task must be accomplished by other political forces – but don’t expect the Cameron-Clegg coalition to be any better!

HMV Withdraws ‘Anyone But England’ Merchandise

The high street retailer HMV has withdrawn anti-English merchandise following complaints from members of the public and the Campaign for an English Parliament.

A police officer last week visited the HMV store in Kirkcaldy, Fife – part of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s constituency – to inform management of complaints about a range of ‘Anyone But England’ T-shirts.

For the full story click here [external link]

Elections 2010: England First Party fight for Stoke-on-Trent

THE STOKE SENTINEL, 14 April 2010: The British National Party will face an electoral threat from another party from the right at this year’s council elections. Parliamentary correspondent Joseph Watts finds out what the England First Party stand for…

Standing outside a corner shop in Fenton, Rob Giddings put his hand on his chin and tilted his head skywards with a thoughtful look.

“Who? England First you say? No, no. Definitely never heard of them before. What about you?” he said turning to his partner Sandra.

“Never,” said Sandra looking back and shaking her head.

After hearing a little bit about the England First Party and how members are attempting to win a seat on Stoke-on-Trent City Council at the elections on May 6, Mr Giddings felt better informed to give his opinion.

“I suppose they are a bit like the BNP and that party has done all right here, because they think about what local people want. That kind of thinking goes down well in a place like this,” he said.

“I might be persuaded to vote for the BNP and if these guys are like them then maybe I’d vote for them – but they sound pretty similar to be honest.”

So are they actually different? England First was set up in 2004 by Mark Cotterill who, like many members of his party, used to be in the BNP.

The party believes in English nationalism as opposed to British nationalism and wants a solely English Parliament set up at Westminster.

Link to full article [external site]

Scottish government votes for more powers to be transferred to Holyrood

BBC.CO.UK, 9 Dec 2009: The Scottish government called for powers over airguns, drink driving and speed limits to be transferred to Holyrood under proposals from the Calman Commission review of devolution on 9 December 2009.

Culture minister Fiona Hyslop said this could happen before the general election using existing legislation. But Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy said a new Scotland Bill would be published after the general election if Labour was returned to power, and would become law before the Scottish elections in 2015.

Read full article [external link]

BNP withdraws from campaigning for Glasgow North East by-election

Nick Griffin reveals he would support a referendum on Scottish independence…

THE TIMES, 29 Oct 2009: Nick Griffin, the British National Party leader, revealed during a visit to Hamilton yesterday that he would support a referendum on Scottish independence.

His comments will be regarded as an embarrassment for the SNP, who are unlikely to welcome any suggestion that their referendum plans are supported by the right-wing extremist party. The three Unionist parties at Holyrood oppose the proposals to hold a referendum next year.

Mr Griffin suffered a humiliation of his own yesterday when he was forced to withdraw from campaigning in the Glasgow North East constituency. About 40 protesters heckled the politician and threw eggs when he arrived at the headquarters of L107, a radio station based in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, leading to three arrests. A BNP spokesman later claimed Mr Griffin had been delayed by a previous meeting at a veterans’ charity in Hamilton.

Read full article [external link]

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