How to complain to the BBC

Dear Nationalists,

If you haven’t read the article about the disgraceful comments made by Jo Brand on BBC Five Live recently, then please do so here:

Jo Brand: ‘you can’t be racist towards white people’

Then please consider making a complaint to the BBC about her comments here:

Make a complaint to the BBC

Phone: 03700 100 222*
Textphone: 03700 100 212*
Email: Send your complaint using this form
Write: BBC Complaints,
PO Box 1922
G2 3WT

*UK-wide rate charged at no more than 01/02 geographic numbers; calls may be recorded for training.

You can also contact Five Live on Twitter at @bbc5live.

Thank you,

EFP Webmaster

Jo Brand: ‘you can’t be racist towards white people’

“[Y]ou can be prejudiced towards a group of people who are more powerful than you, but I don’t think you can be racist towards them,” says ‘comedienne’ Jo Brand.

Not very funny, Jo. You seem to be thinking that ordinary white people in their own country are politically more powerful than other ethnic groupings. They are not!

TELEGRAPH BLOGS, 14Oct09: The ever-excellent Biased BBC notes that Jo Brand has been explaining the meaning of racism on Radio Five Live:

Jo Brand: My personal opinion is that you can’t be racist towards white people. You can be prejudiced about them but being prejudiced isn’t an illegal act whereas being racist can be.

Phil Williams: Don’t you think racism is just being derogatory about a race, regardless of the colour?

Jo Brand: No I don’t. I think the definition of racism also encompasses political power. So you can’t be racist towards a race that’s politically more powerful than a minority. That to me is the correct definition of racism. I think you can be prejudiced towards a group of people who are more powerful than you, but I don’t think you can be racist towards them.

Read full article [external link]

NPD letter to immigrant politicians tells them to ‘go home’

THE LOCAL, Germany, 22Sep09: Just days before Germany’s election, the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD) have sent racist letters to politicians of multicultural background declaring they should leave the country, daily Der Tagesspiegel reported on Tuesday.

The two-page letters, formulated as “proclamations,” were sent to politicians’ home addresses and were meant to inform them of the “details of their trip home,” the paper reported.

The right-wing extremist NPD confirmed it sent the letters over the weekend, and while there was no return address, the party’s Berlin leader Jörg Hähnel is thought to be responsible for them. Berlin public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the letters for incitement of hatred.

According to Hähnel, more letters will soon arrive at the homes of other politicians with immigrant heritage. They are meant to sound official, informing recipients of how “foreigners will be returned to their homelands” based on a “five-point plan” that they should immediately undertake.

Read full article [external link]

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