Happy St George’s Day to H&D readers

For a second year running, we celebrate St George’s Day – commemorating the patron saint of England – in a country where normal life and normal celebrations are impossible.

Whatever happens post-Covid and post-Brexit, Englishmen face a challenge reclaiming control of our own country.

At major events nationwide, Englishmen are required to kneel in memory of the American criminal George Floyd.

Statues are torn down, streets and public buildings renamed, vast swathes of our national heritage disparaged.

And this week the Church of England decided that all future appointments of bishops should have shortlists with the compulsory inclusion of a non-White candidate, in yet another obsessive pursuit of ‘diversity’.

The good news is that English folk across our country are increasingly rebelling against this insanity.

For complex reasons, explained in recent editions of H&D, this rebellion will not be fully reflected in this year’s local and regional elections, but there are many signs of hope for the medium-term.

At least this year – on what is likely to be a bright, sunny April day, those of us who have candidates to campaign for will be able to put in a good few hours leafletting, before taking an outside table (socially distanced) at a local hostelry to celebrate our national day!

H&D editor Mark Cotterill is standing as an Independent candidate for Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council – he thanks patriots from around the region and around the Anglosphere who have supported his campaign financially and/or in person.

St George he was for England,
And before he killed the dragon
He drank a pint of English ale
Out of an English flagon.
For though he fast right readily
In hair-shirt or in mail,
It isn’t safe to give him cakes
Unless you give him ale.

(from The Englishman, by G.K. Chesterton)

England First Party election results 2009

Mark Cotterill - England First PartyEFP Chairman Mark Cotterill polled 599 votes (22.17%) in Preston East ward – Lancashire County Council Election.

The full result was:

Labour – 1004
Conservative – 707
England First – 599
Lib-Dem 371


Elsewhere in Lancashire County Council Elections, Tony Justice polled 482 votes (11.53%) for the English Democrats in Rossendale North ward. The full result was:

Conservative – 1894
Labour – 1343
English Democrats – 482
Lib-Dem – 435

And Ken Walters polled 179 votes (5.18%) in Ormskirk West ward. The full result was:

Conservative – 1465
Labour – 968
UKIP – 427
Green – 412
English Democrats – 179

There was also a by-election in Radcliffe West ward on Bury Metropolitan Council. Steven Morris polled 228 votes (8%) for the English Democrats. The full result was:

Labour – 879
Conservative – 870
BNP – 459
Lib-Dem – 429
English Democrats – 228


White Dragon Flag of EnglandWell done to all English Nationalist candidates who stood and also a big thank you to everybody who helped with their campaigns.

English Nationalists campaigning in Lancashire

EFP and EDP activists leafleting in Lancashire - County Council and European Elections 2009EFP and EDP activists were out and about in Lancashire over the weekend, delivering leaflets for both the 2009 County Council and European Elections. The response from the Lancashire public was very good, with many pledges of support, to vote England First Party in the County Council election and English Democrats in the European election.

We will be out leafleting every weekend – and some mid-day days between now and Election Day (June 4th), but we do need volunteers to come up to Lancashire to help us canvass and put out leaflets door to door. In some cases we can even arrange a lift up there and back for you and/or overnight accommodation – depending on where you live.

If you cannot physically help then you can help financially. Please send us a donation – however large or small towards the election campaign.

If you’re online please check our online donation page at www.efp.org.uk/support-us/donate/ where you will see how to make a donation via PayPal.

If you don’t have PayPal, then just mail a donation to England First Party, 40 Birkett Drive, Preston, PR2 6HE. (Cheques or Postal Orders should be made out to ‘England First Party’, with a note enclosed saying ‘2009 election’.) Details of how to make a donation to England First are all on the ‘Donate‘ page.

If you want to help with canvassing/leafleting, please contact us by email or telephone and let us know which date(s) you are available to help.

Let’s put Oldham back on the map!

Oldham EFP activists lead by Andy Clayton delivered almost 1,000 “Its Our England” leaflets door to door, in Oldham’s Hollinwood ward – an area that has been neglected by Nationalists for many years now. The response from local English people was again very good with many “well-done lads” and “it’s about time someone did something for English people”.

Oldham - Greater ManchesterAndy stood for the EFP in the nearby St. James ward last year – polling almost 20% – and hopes that a local candidate will come through so the EFP can stand in Hollinwood next year.

Oldham was once a stronghold for nationalism, but since the total collapse of the local BNP branch under the able leadership of Roy Goodwin (who lives in Blackpool!) nothing much was happening until the EFP came on the scene. The EFP plan to put Oldham well and truly back on the nationalist map!

The EFP intend to target Oldham again – and other neglected areas of Greater Manchester – in the run up to this years European Elections.England First Party activists - Oldham March 2009 If you live in the Greater Manchester area and would like to help, please do get in touch, you will be made most welcome.

EFP Activists Target Failswort

After a period of inactivity, Manchester EFP activists – joined by party Chairman Mark Cotterill – delivered almost 1,000 “Its Our England” leaflets door to door, in the Failsworth area of Tameside (which lies between Manchester and Oldham). The response from local English people in Failsworth was very good with many ‘thumbs up’ and “it’s about time someone stood up for the English”.

It's Our England - Let's Win It Back!Failsworth, it seems, is an area that has been ignored by the BNP, who have not been seen locally for many months now. * The EFP intend to target Failsworth again – and other neglected areas of Greater Manchester – in the run up to this years European Elections. If you live in the Greater Manchester area and would like to help, please do get in touch, you will be made most welcome.

* We finished the day with a well deserved pint in the local Last Orders Pub, where we were informed by a local supporter that the BNP once held meetings in the local Liberal Club, which is right in the middle of the area we had just leafleted. He went on to tell us that although he thought the BNP were right to “soften up their image”, holding meetings in the local Liberal Club was taking things just a bit too far!

Who were we to disagree!

Failsworth - Greater Manchester

England First Party election results 2008

England First Party - local elections 2008In an election dominated by massive nationwide swings to the Conservatives, the England First Party made significant progress into several new areas of rapidly expanding support for nationalism.

The political situation – especially in North West England – is changing day by day, with a collapse of once-solid Labour support, while the Tories, Lib Dems and BNP struggle to live up to the expectations of their own activists, let alone the wider electorate.

The EFP welcomes the excellent results for its 2008 candidates, and looks forward to many challenges in the year ahead.


Blackburn with Darwen

North Turton and Tockholes ward:

Conservatives, 854

Green Party, 346

Labour, 220

EFP – Nick Holt, 173 10.4%

For Darwen, 74

Earcroft ward:

For Darwen, 493

Labour, 390

Conservative, 233

EFP – Mark Waring, 130 9.9%

Liberal Democrat, 65



Chadderton South ward:

Labour, 959

Conservative, 735

EFP – Martin Brierley, 425 18.0%

Liberal Democrat, 236

St. James ward:

Liberal Democrat, 968

Labour, 476

Conservative, 392

EFP – Andrew Clayton, 327 15.1%



Cliviger with Worsthorne ward:

Conservative, 923

Liberal Democat, 486

EFP – Steven Smith, 254 12.5%

Labour, 214

BNP, 149


Milton Keynes

Eaton Manor ward:

Labour, 776

Conservative, 523

EFP – Barry Taylor, 309 16.4%

UKIP, 138

Liberal Democrat, 143



Riversway ward:

Labour, 569

Liberal Democrat, 318

Conservative, 187

EFP – Mark Cotterill, 109 8.0%

Left List, 99

Green, 75


Isle of Wight

St. Johns West ward – Ryde Parish Council:

Independent, 262

Independent, 259

Independent, 181

EFP – Craig Coombs, 108 23.8%


White Dragon Flag of EnglandWell done to all England First Party candidates who stood and a big thank you to everybody who helped with their campaigns.

England First Party campaign update – local elections 2007

EFP campaign update - local elections 2007Campaigning is now underway in 5 of the 6 wards we are contesting. Every ward we are fighting has now been completely leafleted or is close to being fully leafleted. Our first report is from the Cliviger with Worsthorne ward where our Chairman Steven Smith is standing. He has been leafleting the ward with his helpers regularly for nearly 12 months. The first election leaflet was distributed round the whole ward last week and the second leaflet is currently being compiled. Steven faces competition from 6 other candidates: Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative, BNP, Green Party and an Independent.

In Kevin Shaw’s ward, Mill Hill, which is in Blackburn, the ward has now been leafleted twice in the lead up to the election. There are encouraging signs that there is strong support for Kevin and a local tradesman has even placed a ‘Vote England First Party’ poster in his window. In Kevin’s ward he faces competition from Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative and the BNP. Kevin is the only candidate who lives in the ward and he feels this puts him in good stead with the voters.

EFP campaign update - local elections 2007In Clitheroe, Paul Frankland is contesting the Primrose ward. There are 5 wards in the scenic Ribble Valley town which is dominated by the castle which dates back to the 12th century. Paul faces competition from two Conservative candidates and two Liberal Democrat councillors. Clitheroe only holds elections every four years and there are two seats up for grabs. The whole ward was leafleted earlier this year and the first election leaflet was delivered to every house just last week. His second leaflet has now been printed and folded and is ready for distribution which will be later this week.

Steady progress is being made in Higher Croft, another ward located in Blackburn. Just over half of the ward has been leafleted. The ward is 96% white as per the 2001 census figures. It is situated in the South East of the town and is made up of terraced housing, new modern estates and old council housing. The candidate is Ian Lofthouse and he faces competition from Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative.

England First Party in the Media: Guardian, 13 Feb 2004

guardian.co.ukGuardian, 13 Feb 2004:

An extreme right group has broken away from the British National party (BNP) and is fighting a by-election in a bid to win its first council seat.


England First is contesting a vacancy on Lancaster city council at the end of this month, which will be the first public test of the party that was set up in the summer of last year by former BNP member Mark Cotterill.


Mr Cotterill said the deaths of 19 cockle pickers in Morecambe Bay, mainly Chinese workers, was being raised on the doorstep but denied his party was capitalising on the issue of immigrant labour.


“We’re not raising this. It’s the people themselves who say it’s an issue,” he said.


“It’s being raised with us because people know what our policy is. It’s to stop immigration and send them back.


“We have put out two leaflets so far in this election and we haven’t mentioned the cockle pickers, although we may mention them in the next one.”


The party’s decision to field a candidate in the area has been widely condemned by other politicians and community leaders.


Mr Cotterill worked in the US for two years as chairman of the American Friends of the BNP before returning to this country and splitting from the party. He is acting as election agent to Paul Bamford, a politics student at Lancaster University who is standing in the Heysham South ward.


The party is looking to stand candidates in local elections where the BNP were not contesting the seat, said Mr Cotterill.


“We looked around the country at what was becoming vacant. An election was being held in Heysham and we had a member living locally who wanted to stand,” he said.


“We could quite easily win. In last May’s election the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats didn’t even fight the seat, which hardly gave people an option. It won’t take a great deal to win this.”


Less than 25% of the electorate turned out for the 2003 annual election, which returned three members of the Morecambe Bay Independent party.


One of them, Shirley Reid, has resigned her council seat forcing the by-election on February 26.


Full list of candidates, Heysham South ward by-election:
Paul Antony Bamford – England First party
Kenneth Brown – Conservative party
Darren Keith Clifford – Labour party
Christopher Michael Greenall – Morecambe Bay Independent party
Terence William Haldren Taylor – Liberal Democrat party
Ashley Toms – Green party


Original source [external site]

England First Party In The Media: Bucks Free Press, 5 Feb 2004

Bucks Free Press, 05 Feb 2004:

PAUL Bamford: England First Party's debut candidate in Heysham

A NEW political party dedicated to fighting ‘anti-white racism’ is fielding its debut candidate in Heysham.


The England First Party is vowing to battle in the Heysham South by-election with robust views on immigration and home rule for England.


Paul Bamford, a politics student at Lancaster University, is urging voters to back him in a bid to start building a branch in the area.


But Ian Barker, leader of Lancaster City Council, says it is disturbing that a group he describes as nasties’ has shown its face in the area.


He told the Citizen: “The council has been trying to make sure we co-operate with all the democratic parties to fight racism and we hope the voters of Heysham will reject extremism.”


He says the England First Party’s stance on local issues is irrelevant’.


“It is a cheap stunt and is typical of right wing parties. They pick up the concerns of local people and then blame them on people with ethnic backgrounds,” he adds.


The by-election was called after Morecambe Bay Independent member Shirley Reid stepped down – and now The England First Party say they are here to give the people of Heysham something different’.


“People have been let down by the conventional parties in the area and so we are offering something different. People are concerned about Europe and the Euro and the number of people from the Third World that are pouring into our country,” says its chairman Mark Cotterill.


“We are concerned that our own land is being taken over and want England to be separated from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


“Although this does not directly affect Heysham, it will do in the future and we think the people of Heysham will agree with us.”


He acknowledges that the party may be called racists’ but says comments like that would be like water off a duck’s back’.


Other candidates standing in the election, which will take place on, February 26, are – Kenneth Brown (Conservative), Darren Keith Clifford (Labour) Christopher Michael Green-all (Morecambe Bay Ind), Terence William Haldren Taylor (Lib Dem) and Ashley Toms (Green Party).


Original source [external site]

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