90 illegal immigrants arrested at 2012 Olympics site

More than 90 people have been arrested after a crackdown on unlawful working at the 2012 Olympic Games site, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) said.

DAILY TELEGRAPH, 4 Dec 2009: Officers from the UKBA, who are based permanently at the site in Stratford, east London, made 93 arrests between April and late November, 85 of which involved suspected immigration offences.

A total of 41 people were arrested after using fake passports or other false documents. It is understood 23 people have already been removed from the UK.

The arrests will highlight protesters’ claims that 2012 bosses are using cheap agency workers, often from overseas, in breach of labour agreements.

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U.S. Debt Crisis May Cause ‘Fall of Rome’ Scenario

BLOOMBERG.COM, 23Sep09: U.S. budget deficits will continue to pile up in the next decade, eventually reaching an unsustainable level that may result in an economic collapse, according to Richard Duncan, author of “The Dollar Crisis.”

The U.S. has little chance of resolving its deteriorating financial position because the manufacturing industry continues to shrink, leaving the nation with few goods to export, said Duncan, now at Singapore-based Blackhorse Asset Management.

In “The Dollar Crisis,” first published in 2003, Duncan argued that persistent current account deficits by the U.S. were creating an unsustainable boom in global credit that was destined to break down, resulting in a worldwide recession.

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