Counter-Currents interviews Richard Edmonds

Veteran British nationalist Richard Edmonds was interviewed by Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents during Mr Johnson’s recent visit to the UK, where he spoke at a meeting of the London Forum.

You can hear the interview online here.

Topics discussed include:

  • How Edmonds became racially conscious
  • The importance of Enoch Powell
  • His discovery of the National Front
  • John Tyndall
  • Martin Webster
  • The virtues of activists: courage, intelligence, and energy
  • How the Tories insincerely play the race card over and over
  • The birth of the British National Party
  • The successes of the BNP in 2009 and 2010
  • The distinction between the movement and the parties
  • His reasons for long-term optimism
  • The decline of the British National Party
  • Nick Griffin
  • The courage and dedication of BNP activists and candidates
  • The tendency of political parties to collapse in the face of election setbacks
  • Advice to college students
  • How have white nations acquired hostile elites?
  • The establishment of the post-World War II order
  • The necessity of revisionism about World War I and World War II
  • How the far Left determines the direction of British Politics


Ron Smith RIP – an obituary by Richard Edmonds

It is with sadness that we report the death of nationalist veteran and National Front member, Ron Smith.

After an illness lasting some months, Ron Smith died peacefully at the age of 87. For years Ron had been a stalwart activist on the nationalist scene in the London area. For years he had been a regular at the famous Brick Lane, East London sales pitch, where for years and in all seasons and in all weathers, nationalists of all parties, National Front, BNP, British Movement, Church of the Creator and others, held court and promoted the movement. Ron Smith was always there.

Ron Smith was born and raised in Manchester. He was an intelligent lad and won a place at Stockport Grammar school. But his was an independent spirit, and the life of the scholar or book-worm was not for him. Against his parents’ wishes (he informed this writer personally) at the age of 17 he signed up and joined the Army. Fortunately the Second World War had just come to a close, otherwise he might not have survived.

His first posting was to Vienna in Austria, which at that time was occupied by the four victor nations: Great Britain, the USA, France and the Soviet Union. Ron came to admire the Germans: he admired them as brave soldiers and he admired their resilience in defeat. Ron learnt German, and in his last years, his pleasure was reading the German classics, Goethe, Schiller, in the original.

In the 1950s Ron fought in the Korean War, took part in battles, and had mates killed beside him; later Ron’s unit was posted to Malaya, with the mission to put down the murderous insurgency organised by Chinese Communist terrorists. Those were tough years for young British soldiers: Ron knew, like his mates knew, that Death could always come calling. On his return to Civvy Street, Ron led a somewhat adventurous life (no details supplied – but his life was not criminal).  In the 1970s he joined the National Front, and the rest is history.

Ron Smith was a really tough and honourable man, and a true and loyal comrade and friend. If you want to know – you who have never met Ron and won’t now in this world – if you want to know what Ron Smith looked like, he resembled somewhat the American actor, Steve McQueen. So there. Ron, hopefully, you have now been given your deserved place in Valhalla.

Obituary – Edward Walter Carr (1917 – 2015)

It is with really great sadness that I have to announce the death of H&D’s oldest subscriber – Edward Walter Carr, who passed away peacefully in the early hours of Sunday 29th March, at a nursing home in Worcestershire.

Walter Carr (1918-2005)

Walter Carr (1917-2015)

Walter was one of the few remaining nationalists who was active pre-War, with Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists (BUF). And like OM he was interned (under the second phase of Defence Regulation 18B) in May 1940 with over a thousand of his Blackshirt comrades.

After World War Two Walter again became active with OM in his post-war Union Movement (UM), and like many in the UM went into the League of St George in the early 1970s.

From the League Walter joined the National Front (NF) but only after John Kingsley Read (whom he did not like – to put it mildly!) had departed to form his rival National Party.

Walter (and his son Michael) soon got an active NF group going in and around the Worcestershire town of Kidderminster.

I was living in Worcester and joined the NF in September 1977 (shortly after the battle of Lewisham and the Ladywood by-election the month before). However there was no NF group (then) in Worcester, so I was invited by the neighbouring Kidderminster group to attend their monthly meeting.

This I did (with another YNF member and ex-school friend Ian Russell), and the rest as they say is history! The meeting was held at a traditional Banks pub – the Corn Exchange – just outside of “Kiddy” town centre.

As 17-year-olds going to our very first political meeting, both Ian and I were a bit apprehensive of who and what we might expect to find as we entered the pub! If memory serves me right, the first person we met as we entered the pub was Walter’s son Michael, who warmly greeted us and bought us a pint each of Banks bitter (we did not worry about all that pub ID stuff in those days! – If you looked 18 you got served, end of story).

Kidderminster NF branch meeting in 1979, activists include Michael Carr (far left), Wilf Evans (second right), Reg Brooks (whose widow Judith left one of the first major legacies to the Griffin-era BNP).

Kidderminster NF branch meeting in 1979, activists include (left to right): Walter’s son Michael Carr, Terry Jackson, Wilf Evans, Reg Brooks (whose widow Judith left one of the first major legacies to the Griffin-era BNP).

As we entered the “Snug room” – where the meeting was being held, I met Walter Carr for the first time. He was the group’s local NF organiser, and must have been about 59 or 60 then (which at the time seemed ancient to me as a young lad of 17!).

A few weeks later I went on my first NF march which was in the Manchester/Stockport area (the same day as Webster staged his “one man march” through Hyde). I sat by Walter on the coach, and he (and his son Michael) took me under their wing(s) so to speak.

This was the first of many NF marches, demonstrations and rallies up and down the country that I would attend with Walter and Michael Carr, up until the 1979 General election (when I quit). I remember Walter buying a set of three or four sewn union jack flags, complete with brass flag poles, so that he and Michael could go in the flag party at the front of NF marches. When I asked him why he had gone to so much trouble and expense, he said that he had to, as “that as where you picked up all the internal (gossip) on what was really happening inside the NF leadership”!

I remember how shocked I (and many others) were, when travelling by coach to a march in London, Walter suddenly told us that Martin Webster was a “poof” (homosexual) and many other members in London were “queer”, and in fact the “queers” had taken control of two key branches (I think Wandsworth in the south and Islington in the north). To say that we were all flabbergasted would have been a massive understatement. I did not think we had any “poofs” in NF as we were meant to be anti-queer. How very wrong I was!

Even though we set up our own Worcester NF group in 1978, I worked quite closely with Walter and his Kidderminster NF group for the next couple of years. Unlike most branches and groups who held monthly meetings, Kidderminster NF held fortnightly meetings. These meetings very rarely had formal speakers, but even so they were still interesting and attracted a wide range of NF members (and other nationalists) from around the West Midlands – not just Worcestershire.

I later realised why. Walter would bring along all sorts of radical publications from both Britain (League Review, NS News and British Patriot) and the USA (The Thunderbolt, White Power and National Vanguard) – all by the way were proscribed by the NF’s (then) national activities organiser Martin Webster (who would have had a fit if he had seen them being sold there!).  Walter would do a roaring trade out of his stocky brown briefcase that he would bring along to almost every meeting.

Myself and the other members of course bought copies of Spearhead and NF News, but Walter’s publications were a lot more interesting – and racist!

At the infamous 1979 General Election, Walters’s group stood two candidates – Albert Luckman in Kidderminster (1052 votes – 1.7%) and Capt. Ray Adshead (who later went on to be the BNP’s first West Midlands organiser) in Ludlow (354 votes 0.9%). For a small group this was an excellent effort, but I expect Walter put more than his fare share of pound notes towards the costs.

Ray Adshead, first West Midlands organiser of the BNP

Ray Adshead, first West Midlands organiser of the BNP

Albert Luckman, 1979 NF candidate for Kidderminster.

Albert Luckman, 1979 NF candidate for Kidderminster.

The general election was a disaster for the NF, who lost all their deposits in the 301 (or 303) seats they contested, and not long after the party split up into four or five factions.  Walter left the NF and joined the faction based mainly in the Midlands, led by Anthony Reed Herbert. It was first called the British Peoples Party (BPP), but soon changed its name to the British Democratic Party (BDP), as Reed Herbert did not want his new moderate party tainted with a name linked to a pre-war “Fascist party” – although I doubt this would have bothered Walter!

The BDP did not last long, and after Reed Herbert was “outed” on a World in Action TV programme (selling/buying guns) – he fled to the Irish Republic, where he stayed for many years.

Walter got back in touch with his former leader John Tyndall, who by then had formed his own party the New National Front (NNF). Walter along with JT’s West Midland organiser Keith Axon organised a meeting to launch a Worcestershire NNF, which was held in the Corn Exchange pub (but this time in the much larger upstairs room).

If I remember right, eight of us went from Worcester – in two cars. The room was packed out and everyone seemed keen to get behind JT and the NNF. Like Walter I decided to join the NNF and give it go.

However, as any nationalist who was around in those days will tell you, it was bloody hard work even to keep what you had – let alone make any progress. A few months later the NNF merged with a few other nationalists and formed the British National Party (BNP).

From what I can remember it all started to go wrong after we attended the BNP’s “Support the Falklands” St George’s Day march in London in April 1982. The turnout was very poor – maybe only 300-400 turned up (however it would get a lot worse, with fewer than 100 turning out the following year). Walter’s son Michael and a few other Kiddy members refused to go on the march, due to its small size (remember they were use to attending marches of well over a thousand by the “old NF”) and that was it. There was a massive fall out between the local, regional, and national BNP leadership and Kiddy BNP ceased to exist from then on.

The BNP's Falklands march in London, 1982.

The BNP’s Falklands march in London, 1982.

Walter had got tired – bored even – of British nationalist politics, and he joined Ben Klassen’s World Church of the Creator organisation – which was based in the USA. Walter flew out to North Carolina to meet Klassen and was ordained into his “church”. Back in England Walter ordered and distributed hundreds – maybe a thousand copies of Klassen’s books “White Man’s Bible and Nature’s Eternal Religion – many were sent unsolicited to ministers in the Church of England and priests in the Roman Catholic Church!

Walter also went out to Australia, where he had spent much of his boyhood. His parents had “sold up and moved out Down Under” in the mid-1920s for a better life. However, it never worked out that way and less than ten years later Walter was back in the UK. During his second trip to Australia he traced and found the land where he and his parents had lived: it was nothing really more than a few tin huts.

After the BNP won the Millwall by-election in east London in 1993, and both votes and membership started to go up again, Walter decided to have another go at British nationalist politics and rejoined the BNP.

During the June 1999 European Election campaign, Walter did what many called a “marathon loudspeaking tour” of parts of the three Euro constituencies. He and a BNP colleague covered many hundreds of miles, roving from Staffordshire all the way down to the M25 around London – and then back up again shouting “Vote BNP” and other slogans through a loud hailer!

However, not long after the election he fell out with both BNP leader John Tyndall and West Midlands organiser Keith Axon over internal financial matters. The matter could not be resolved and Walter walked away from the BNP.

It was not too long before he returned to the BNP though. After JT lost the leadership election to Nick Griffin in September 1999, lots of things inside the BNP changed. The new pro-Griffin leadership in the West Midlands, Steve and Sharon Edwards and Simon Darby ousted Keith Axon and the few remaining Tydallites. And not long after Walter returned and rejoined the BNP, now under the firm control of Nick Griffin.

It was financial problems within the BNP leadership that caused Walter to walk away from the BNP for the final time almost two years later in 2001. This time it was Nick Griffin himself who was at the centre of the scandal. Walter sided with Steve and Sharon Edwards, Mike Newland and others and quit the BNP in disgust.

I was on the “other side” then, and sided with Griffin. I remember Walter writing to me in America (I was chairman of the American Friends of the BNP then) and urging me to support the rebellion against Griffin. Foolishly I did not listen to Walter and even wrote him a rather stupid letter, stating why he was wrong for going against Griffin and why I was right for supporting Griffin! – Well you live and learn!

Thankfully a few years later (2005) I had the chance to apologize to Walter in person, at the very first JT memorial meeting (in Milton Keynes). I remember Walter referred to what went on at the meeting as “back-slapping”, where everybody said what a good fellow JT was and what great people were on the top table – “let’s all us congratulate ourselves!”

Anyway, Walter bought a copy of Heritage and Destiny from me at that meeting, and became a subscriber and good supporter of the magazine, right up until his dying day. He often sent me letters, press cuttings and he emailed me hordes of interesting links once he had got the hang of the internet!

He lived in his own house – by himself – in the small town of Powick – near Worcester, almost right up until the end of last year. However after coming out of hospital for the final time, he was deemed too unwell to look after himself. So his son Michael found him a lovely nursing home where he lived out his final months.

I really don’t know that much about Walter’s long life – 97 years in total. So if any H&D reader can help me fill me in on some of the many large gaps, so a better and much fuller obituary can be published in a future issue of H&D (hard-copy version) it would be very much appreciated. Also does anybody have photos of Walter which they could lend me?

Mark Cotterill
Editor/Publisher – Heritage and Destiny

Jailed demonstrators released after Newcastle march

Well over a hundred nationalists representing several different groups united in Newcastle city centre on Saturday afternoon for the White Man March – asserting that the defence of our culture and our race is about far more than the EU-obsessed or Islam-obsessed agendas that have been so widely promoted.

Among the speakers was H&D assistant editor Peter Rushton: see video below.

While some groups such as the EDL seem proud to display Israeli flags – mocking the sacrifice of those British troops who died fighting against Zionist criminality and oppression more than 60 years ago – the White Man March signalled our rejection of that poisonous influence.

In doing so, demonstrators incurred the wrath of our politically correct police force: several arrests followed the burning of an Israeli flag – which is not a criminal offence in this country.

As police and their political masters struggled to conjure criminal charges, six nationalist comrades from England, Wales and Poland were detained overnight.  The authorities released them (as they were legally obliged in the absence of a superintendent’s authority) after 24 hours.

The photograph below shows the released activists, whose clothes were retained by the police as ‘evidence’ (in reality of course just another form of petty official harassment) – hence the grey clothing issued by their jailers.

They must report back to the police station on May 26th after further ‘enquiries’ – in fact meaning further political consultations to try to manufacture ‘criminal’ charges.

H&D will report further on these matters when it is legally possible to do so.

Demonstrators released after 24 hours in custody after the White Man March in Newcastle, where they are ‘accused’ in connection with burning an Israeli flag – not in itself an offence in the UK.

NF registered – at last!

After months of delay and confusion, the Electoral Commission at last re-registered the National Front today, with Kevin Bryan as party chairman.

This means the NF will be able to field candidates at the General Election on May 7th, and at the simultaneous local elections in various parts of Britain – although with the short notice from the Commission, and UKIP riding high, any NF campaign (as with other genuine nationalist parties) will be relatively small scale.

Best of luck to all NF candidates – most especially in Rochdale which might well be the most important NF target.

national front agm

Likely NF candidates at the General Election include (left to right): Dave MacDonald, NF deputy chairman (Aberdeen Central); Chris Jackson, North West regional organiser (Rochdale); and party chairman Kevin Bryan (Rossendale & Darwen).


Nationalist veterans Richard Edmonds and Martin Webster on the state of nationalism in 2015

During recent weeks two of the British nationalist movement’s veteran leaders have addressed meetings in Yorkshire and London on aspects of our political crisis.

Richard Edmonds (former BNP national organiser, now with the National Front) addressed the Yorkshire Forum on UKIP’s confidence trick: see video below.

Martin Webster (former NF national orgsniser) addressed a nationalist unity meeting in Central London on the need for our movement to accept an accountable, democratic party constitution: see video below.

Free Gary Yarbrough!

Demonstration this Saturday – 17th January 2015 – at the U.S. Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London.

Assemble in the square at 1 p.m.


New Leader for National Alliance

Heritage and Destiny is pleased to announce that long-standing White Nationalist – Will White Williams – has taken over as Chairman of the US-based National Alliance.
H&D editor Mark Cotterill first met Mr Williams’s way back in November 1993, when he visited the NA’s then new West Virginia Headquarters in Hillsboro, for the first time. Mark and another comrade from Milton Keynes were the very first Brits to visit Dr. Pierce out at Hillsboro, since he moved the NA from its previous Washington DC HQ.

Dr William Pierce with H&D’s Editor Mark Cotterill – Hillsboro, West Virginia 1993

H&D’s assistant editor Peter Rushton worked with Mr Williams in organising Dr. Pierce’s successful visit to England in 1995, when he addressed the BNP’s annual rally (even though he had been banned from entering the UK!).
Mr Williams replaces the disgraced former NA Chairman Erich Gliebe – a close friend of the BNP’s former Chairman Nick Griffin. Both Gliebe and Griffin almost destroyed the NA and BNP and turned them from being two of the most successful White nationalist groups in the world, to barely more than a laughing stock. Griffin was removed as BNP chairman earlier this year, and expelled from the party a couple of months later.
With the removal of both Gliebe and Griffin, White nationalists on both sides of the pond can for the first time in many years look forward to the New Year with hope and optimism.

H&D editor Mark Cotterill, with former Scottish BNP organiser Stevie Cartwright – Hillsboro West Virginia 1999

H&D wishes Will Williams all the very best in rebuilding the National Alliance and we will keep readers informed of their progress.
Below is a statement from the new chairman of the National Alliance.

Will Williams – new chairman of the National Alliance


To update the situation with the National Alliance in the United States, I’m pleased to announce to H&D readers some recent developments.

As a result of a lawsuit that was brought against Chairman Erich Gliebe a year or so ago for malfeasance and gross mismanagement by six of his former Alliance members, Mr. Gliebe recently decided to resign and name me the new Chairman, with the approval of the board of directors. I have inherited an organization with more than 90 percent fewer members than when its founder, Dr. William L. Pierce, died in 2002. Yet I see our glass as half-full. We get a fresh start and a clean slate, beginning hopefully where Dr. Pierce left off.

I had arguably been Mr. Gliebe’s harshest critic for over a decade when those who sued him finally came around to see the light and agreed with my criticisms of his incapable governance. It is well documented that since 2003 I had been calling for Gliebe to step down and turn the Alliance back over to the board of directors that Dr. Pierce had appointed to guide the Alliance after his passing.

Unfortunately for the plaintiffs, they thought if they could spend enough money the court would just turn the National Alliance over to them. That is not going to happen.

Mr. Gliebe met the plaintiffs’ explicit demands to step down as Alliance chairman and to name a successor. Now it is I who have become the target of this group of six erstwhile Alliance members’ criticism. Neither I nor the National Alliance are defendants in their suit. I’m interested to know how they think they will remove the legally appointed Alliance Chairman and seize control of Alliance assets for themselves; they say they will, but all I’ve been hearing from them is how sour their grapes are. Those plaintiffs collected upwards of $25,000 which they paid to their attorney — who is not “one of us,” by the way — while saying they were willing to raise and pay $25,000 more to unseat Gliebe, and now me. What a waste of precious funds. I, on the other hand, have spent an equal amount of my own savings to pay down the Alliance’s considerable debt, stabilize things, and preserve what Dr. Pierce left to us.

We have the best foundation in place to rebuild on. Soon people will be able to download a National Alliance membership application on and mail it to me for consideration. We are rebuilding that site and presently. We have maintained where later this month (December, 2014) you can listen to our 52nd American Dissident Voices broadcast in as many weeks. Has it been a year already since we launched this primary pillar of our outreach?

When I’d heard in February of 2014 that Gliebe was selling off assets, particularly Dr. Pierce’s research library, to raise funds to fight off the legal challenge, I was so alarmed that I contacted him for the first time in nearly 12 years and began negotiations to purchase the library myself. If I could buy it, this library would become a major building block in the new National Alliance organization — separate, then, from Mr. Gliebe’s failed rump organization — that I described in a letter to the editor in H&D Issue 6 (July/August). That treasured library is now secure and is being expanded, and will remain with the National Alliance — the one Dr. Pierce founded — in perpetuity.

(H&D readers wishing to contact Will Williams and/or the National Alliance, should email – – or write – National Alliance, PO Box 172, Laurel Bloomery, TN 37680, USA.)

Dr William L. Pierce with part of his invaluable library, now saved for the movement by the takeover of the National Alliance and its transition under new chairman Will Williams.

Solidarity with Golden Dawn – 29th November 2014

Heritage and Destiny‘s assistant editor Peter Rushton will be one of the speakers at a demonstration in solidarity with Golden Dawn, outside the Greek Embassy in London on 29th November.

The organisers have issued the following advice:

Just turn up at 12 noon at the embassy, situated literally a 2 minute walk from Holland Park underground station which is on the Central line. Demo goes on till around 2pm and is jointly being organised by New Dawn & the English division of Polish organisation NOP. Four (maybe five speakers): Polish language speaker from NOP, Kevin Layzell (Ex BNP), Max Musson of Western Springs and Peter Rushton, assistant editor H&D.

The event will be filmed, so those not wishing for their faces to be seen publicly, please wear a disguise of some sort. Also, anyone wishing to attend are advised to travel to and from the demo in small groups and not to wear anything distinguishing themselves as a nationalist.

Afterwards there will be an informal social in another part of London

For further information about this event, see the article by Max Musson at Western Spring.

Record attendance at John Tyndall memorial

More than 120 Nationalists from a broad range of parties and factions gathered in the old English city of Preston, Lancashire, on 11th October 2014 for the ninth annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting. The commemoration was hosted by Heritage and Destiny in memory of JT, former chairman of the National Front, founder of the British National Party, and the foremost racial nationalist leader of the modern British era. This year we also remembered our loyal comrade and H&D Patron Robert Smith, a veteran nationalist who served in 1940s Palestine with the Parachute Regiment – he died on September 4th, aged 87.

Andrew Brons was the first speaker at the 2014 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston.

Among the organizations represented at this year’s memorial were (in alphabetical order): A.K. Chesterton Trust, Blood & Honour, British Movement, British Democratic Party, British National Party, Church of the Creator, Heretical Press, National Action, National Front, New British Union, Northern Patriotic Front and Telling Films (sorry if I’ve missed any out).  The audience ranged in age from nine months to 90, including representative from all four of the United Kingdom’s nations, travelling from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  One H&Dsubscriber came all the way from Maryland, USA!

Some of the many stalls at the 2014 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting, representing the Northern Patriotic Front and the Church of the Creator (above), and Heritage and Destiny and Candour (below)


The meeting was again ably chaired by former BNP West Midlands organiser Keith Axon, a three-time parliamentary candidate who was a founder member of the BNP and a friend of the Tyndall family for many years.

On the morning of the meeting, the Lancashire Evening Post printed a prominent article by Laura Wild under the headline ‘Far right group due to hold memorial meeting in city’.  Click on the photo below to enlarge.

Our opening speaker was Andrew Brons, former Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and Humber.  Andrew welcomed the broad church of nationalism represented at the Preston meeting.  He acknowledged that racial nationalist parties were presently overshadowed by UKIP, but pointed out that the heavily promoted Nigel Farage was actually pro-immigration.  Our various parties and movements could each contibute in different spheres – whether cultural or directly political – to the advance of a genuine nationalist alternative.

Andrew Brons, opening speaker at the 2014 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting.

Dr Jim Lewthwaite – Lancashire and Yorkshire organiser of the British Democratic Party and former Bradford city councillor – underlined the importance of our ethnic nationalist stance.  Borrowing the title of Lenin’s pamphlet What is to be Done? – written in 1901 just before his movement split to create the Bolshevik Party, and at a time when Russia’s revolutionary movement seemed likely to remain an obscure and marginal force – Jim maintained that our movement to save Britain from multiracial suicide had potential for rapid growth.  Activists should now be constructing the foundations for that imminent nationalist renaissance.

Dr Jim Lewthwaite

Richard Edmonds – for many years John Tyndall’s right-hand man in the British National Party and now a member of the National Front Directorate – acknowledged that the racial nationalist movement was presently in crisis, largely due to the implosion of the BNP, whose chairman for the past fifteen years, Nick Griffin, was now engaged in yet another bitter civil war with his former comrades. Meanwhile the colonisers of Britain are ever more arrogant in the public display of their ascendency. The recent Rotherham scandal being only the latest example.

Richard Edmonds

Alex Davies of the new NS youth group National Action brought a message of resistance to that alien ascendency.  Young people subjected to ever more intense multiracial brainwashing in our colleges and universities are defying the internationalist establishment’s agenda. John Tyndall’s political legacy lives on even in a generation that was still at primary school when he died.

Alex Davies of National Action

Simon Sheppard of Heretical Press spoke on the nature of controversy – a topic on which he is well qualified, having been imprisoned four times for political ‘crimes’.  Simon explained the process by which human beings sub-consciously calculate whether risks are worth taking – though nationalists risk ostracism, dismissal and even imprisonment, these sacrifices are made in pursuit of the greatest prize, nothing less than the survival of the White Race.

Simon Sheppard of Heretical Press

Chairman Keith Axon then announced a break, during which the audience enjoyed a generous buffet and were able to browse the many literature and merchandise stalls.

After a thirty minute lunch break, Keith resumed the meeting. The next item on the agenda was an auction of nationalist items donated by H&D subscribers, including historic items of nationalist literature.

The second half of the event then began with a brief speech by Benny from Whitelaw, representing the highly successful nationalist music organisation Blood & Honour, founded by Ian Stuart from nearby Poulton-le-Fylde.

Benny from Whitelaw, representing Blood & Honour

The chairman then introduced Steve Frost – National Secretary of British Movement.  As a comrade of the late Colin Jordan for many years, Steve remains an outspoken national socialist, promoting an alternative to the twin treacheries of capitalism and communism. He gave the meeting powerful insights into the early days of John Tyndall’s political activity alongside CJ, picking up the ideological baton from Arnold Leese, whose racial nationalist legacy formed the bedrock philosophy of BM, and also influenced the NF and BNP.

Jez Turner, organiser of the London Forum, gave a positive and inspirational speech. A twelve-year veteran of the Royal Corps of Signals, Jez had just returned from Hungary, where the authorities had banned a congress of European nationalists.  Largely thanks to the efforts of American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor, a successful dinner and meeting had been held, followed by social gatherings in the historic city of Budapest.  Jez reminded us of the Hungarian people’s suffering at the hands of Stalinist commissars, and their abandonment by Western governments.

Jez Turner of the London Forum

Chairman Keith Axon then called upon meeting organizer – and editor of Heritage and Destiny – Mark Cotterill to say a few words. Mark thanked everybody for attending and supporting this year’s event, which despite yet another internet campaign (both on loony nationalist forums and Facebook) by a group of keyboard warriors and enemies of JT to sabotage the meeting, was still a great success and had attracted a record attendance. A collection was taken to cover the costs of the venue and organisation.

H&D editor Mark Cotterill

The final speaker of the day was Peter Rushton, assistant editor of Heritage & Destiny.  Despite the collapse of the BNP and the temporary ascendency of UKIP, Peter asserted that the future belonged to radical nationalism, because our ideas are based on nature, while liberalism is anti-nature.  All of the establishment parties – including UKIP – are based on some combination of social liberalism and economic liberalism, rooted in demonstrably false assumptions about human equality.  We nationalists following in the tradition of John Tyndall assert our racially based, nature-based alternative to the establishments melting-pot dystopia.

Peter Rushton

Event steward Ken Shapcott, ably assisted by two young ladies from the audience, then drew the raffle and brought the meeting to a close, thanking Mark Cotterill, the panel of speakers, and the excellent security team who had travelled from Nottingham and Leeds. Ken also thanked all those comrades who could not attend, but who still supported the event by sending in donations to help with the organisational costs.

Meeting steward Ken Shapcott concludes the proceedings

After the meeting a very enjoyable social was held at another city centre venue, which continued well into the morning. There were a few sore heads at the H&D office the following day!

So all in all, a very successful and enjoyable event. If you could not attend this year, then make sure you come to next year’s John Tyndall Memorial Meeting (details of which will be sent out to H&D subscribers after the new year); you won’t be disappointed.

PS: The four-page colour programme from this year’s John Tyndall Memorial Meeting is available for £5 (including p&p) from Heritage and Destiny, 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, PR2 6HE. Additional photos and video links will be added on Tuesday-Wednesday this week.

The speakers at the 2014 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting included (back left to right) Jez Turner, Mark Cotterill, Simon Sheppard and Ken Shapcott; (front left to right) Andrew Brons, Richard Edmonds, Keith Axon, Jim Lewthwaite, Peter Rushton and Alex Davies. Also speaking but not shown in photo were Steve Frost and Benny from Whitelaw.

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